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Top 10 High THC Seeds For Sale On

Cannabis Breeders continue to increase the THC content in cannabis, and we have many of these high THC seeds available from around the world. Many of the cannabis strains breaking THC content records are coming from California, and the proof is in the lab test results being shared online by people such as Cannatique Farms in Oakland, Ca. They recently shared a lab test of their latest strain Lemon Cherry Gelato testing at record breaking 35% THC content. This is why we are frequently collaborating with many cannabis seed companies from California, to ensure we are carrying the best marijauana seeds available for sale.

This page was written by a California resident who grew up there and was a patient for over a decade. Learn from his insight on the strongest cannabis strains in California that also have fame around the world. Today, the best cannabis strains are coming out of California, so what better than a writer who has actually tried the strains he writes about. No matter where you are in the world, you’re going to get the guidance of a professional cannabis user who buys and uses frequently.

1. Watermelon Zkittlez Seeds

The first on our list of high THC seeds goes to the Watermelon Zkittles strain which lab tested at 27% THC content. We just managed to grab these cannabis seeds from Spain seed bank Pyramid Seeds. Another lab test we saw come out of California for WaterMelon Zkittlez strain was at 23% THC content. This is the perfect high in THC weed with sweet fruity taste to it. The two strains crossed were the popular Zkittlez strain and Watermelon strain. The end results produced a delicious and potent high THC strain.

2. Glookies Seeds

The Glookies strain can be found in California, specifically in LA and the Bay Area. Although, it’s now possible to experience this cannabis strain even if you don’t live in California. This is an extremely potent Indica strain that is covered with trichomes when grown to its fullest potential. We found a Glookie strain lab test results online showing 26% THC content. What made this powerful indica strain possible was by crossing the famous Gorilla Glue weed with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The Glookie cannabis seeds make it possible to experience a taste of California no matter where you are in this world.

3. Island Punch Strain Seeds

This is a must try for those who are fans of Gorilla Glue #4 and Purple Punch. These two premium cannabis strains were crossed to produce the high in THC strain Island Punch. The breeders for these cannabis seeds is from California, Cali Connection Seed Bank. We collaborated with them so that we can bring their exotic strains to our customers. This is a hybrid cannabis strain without too much more information available on it besides that. We are quite familiar with the crosses that created it, which are both well known for being high in THC content.

4. Gelato 33 Seeds

In the last decade we’ve seen cannabis strains break through beyond the 20 percentage potency levels in Lab test results. The Gelato 33 strain has lab tested at 30% THC content. We have these high THC seeds for sale, but they come at a premium price that’s worth the cost. The extra cost is because this strain was a cross into perfection which produced the high THC. Buy Gelato 33 seeds and experience a very powerful and sweet tasting cannabis strain. The Gelato strain has purple and blue colors which make it one of the most beautiful looking buds on our high THC seeds for sale list.

5. Zkittlez Glue Seeds

Another cross between two really popular California cannabis strains has created the Zkittlez Glue strain. This strain averages above 20% THC content when grown indoors with a controlled environment. Its lineage is from two cannabis strains well known for their high THC strength. We highly recommend Zkittlez Glue Seeds for those who are after a powerful and sweet weed strain.

6. Wedding Cake Strain Seeds

Wedding cake is one of the latest sweet Marijauana strains to come from California too. I was able to try this strain in the Bay Area and it was super smooth and tasted sweet. Although it did not taste like actual wedding cake, it was still a really pleasant treat. This cannabis has some wild looking orange hairs coming out of its buds. Buy real Wedding Cake seeds from our seedbank and have them delivered promptly! We found lab test of the wedding cake strain that came back at 26% THC. Definitely a favorite among our list of High THC seeds for sale.

7. Girl Scout Cookies Strain

No this marijauna strain does not taste like actual Girl Scout Cookies, but its frosty with trichomes like a treat! The reason for this marijuana strain’s popularity in California was because of the rap artist Berner who is from the Bay Area. This is a strain that was in huge demand in California for a long time and still is today. This sweet weed strain is well known for having THC content that averages in the high twenty percent margins. We have Girl Scout Cookies Seeds from a California Breeder and other breeders too.

8. Gorilla Glue #4

This strain is synonymous with strength in California. Its name was inspired by the magnificent amount of trichomes which gunked up the scissors of trimmers. We have different variants available of Gorilla Glue Strains in seed form for sale. We recommend buying the authentic Gorilla Glue #4 seeds from our seed bank. Definitely one of the strongest Indica strains we have available in our 420 seed bank. The Gorilla Glue #4 will always be among the list of the strongest and high THC seeds because of its outstanding genetics.

