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agricraft leveling seeds without weeds

[1.7.10] AgriCraft

What’s the recipe with gregtech? I’ve never really touched it personally.

But if you really want a fix, there’s always minetweaker.

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I really love this mod, and I was wondering two things:

1. Can I change the growth rate of all crops in general? I have Hunger Overhaul installed, but the crops still seem to grow too fast. Do they grow faster than vanilla? If there is not already a config option for this, would adding one be a possibility?

2. What does each stat do? As a side note, I also would like to see this:

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Perhaps an add-on can be made that allows you to configure what levels mean what (such as making Yield 2 mean 1-2 produce, Yield 3 means 2-3 produce, etc), make seed drops from grass have random levels (configurable, including what maximums and minimums are dropped), and maybe increase the maximum level past 10, as long as the configuration doesn’t create some nonsense like "130% resistant to weeds" (Where the default level 10 is 100% resistant). This add-on could also (configurable) handle increasing the range of cross-crops concerning cross-breeds (Such as within 1-2 tiles orthogonally (Taxicab geometry); or within 1 tile including diagonals) and breeding of trees/saplings (also configurable, cross-breed range configurable separate from crops and is defaulted to 3-5 orthogonally, base block of the tree becomes a special "crop log" block that just yields a log when broken but acts as a crop as far as breeding goes).
One thing you could do with the theoretical add-on is make it so that the maximum level is 3; level 1/1/1 is equivalent to the normal 1/1/1, 2/2/2 is equivalent to 4/4/4, and 3/3/3 is equivalent to 8/8/8. And don’t enable tree-breeding/growing. Increase weed-growth range to 1-diagonal and leave crops at 1-orthagonal.

Also, quick question. If a custom crop has two products listed, does that mean it has a chance of being either or does it mean it will always produce both? Is that what the weight stat is for when defining products?

How can I quickly level my crops?

I’m playing the regrowth mod pack right now, and I’m working to get better seeds. Normally, in packs using AgriCraft, I use a setup like this with the watering can:

Which will very quickly cause the seeds to spread and create better versions very quickly, using a random but rounded-up average of the results, typically. This works well if you have a watering can, but this pack doesn’t have Extra Utilities, so I don’t have a watering can to increase growth ticks.

How can I quickly or at least easily level my crops?


There are no easy ways to increase the growth ticks in Regrowth, until mid/end game. So as a result upgrading crops takes time. This setup is for afk-ing, allowing the player to leave for a decent period of time and come back later to get the results.

Specifically in this pack weeds are disabled so you will not have to worry about them overrunning.

Using a setup that only allows crops to spread to one adjacent tile, it is easy to find the crop with the highest stat.

This is infinitely expandable, just increase the length or the number of the lines. Later in the pack you can have multiple farms going at once to max out your seeds much quicker.

Source : Link , Question Author : Unionhawk , Answer Author : Moddl