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autoflower weed seeds for sale

Autoflowering bulk seeds

If you prefer autoflowering strains, GB also has a wide selection of some of the best, sturdiest strains in bulk autoflowering format. Autoflowering bulk seeds tend to be quite delicate nowadays, so it can be hard to find the right strain; if you decide to go with our carefully selected autoflowering bulk seeds, you won’t regret it. These strains are easy to grow and produce amazing results without much effort

  • Autoflowering (28)
  • Balanced (4)
  • Indica (3)
  • Indica-dominant (13)
  • Sativa-dominant (8)
  • 1 seed (28)
  • 5 seeds (28)
  • 10 seeds (28)
  • 25 seeds (28)
  • 50 seeds (28)
  • 100 seeds (28)
  • 250 seeds (28)
  • 500 seeds (28)
  • 1000 seeds (28)
  • Cold (1)
  • Dry/Low humidity (2)
  • Mild (14)
  • Rainy/High humidity (3)
  • Warm (7)
  • Citric (6)
  • Earthy (2)
  • Fruity (2)
  • Hash (1)
  • Incense (4)
  • Sweet (12)
  • Extracts (9)
  • Medicinal (6)
  • Recreational (13)

Recommended growing environment

  • Any (22)
  • Indoors (3)
  • Outdoors (3)
  • Less than 0.3% THC (1)
  • THC-dominant (27)
  • Heavy (3)
  • Medium (14)
  • Soft (11)
  • Creative (5)
  • Equilibrado / narcótico (2)
  • Mixed (6)
  • Relajante / medicinal (2)
  • Relaxing (9)
  • Stimulating (4)

Indoor Flowering Time

  • 7-8 weeks after germination (3)
  • 9-10 weeks after germination (20)
  • 10-11 weeks after germination (1)
  • 11-12 weeks after germination (4)

Outdoor Harvest Time

  • 60+ days after germination (23)
  • 90+ days after germination (4)

There are 29 products.

Auto White CBG 100% Feminized

Auto Runtz 100% Feminized

Auto Original GB XXL

Auto Gelatto 100% Feminized

Auto Zkittlez 100% Feminized

Auto Bruce banner 100% Feminized

Auto Banana XL 100% feminized

Auto Skunk XXL 100% feminized

Auto Sherbert XXL 100% feminizada

Auto Critical GB XXL 100% feminized

Auto Purple Sunset 100% Feminized

Auto Girl Scout Cookies

Auto Gorilla 100% Feminized

Auto Ak 100% feminized

Auto Widow XXL 100% feminized

Big Demon Auto 100% feminized

Magnus Super Auto 100% Feminized

Auto Amnesia 100% feminized

Auto Blueberry 100% feminized

Auto Wedding Cake 100% Feminized

Auto Jack Herer 100% feminized

Auto Somango 100% feminized

Auto Super Skunk 100% feminized

Auto Cheese 100% feminized

Auto Maxi Gom 100% feminized

Auto Moby Dick 100% feminized

Auto Mamba 100% feminized

Auto OG Kush 100% Feminized

Outdoor Auto Pack

  • Reduced price

Autoflowering bulk seeds

Autoflowering bulk seeds are the perfect solution for growers that require a good lot of seeds at a competitive price. Auto bulk seeds featuring great genetics can be bought in packs of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and even 1000.

These seeds are part of a catalogue that includes a wide range of genetics at an unbeatable price. You’ll be able to choose the one that best adapts to your preferences, whether that is flavor, yield, aromas or indica/sativa induced effects.

GB The Green Brand Sells the Best Autoflowering Bulk Seeds

Auto bulk seeds are great quality and cheap. GB The Green Brand has an extensive autoflowering stock that includes the most prestigious strains. You’ll be able to find out about their characteristics and specifications by going through the provided description, photographs and growers’ reviews.

What is Autoflowering Marijuana all about?

Producing cannabis by using autoflowering seeds has become a tendency among beginner growers. Autoflowering plants grow and flower regardless of photoperiod exposure.

Nowadays, there are different autoflowering genetics that feature all sorts of aromas, flavors, perceptions and yields. Their popularity is mainly due to their fastness and ease of growth. Autoflowering cannabis seeds come from Ruderalis, a variety that originated in Russia and China’s cold areas. Their origins grant them tolerance against cold climates and plagues.

Most Prestigious Autoflowering Bulk Seeds for Indoors and Outdoors

Auto Critical GB XXL 100% Feminized: This strain produces amazing yields in a very short space of time. This Auto Critical + x Critical + cross features fully skunk flavors with some citrus, earthy and tropical touches and its effects are very relaxing. When grown indoors under 600w bulbs, this strain can yield up to 500 g/ m2. Outdoors, it can yield up to 80 g per plant once dry and its height ranges between 70-100 cm.

Auto Sherbert: This strain stands out for its intense fruit of the forest and citrus aromas. Suitable for all types of growers. The produced effects are a combination between physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. Indoors it can yield between 400-500 g per m2, while outdoors it will range between 40-150 g per plant.

Auto Gelato: Non-photoperiod dependent version of one of the most mythical cannabis strains. It stands out for its successful yield production, its sweet and citrus touches and its strong effects, which are more psychoactive than relaxing.

Auto Amnesia: This Ruderalis-Amnesia cross is sativa-dominant. Very fast and good quality strain, which makes it highly recommended. Its effects are totally mental, therefore it’s suitable for creative tasks.

Auto Northern Lights: This cultivar offers wide plants with voluminous and late yields. For best results it’s important not to overdue the number of plants, we recommend less than 9 plants per square meter. It stands out for its strong earthy flavor and relaxing effects.

