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CBD has become a part of many households, adding whole body and mind support for pet parents. Best CBD Oil & Treats For Dogs: Top Brands 2022 More and more people have turned towards more natural remedies for their medical treatments in recent years. For dog lovers, you may be glad to

Best CBD Oil for Dogs in 2022 – Top 7 Brands & Buyer’s Guide

CBD has become a part of many households, adding whole body and mind support for pet parents. Now, you can pass that sense of relief over to your favorite furry buddies. Dogs deal with many of the same ailments humans do and having a natural supplement to turn to can provide them with pain relief, anxiety relief, and wellness maintenance.

We put this list of the best CBD oil for dogs together for you, so you have an all-encompassing list to turn to without getting overwhelmed by the massive selection of CBD oils on the market. We share the pros and cons of each brand, give you a brief summary of each product, and share some customer reviews. We also provide you with a short buying guide to the best CBD oil for dogs, so you know what to look for and finish off the article by answering your most frequently asked questions.

7 Best CBD Oil for Dogs

  1. CBDfx : Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Oil for Dogs
  2. CBDistillery : Runner-Up CBD Oil
  3. HolistaPet : Second Runner-Up
  4. Penelope’s Bloom : For Sensitive Tummies
  5. The Anxious Pet : Best for Anxiety
  6. CBD American Shaman : Water-Soluble CBD
  7. Green Roads : Best for Small Breeds

Reviews for our 7 Best CBD Oil for Dogs

1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice: Best CBD Oil for Dogs


  • Save up to 25% with code “chill”
  • Chicken and bacon-flavored CBD oil
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil
  • Organic CBD oil and non-GMO


The Must-Know Details

CBDfx tops the list for best CBD oil for dogs. This company has been fine-tuning its CBD products since its inception in 2014. You can always find a great deal on their site—just look for the discount codes made readily available at the top of the web page. All of their products contain organic CBD oil and just give them a little bit of time; you’ll see how they are constantly working toward innovating their already great line of CBD oil and other CBD products. A company that is never satisfied and always committed to high-quality output like CBDfx is worth giving your loyalty to.

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

CBDfx offers two types of CBD oil for dogs. The first has a natural chicken flavor made with broad-spectrum CBD. It’s made with coconut-derived MCT oil, human-grade and vegan ingredients, and is available in four strengths for all sizes of dogs. The potencies range from 250 mg per bottle up to 2000 mg of CBD oil per bottle. The second option is essentially the same—the only difference is that instead of chicken flavor, it’s bacon-flavored. Both are formulated to gently relax your dog’s nerves, relieve joint pain, and create homeostasis throughout the body.

What Pet Parents Say

Watching a dog grow older is tough for any pet parent. One customer describes how he noticed his 11-year-old golden Labrador start slowing down. He wasn’t as eager to go out on walks and his favorite activity—going to the pool—just kept getting limited because he couldn’t handle so much activity due to discomfort. After a couple of weeks of administering this dog CBD oil, his pup is looking forward to his time in the pool again.

2. CBDistillery – Runner-Up CBD Oil


  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Subscribe to save 30% + free shipping
  • Cold pressed hemp seed oil


  • Free shipping is available but only if you spend at least $75 for a one-time purchase or if you subscribe to regular deliveries

The Must-Know Details

CBDistillery focuses on the extraction and distillation process to ensure they can deliver the highest quality CBD oil both to their human customers and their canine companions. They have coined the #CBDMOVEMENT, which is all about improving life naturally. They aim to make CBD products easily accessible to anyone looking for relief—whether it be from pain, anxiety, or sleepless nights, there is a product formulated for you and your best friend.

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

You can pick up the full-spectrum CBD oil pet tincture CBDistillery offers in one of two concentrations: 150 mg of CBD oil or 600 mg of CBD oil. This CBD oil tincture includes cold-pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier oil and is formulated specifically for your four-legged buddy so he can enjoy the same benefits of CBD oil as you. Neither the CBD oil or hemp seed oil are flavored—the suggested method of administration is to mix it with your pup’s favorite treat or food so he can gobble it up without hesitation. You can also bundle up with the “Man’s Best Friend Pack,” which combines a bottle of CBD oil for you with a bottle of dog CBD oil for your pup!

What Pet Parents Say

One dog mom uses this full-spectrum CBD pet tincture specifically during firework season. She had tried other CBD products, including CBD treats, but her pup would take one sniff and refuse. His anxiety would peak, and he would pace around panting and shaking. She was able to sneak this best CBD oil for dogs into his food and he finally relaxed. He was able to lounge around, even as the chaos ensued outside. She doesn’t give it to him daily—only for occasions when his anxiety spikes and it’s made her a much happier dog mom.

