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applejack weed seeds


Apple Jack Seed is a rapid blossoming Sativa dominant plant that can complete her flowering cycle within 10 weeks and offers decent yields. They acclimatise easily to different surroundings and can be developed even in lesser grow housings. Apple Jack Seed produces huge sweet-scented buds and requires outlet support to prevent the plants from flouting.

Apple Jack seed is a Sativa-dominant strain fashioned by crossing the eminent Jack Herer Sativa with White Widow, a correspondingly famous hybrid.


Back in 2001, AppleJack Feminised was once a quite popular strain amongst smokers in Amsterdam. Then it disapppeared, only to be recently recreated by Seedism collective. AppleJack is a Sativa dominant strain, with a flowering period of about 9 weeks. This plant grows well indoors and outdoors, giving a high yield even in smaller grow spaces. Its a solid plant with large fragrant buds and a high THC content between 15 to 20%.

AppleJack's smoke is strong and relaxing, giving a trippy 'high'.