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are weed seeds illegal redddit

Acquiring seeds in illegal states.

Curious what methods those that live in illegal states use to get seeds?

I bought some from True North seed bank in Canada and they never arrived. I spent close to 100$ on seeds. I have a tracking address and the seeds were stopped in Chicago. I reached out to the TNSB and they basically said it's not their problem. No refund and no seeds. I recommend traveling to Colorado and buying some in person.

Do you have a disguise yet?

Disguise? No I don't

There are many US based seed banks (no international shipping), plus many overseas banks that will ship to the US (even illegal states). It will come down to your personal preference. I have bought from 2 US places, GYO and GPS (greenpoint). Both have quick shipping, thought I have yet to grow anything from GPS (first grow still going), but have made 3 purchases from them.

Why are Cannabis seeds illegal to import into USA when in some US states its legal to grow. Meanwhile in UK, its illegal to grow but legal to import seeds.

Because lawmakers are inadequately knowledgeable about the vast majority of issues they vote on and write legislation for. People making decisions about topics they have no knowledge or association with. All topped off with an extra thick n creamy layer of red tape and discrepancies between states.

The UK, despite being one of the worlds biggest cannabis exporters and Having a medical weed solution in place

Recently voted to to up the searching and prosecution of weed and other drug use. Idk if this has been implimented or not

But the reason? It's not progress, not a decision made in the interest of harm reduction or business

No.. it was to wash the newspaper headlines out with anti drug sentiment the exact same time as a huge cocaine scandal hits the media

Yes. Our corrupt wankers in parliament are not only high of their faces. But they are corrupt, and also hypocritical

Decisions aren't Being made in the interest of the people who live here at all

The decisions are being made to benefit the few in charge. And nobody else

Just like in Canada it's illegal to sell/buy or consume magic mushrooms, but it is legal to import shroom grow kits and grow shrooms for "research purposes" but you must throw them out after.

Throw them my way! Didn't knew there were legal to buy/import. I will look into that. Might be a fun "research project"!

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The spores contain no psychedelic material so they'd be legal to import anyway. Definitely don't grow and eat them, though. (Do though, they're fantastic)

Can't speak to the UK but in the USA the mail is considered a mostly federal legal domain and hemp bill non-compliant cannabis is illegal according to the federal government. Therefore, they don't think it's cool to mail weed seeds.

It gets weirder. Take Pennsylvania for example, hemp (less than 0.3% THC) is legal in both state and federal law but you can't grow it at home. There is a state permit but you need special permission to grow any plants within a certain distance of a residence because it's a program for industrial hemp production (150 plants). And, even medical marijuana home cultivation is not allowed (PA has a medical program), not even CBD dominant strains are allowed. And Pennsylvania is not unique in this situation. New Jersey has all the same situation plus it has legalized recreational use but won't allow home grow. ‍♂️

Cannabis seeds legal?

Hello guys! Me and a friend decided to grow weed in his apartment. We discussed it all but here's my concern:

Theres literally a shop, in my country (where weed is illegal) that sells smoking devices. But besides bongs and other stuff they also sell cannabis seeds. And I wonder, how safe is it? I mean, how can cannabis seeds be legal if cannabis itself isn't? The shop is trusted, and the seeds costs a lot (so it's legit). Have you ever seen something like this? Thanks.

In the UK seeds are legal to buy and sell but you break the law if you germinate them.