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agharta seeds

Agartha CBD Feminised Seeds

Agartha CBD is a sativa-dominant strain which was the fruit of a special breeding programme to create a Haze-type of plant but with high levels of CBD and much lower THC. It is a strong plant which grows quite large and which sports sturdy side-branches to support its large buds.

It can be grown indoors and outdoors where it can grow to be 120 cm. tall. Indoors flowering takes between 55 – 65 days after which good yields of about 450 gr/m 2 will be obtained. Outdoors it will be ready during October in the northern hemisphere. Buds are large but not particularly dense tending towards fluffy.

The flavour of Agartha CBD is typically Haze with notes of cedar wood spice, sweet citrus and musk. THC production is just 5% while CBD levels are 15% giving a CBD:THC ratio of 3:1. Therapeutically useful for a host of maladies and symptoms including, but not limited to, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, stress and many more.

High Lux & Elegant candle label design for AGHARTA Candle Co.

AGHARTA Candles are renowned for excellence in package design, clean burning coconut candle wax formulation and unparalleled fragrance blends. AGHARTA’S candles are fueled by a love for art, fragrance and elegant illumination.

Description of the product target audience

Mid-market: Our Candles have broad appeal commonly found in outlets like Target, Macy’s, or even locally owned boutiques and gift shops. We have higher quality packaging, unique scent combinations (such as Green Tea and Lemongrass or Grapefruit and Mangosteen), and place a higher value on brand story and image. Price range: $9 to $25

Voluspa's Label is my example. Gold Metallic border centered between Dark Chocolate on each side bordering the edge of label. Our Text Logo at the very top (AGHARTA) below that our crown icon with Est. 2017 on each side. Next- scent name or small image (PEPPERMINT) I'm not sure if the scent name or the image would look better next. We need to see some examples of that. Next- COCONUT WAX BLEND underneath that BOUGIE PARFUMEE. Next- 9.4oz / 266.49g Last- TRADITIONS COLLECTION

Voluspa's Label is my example however I have attached some other labels to show image placement ideas and also like how they are a good size (still to way to large) so you can see the candle wax on each side of label, but Other than that please follow Voluspa's elegant desighn. Please use very small watercolor hand painted type images. I don't want the image to be the focal point, just a little something to add color. Example: two small cherries, or couple of roses, a vanilla bean and flower, just to give an idea of scent. very small images

The Label is for a 12.25 oz. Libbey Status Jar Height 3 15/16" Diameter 3 5/8" So the label it self needs to be smaller than that so you can see tenough of the wax all around it.