9. Blue Dream Seeds

Well known for being one of the strongest Sativa strains out of California is Blue Dream and we have its seeds available for sale from multiple breeders. This sativa strain packs powerful psychoactive properties, and it will provide a spark of energy and creativity. Buy Blue Dream seeds and experience why the people of California favor this still today as their favorite Sativa. Buy Blue Dream seeds from our Humboldt cannabis breeder available for sale. This Sativa definitely deserves to be on our list of high THC seeds with psychoactive effects.

10. ChemDawg Seeds

The ChemDawg strain has been tested at 29% cannabinoids, and its THC content at 26%. This is a sativa dominated marijuana strain that has the taste of pine. Definitely one of the strongest sativa strains in 2019 with other lab test results in dispensaries showing higher twenty percent margins. Buy ChemDawg Seeds with the option of different breeders. The Chem Dawg weed strain just taste like some really good dank if grown efficiently. Its powerful sativa effects is what won it mutiple awards and made it famous in California.


Currently there are different types of marijuana on the market, as well as a multitude of different feminised, regular or auto-flowering cannabis varieties offering a wide range of options to choose from, so all users can satisfy their needs.

The most commonly available commercial strains are those with high levels of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for, among other things, the psychedelic and recreational effects.

Does that mean that THC is the only important or valuable cannabinoid? Not at all.

Choose the cannabis variety you like best with less than 1% THC

As there is more in-depth research into therapeutic cannabis, studying its therapheutic properties and effectiveness, new interesting substances and interactions are being discovered.

The next cannabinoid in terms of importance is CBD, with good concentrations in the buds it offers anti-inflammatory and calming effects, and is free of psychoactive effects.

These characteristics mean that CBD is rapidly gaining recognition among users who seek natural relief from some disorders but wish to avoid the recreational effects of cannabis.

High CBD and low THC, therapeutic cannabis for everyday use

This demand for CBD has led the market to diversify and release many new varieties with variable THC:CBD ratios.

The first genetics created were 1:1 THC:CBD ratio cannabis varieties offering THC and CBD levels of up to 10%. Seed bank breeders have continued to work on selections both to increase overall cannabinoid levels and to lower THC content.

In this section we present a selection of cannabis varieties with THC levels below 1% and with high concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Quality cannabis genetics for all tastes, whether therapeutic or recreational

The plants presented in this category are focused on a therapeutic use. They do not produce any psychoactive effects and offer all the benefits of cannabis without affecting normal daily activities.

Contrry to what one might think, the quality of these varieties is high, and they offer good terpenes profiles with really intense and diverse aromas.

You can enjoy these varieties in your daily life, either inhaled using a cannabis vaporiser, smoked or taken orally if you wish. It’s up to you.

5 Hacks to Increase THC When Growing Your Own Weed

There are lots of different reasons why people want to increase the level of THC in their buds. Some do it for medical reasons, while others do it for the high.

Here are a few of the main reasons for boosting a crop’s THC content:

  • To achieve more significant mental and psychoactive effects.
  • For extra relief from nausea, certain types of pain, spasticity, specific symptoms of multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • To increase your overall cannabis yields.

The weed breeding landscape is very different to a decade or so ago. The increased legality of the herb ensures a higher level of freedom for breeders. The boost in the cultivation field’s talent pool means increased innovation. Not that long ago, a double-digit THC level was cause for celebration. Today, such weed isn’t even ‘mids’ because growers routinely hit 20%+, and occasionally, 30%!

Before we get started, it is essential to understand that you’ll find most of the THC and “potency” in the plant’s trichomes. These look like glistening crystals near harvest time. This guide offers five methods of increasing THC levels in your herb. As a bonus, many of the tricks also result in a yield boost.

Hack 1 – Strain & Individual Plant Genetics

A strain’s genetics is the single most important aspect of weed cultivation. No matter what, if a strain is incapable of offering 20%+ THC, no amount of work will help you achieve it. Moreover, if you don’t grow the plant correctly, you’ll end up with far less THC. Right off the bat then, you need to pick a high-potency herb such as Girl Scout Cookies (25-28%). Other examples include:

  • Chem Berry D (25-32%)
  • Hulk Berry (27%) BX 2.0 (25-30%)
  • Original Clue (24-30%)
  • Green Gelato (25-27%)

Choose one of these strains, and you immediately give yourself a fighting chance.

