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Deepforest Super Auto

Doctor’s Choice presents here Deepforest Super Auto, an auto-flowering marijuana strain with a longer growing cycle than average yet offering larger and more productive plants. This strain is now available in our AutoFem seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

Deepforest Super Auto, a super-productive AutoFem marijuana strain

Deepforest Super Auto is the encounter between North America Indica x Hashplant Indica x Wild Landrace, resulting in a variety with features comparable to those of regular marijuana lines, with the only difference that it is not sensitive to the photoperiod to initiate the flowering stage.

It enters the flowering period after about 6 weeks of vegetative development, with a full cultivation cycle of about 4 months. It grows to a considerable size and delivers abundant yields.

Deepforest Super Auto requires a substantial supply of fertilisers. Provided with optimal conditions it can reach up to 2.5 meters in height, and produce a yield of about 200-300g per plant. The wild Landrace heritage provides good vigour and great resistance to insects and diseases, making it an easy to cultivate all terrain plant.

Deepforest Super Auto harvest, a THC-rich marijuana

Deepforest harvest, once dried and cured, emanates an earthy and spicy aroma reminiscent of good hashish.

Thanks to its richness in cannabinoids such as THC, it delivers a powerful, long-lasting and deeply relaxing effect.