Auto Cheese: This variety stands out for being one of the most resinous strains in the market and for its characteristically strong flavor. Its yield is full of very aromatic, dense and open buds, perfect for growers that perform hash or BHO extractions. 9 plants per square meter can yield approximately 350 grams in roughly two months. Our recommendation is to grow this cultivar outdoors in order to enhance its flavor by a greater growth of resin glands.

Other Affordable Automatic Bulk Seeds

Auto Maxi Gom: Fruity flavors, soft smoke and short plants that are perfect for indoor or discreet grows.

Auto Diesel: This strain stands out of the rest of autoflowering bulk seeds for its dense buds and bittersweet flavor. It features a strong central stem and big buds all over the branches. This great quality hybrid can yield 400 g per m2 in just two months, provided that we use 9 plants per m2 under 600 w bulbs.

Cheap Autoflowering Seeds that will be Ready for Harvest in 60-90 days

Our extensive catalogue includes some cheap autoflowering marijuana bulk seeds that will grow considerably in three months. These types of autoflowering bulk seeds grow to be very big and heavy, therefore, we should be careful as to how many plants we place under each bulb.

Auto Widow: This cannabis plant ends flowering around 60-65 days after its germination; therefore, it can be considered as slower than others. Its buds are dense and full of resin on the tips. If you are a beginner grower, our recommendation is to not exceed 4 plants per bulb, however, if you are experienced, you could go up to 9.

Magnum: Autoflowering cannabis variety that offers amazing results after 90 days. Perfect for outdoors due to their efficient lateral production. Regarding its flavors, due to its haze predecessors, it’s considered as quite incensed. Flowers are open and full of resin, making it very similar looking to Skunk sativa.

Auto Serious: Plant with dense and compact flowers and an impressive lateral growth and obvious earthy flavors. This strain doesn’t need large amounts of fertilizers for its branches to turn into long bud colas.

Auto Máxima: This strain grows large colas that give a chandelier appearance. Its maximum performance is obtained when grown outdoors in spring and harvested during the summer.

Advantages of buying affordable autoflowering bulk seeds

  • Autoflowering bulk seeds are a great option at an affordable price for all types of growers.
  • They are easy to grow by any grower.
  • They have a shorter flowering period than their photoperiod counterpart.
  • They can be grown throughout the entire year and they can yield up to 200 grams per plant in 70 days.
  • These marijuana plants are more resistant against insects and weather harshness.
  • They don’t suffer so much from light stress.

Buy Guaranteed Quality Affordable Autoflowering Bulk Seeds in GB The Green Brand

GB The Green Brand (Growbarato) has a wide catalogue of autoflowering bulk seeds that vary in grow systems, flavors and effects. We encourage you to take a look at our web and find out more about the multiple available strains, all of them explained and tested in depth.

All GB seeds have been subjected to quality controls in order to ensure a germination success of up to 90%. These autoflowering bulk seeds are stored in moist-free refrigerators until they are sold. Seeing as the vast majority of errors take place during the germination process, we recommend that you follow the steps provided by our blog, take photos of the entire process and save the packages. If seeds don’t germinate and the process has been performed correctly, we will proceed to replace the seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce plants that begin their flowering at a certain age regardless of the light hours received, meaning they can be harvested following the schedule of the grower. This has been achieved by selective crossing with the cannabis strain Ruderalis. These varieties give you the chance to harvest on the date that you choose.

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How is auto-flowering marijuana different from other marijuana?

Historically, cannabis was cultivated during the normal planting period, as it is a seasonal plant that regulates its vegetative development by photoperiod, meaning that the number of hours of light that the plants receive was vital to the start of flowering.

However, in latitudes where summers are short but with very long days – in some cases more than 20 hours of light a day – cannabis evolved to carry out its entire biological cycle irrespective of photoperiod, since otherwise, the 20 hours of light a day would have kept the plant in a vegetative state with no opportunity of flowering.

The origin of autoflowering marijuana seeds

Cannabis Ruderalis is originally from Central Russia, with the ability to bloom at a certain age irrespective of photoperiod, an amazing feature that allows it to bloom outside of conventional growing seasons. Although Ruderalis is not a large producer of resin, its autoflowering character is a genetic trait that is an interesting addition to present cannabis varieties so as to to be able to modulate the date of the harvest for the benefit of the cultivator.

The first Autos were not very popular because of their small size and low potency, but the potential offered by the Ruderalis strain was recognised by breeders who crossed it with conventional strains, to develop a strain which allowed you to choose the, the hours of light, temperature during flowering period, and harvest date, therefore maximizing favourable conditions and giving buds of a much higher quality.

Types of autoflowering marijuana

Although some autoflowering seeds are classified as ‘outdoor marijuana’, we must not forget that the this classification depends on the climate of the area where they are to be grown, and that no one type of seeds is suitable for all areas, due to the differences in climate. For example, in Spain all varieties can be grown outdoors, but in Holland or Switzerland, only the quickest genetics would qualify for this category.

Whilst some seeds are classified as interior autoflowering seeds, meaning that they can not be grown outdoors in certain cold areas of the planet, all varieties of cannabis can be grown indoors with more or less ease.

Amongst the huge selection on the market, it is easy to find many cheap autoflowering seeds, but given the exhaustive work needed to achieve automatic flowering in a desired variety, it is advisable to only purchase these seeds from specialized seed banks, whose years of experience give a guarantee you can rely on.

The first automatics on the market had low rates of resin production, but many generations of crosses and selection later, production and the power have been improved to impressive levels, giving autoflowering qualities, whilst maintaining high levels of cannabinoids and terpenoids in the resin, culminating in jewels like Gnomo Auto, the auto version of our Mataró Blue, a super stable strain of great quality that guarantees the finest autoflowering results for all that grow her.