Find out which is best…

Hack 2 – Harvesting

There is a maximum three-week window where you can harvest with confidence. Make a move too late, and some of the strain’s THC becomes the less desirable cannabinoid, CBN. Harvest too soon, and you come nowhere near the plant’s full potential. During the best period for harvesting, the trichomes become milky white, and the pistils change color from white to a reddish/brown. Here is what to look for:

  • The ovaries begin to swell
  • Flowers are sticky to the touch
  • The flowers merge into large colas
  • There is an intense smell from the herb, even though you have excellent airflow
  • Several of the larger leaves are now yellow
  • Up to 70% of the pistils are curled in

You can’t accurately analyze the trichomes without a magnifying glass, such as a jeweler’s loupe. There are typically three stages of trichome evolution:

  1. The trichomes have a flat head and do not yet possess the mushroom head. They are also clear. In this case, the plant is not ready for harvest.
  2. The color changes from clear to a milky white hue. This is the peak stage for harvesting if the goal is to benefit from high-THC weed.
  3. The trichomes’ color is now light brown. At this point, much of the THC is now CBN. It is arguably the peak level of CBD production. If you harvest weed at this stage, your high has a narcotic feel.

Hack 3 – Your Plants Health

To maximize the THC of your plant, you need to make sure that you are taking care of it. Avoid common mistakes like overwatering/underwatering, heat stress, root problems, irregular light cycles, and nutrient issues.

Take a close look at the leaves because they can tell a story of two. If you are an inexperienced cultivator, you may miss the signs:

  • Yellow leaves could signal problems such as heat stress, nutrient deficiencies, or over-fertilization. One of the most common reasons for yellowing leaves is a significant fluctuation in the soil’s pH.
  • If the leaves have a ‘burned’ appearance, it is possibly a sign of placing the plants too close to the light.
  • Mottled brown spots are often a sign of manganese deficiency.
  • Dark green leaves with the tips turned down potentially signal nitrogen toxicity.
  • Spots or bites could indicate the existence of bugs and other pests.

Hack 4 – Lighting

Although you can grow marijuana without optimal access to light, the more it is exposed to, the better the yield and potency. This mantra is especially relevant during the vegetative stage. Ideally, you will give the plants at least 18 hours of light per day. When you switch to the flowering stage, your crop still requires 12 hours of lighting daily, to go with the 12 hours of constant darkness.

As for growing lights, you have several options:

  • Fluorescent Grow Lights: This class of lighting includes CFLs and T5s. They are inexpensive, don’t use much electricity, and offer a decent light spectrum. However, they are not a good option if a high-THC strain is your goal.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights: These are more powerful and efficient than fluorescents. The HID range includes Metal Halide (MH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Light Emitting Ceramic lights. In general, you get the best yield to watt ratio with HIDs. Downsides include a propensity for the bulbs to get very hot.
  • LED Lights: LEDs have become a popular alternative to HPS lighting. You can potentially plug them into a wall, and hang them over the plants. Some breeders believe that LEDs provide more resinous plants. If you use this type of lighting, make sure you provide ample space between the lamp and your plants.

Tips and tricks from the team…

Hack 5 – The Curing Process

Depending on who you speak with, the curing process is either moderately important or a pivotal part of benefitting from high-THC weed. ‘Curing’ involves putting the herb into airtight jars once they have dried sufficiently. One theory suggests that the process causes chemical changes that boost the intensity of the herb’s cannabinoids, including THC.

The first step after harvest is to dry your buds thoroughly. The best drying environment is a room at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and 50% humidity. After you cut down the plant, trim any extra leaves, and hang the buds to dry. After 4-10 days, test the buds. If they feel dry and the stems are capable of snapping, it is time to cure your herb.

Next, place them in mason jars. Open the jar several times a day for the first few days. Once your buds feel a bit sticky, they are probably in the 60-65% humidity range, which is perfect for curing. After a week or so, when the buds no longer feel moist, it is only necessary to open the jars once every few days.

Experts suggest that your buds will improve in quality, and arguably potency, for up to six months while curing. At this point, further curing is unnecessary, and you should prepare your weed for long-term storage if you don’t intend to use it.

Final Thoughts on Increasing THC When Growing Cannabis Plants

There are quite a few ways to increase marijuana’s THC and potency, we have even heard of people using techniques such as adding supplements or allowing the plant to remain in the vegetative stage for 8+ weeks.

If you have any other cool tricks and tips that you can share with the community, leave them in the comments section below or post them on our Facebook page.