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are weed seeds legal in illinois

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Illinois

Although there are no retail outlets where you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Illinois, you can order them online and have them delivered discreetly to your door using secure payment facilities and the very best ‘stealth’ postage and packaging methods. In 2013, Illinois passed laws allowing for the possession and use of medical marijuana for all registered patients, and although it still regards growing marijuana in Illinois as a crime, the punishments are less severe than in many other states, allowing for the possession of under ten grams of marijuana to be classed as a civil violation, rather than a crime, incurring only a small fine for people caught in possession who are not registered medical marijuana patients.

Computers, smart phones and tablets make online purchases simple, creating a vast amount of letters and parcels to be distributed daily. In the past, marijuana seed purchases have been stopped at customs and seized, but rarely has anyone ever been prosecuted. The law states you cannot plant or cultivate marijuana seeds, possessing them in itself isn’t a crime, and although the state ensures you cannot purchase them within it’s borders, you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Illinois online.

You should be fully aware of the risks involved if you decide to germinate and grow marijuana seeds in Illinois, the laws become more severe as you increase the number of plants. Cultivating five or less reduces the penalties to a maximum of one year in jail, while more than that may result in up to six years incarceration. Obviously nobody wants to ‘do time’ so reducing the risks as much as possible should be your highest priority.

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Registered marijuana patients are legally able to purchase up to 70 grams of marijuana per 14 day period from one of the state licensed dispensaries, although they are still unable to cultivate and produce their own plants. Becoming a registered patient and growing up to five selected medical marijuana seeds, can often lead to non-custodial sentences, compared to non-registered, ‘recreational’ users growing a similar number of plants.

Before you buy marijuana seeds in Illinois online, consider where you are going to plant them and the best strains for that environment. While some growers are experienced and can spot problems developing with their plants, others are new and may well produce a better harvest with an easier strain or variety. Often plants develop differently indoors compared to being grown outside in the natural sunlight. This can be due to the longer vegetative period, and slower, but more reduced hours of sunlight the plants receive in the later stages of Summer, and early Fall. Selecting the right strains and buying marijuana seeds that suit your style, experience and environment is essential in producing a successful crop, especially if you plan to reduce the risks and only grow a maximum of 5 plants.

Best Selection Of Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

If you are just beginning to grow marijuana in Illinois, it’s advisable to buy seeds and strains best suited to your level of experience. We have a selection of high quality marijuana that are easy to grow, but capable of producing a heavy, potent harvest. All the seeds in this collection are feminized, ensuring that each and every seed you purchase will germinate and create strong, vibrant marijuana plants with the tastes, aroma and ‘high’ you choose.

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Whether you grow indoors, or outside, buying high quality, easy to grow marijuana seeds is often the fastest and most simple way to produce your own recreational buds or medical marijuana. These selected strains are extremely stable, capable of reproducing the same plants time after time. Their forgiving and hardy nature makes them resilient to many of the common mistakes beginners make, such as incorrect feed and nutrient levels, Ph discrepancies and poor growing conditions.

New and novice growers who are planting outdoors may wish to consider autoflowering seeds and strains. Completely feminized and devoid of all male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to germinate and produce autoflowering marijuana plants that are capable of growing and flowering simultaneously, maturing in the fastest time possible. Indoor growers looking for fast harvests should consider Indica dominant strains, as these generally mature quicker than Sativa based varieties.

Getting Seeds in Illinois?

With the legalization of recreational cannabis this year, there was also an update to the medical law, adding the ability of medical patients to grow up to 5 plants. In the law it states that you must get your seeds from a dispensary, but literally no dispensaries I've talked to have seeds for sale yet and many were caught off guard by my question like they didn't even know about this law. I am curious if anyone else has been trying to get seeds as well and if you were successful, where you got them? Also, if anyone has used a seedbank before to get seeds, I would love to know which one you used.

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I've ordered directly from Mephisto Genetics a couple of times.. They hook it up for sure, just gotta watch r/mephheads/ to see when they open up..

Got some NightOwl Seeds from TheSeedBazaar, I think.. Like a Meph breeder side thing..

Also, tried seedsman got snagged by customs, probably my fault due to timing with the rona(ordered late Feb lol..)

Snagged by customs? It’s not illegal to get them so it’s probably just held up because it’s not essential. You’ll most likely still get them late.

Also, tried seedsman got snagged by customs, probably my fault due to timing with the rona(ordered late Feb lol..)

Wow, that's a real shame. Sorry to hear that. Mine just arrived a few days ago, and I paid on 3/31/20. Took almost exactly a month. Glad I ordered 10 so that I don't have to risk it again until this all blows over.

The cultivators could have had me for like $10 a bean had they just provided card holders some seeds.

Now? I’ve spent a few hundred and have enough seeds to last me a few years, 20+ different strains to pick from. I also have some Verano seeds from their buds, so guess in a way they do sell seeds lol

I ordered from seedsman first to get some breeder variety first. Took like 3 weeks to get my seeds but they did set that expectation.

Wish I would have found Mephisto first, because they are clearly top of the food chain for autos. They have a location in the US too, so the seeds ship from Colorado. Unless you want photos, try Mephisto (they’ll reopen the store with a restock on May 4th)