3. HolistaPet – Second Runner-Up


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • New customers can save 25%
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 100% natural ingredients


The Must-Know Details

HolistaPet was founded with the core belief that your pet’s health and well-being are a top priority. Whereas traditional interventions have mainly been pharmacological, HolistaPet is devoted to providing you and your pup with natural alternatives to help reduce discomfort and support overall health. Not only do they focus on creating high-quality products for pets, but they also spend a lot of their time dedicating themselves to education on the topic of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

The best CBD oil for dogs by HolistaPet is made with broad-spectrum CBD oil. It’s designed to be able to easily mix it into your dog’s food or water, or drop it directly into his mouth. There is 0% THC in this product, and it’s made with natural ingredients, including organic superfoods. There is a wide range of potency options, so you can find a bottle of this pet CBD oil that suits your dog, no matter his size. The lowest concentration available is 150 mg of CBD (for pets under 20 lbs.) while the highest is 3000 mg of CBD (for pets over 160 lbs.).

What Pet Parents Say

Pet parents have purchased this CBD oil for different reasons. One customer shares her experience with her nine-year-old chihuahua mix. She had been to the vet on multiple occasions due to stomach issues. They tried a bland diet, switched her food, and even tried metronidazole with a prescription diet. Although they saw some improvement, the issues returned after two weeks. She tried this best CBD oil for dogs and to her relief, symptoms improved right away. Her health has been restored and she’s already recommended this to her friends and family.

4. Penelope’s Bloom – For Sensitive Tummies


  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Subscribe to save 20%
  • Lab-tested and pet-approved
  • Formula includes chamomile


  • Some pet parents reported that their dogs didn’t like the taste of the oil but because it’s so effective, they just get creative when administering

The Must-Know Details

There’s something different about a company when it starts based on a personal experience. Penelope’s Bloom was founded because of a French bulldog named Penelope. From her early years, Penelope struggled with her health. She was diagnosed with chronic disc degeneration, which affected her physical and mental health. To help her heal and enjoy life, her loving pet parents set out to discover the best natural and effective treatments they could find to help their fur baby. They discovered CBD and took it upon themselves to create a line of products that deliver premium CBD oil products that are clean, effective, and affordable.

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD oil tincture for dogs that Penelope’s Bloom offers is made with full-spectrum CBD oil, MCT oil, and chamomile. It is third-party lab tested to confirm purity and potency and is available in four different concentrations, ranging from 250 mg of CBD oil up to 1000 mg of CBD oil. This pet CBD oil was designed to digest easily and deliver rapid relief.

What Pet Parents Say

Several customers comment that this full–spectrum CBD oil has helped their dogs with improved mobility. One dog, Lola, is 11 years old and has been doing amazing with this CBD oil. She went from struggling to get around to playing around like a puppy. Overall, pet parents report they see more pep in the steps of their beloved canine companions.

5. The Anxious Pet – Best for Anxiety


  • Trade your email for 15% off
  • Organic hemp oil
  • Select “auto-refill” and save 30%
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The Anxious Pet does not offer a CBD oil without THC

The Must-Know Details

The Anxious Pet was founded because anxious pets make for anxious owners. They know this from first-hand experience because they struggled with the second-hand anxiety caused by their own anxious pets. They couldn’t find the right solution for their furry family members, so they decided to create their own. Each of their products, from their best CBD oils to their pet treats is veterinarian-formulated and lab-tested. They are a small company, but they work hard to make sure they’re helping their customers and their furry friends live happier and more peaceful lives.

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All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

The “Relax & Roll” organic hemp oil by The Anxious Pet is available in two dosages: 400 mg of hemp oil and 800 mg of hemp oil. It’s formulated specifically to ease severe anxiety and related behaviors. To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, this formula was designed by veterinarians. Hemp oil is the safest and most effective delivery system for CBD and the included dropper makes it super simple to measure out your pup’s daily dose!

What Pet Parents Say

One customer shares a story about her completely blind pit mix. She rescued him three years ago and noticed that due to his blindness, he was extremely anxious, displaying severe separation anxiety and even seizing. She knew about CBD and decided to give this organic CBD oil a try. She purchased the 800 mg hemp oil bottle and saw the effects right away. His attitude changed and he displayed more independence. He stopped seizing as well. She highly recommends the product to anyone who is curious about CBD oil for dogs.

6. CBD American Shaman – Water Soluble CBD Oil


  • Save 20% on your first purchase
  • Proprietary nanotechnology
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Gluten-free and eco-friendly formula


  • Only one potency option is available

The Must-Know Details

CBD American Shaman is a company that has dedicated itself to producing ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich CBD oils using only the highest quality industrial hemp. CBD American Shaman stands out because they operate with genuine care for their customer base. They develop a “Compassionate Care Program,” which provides discounts for those in need. If you’re a veteran or have a low income, you can still enjoy the best CBD oils and other CBD products from CBD American Shaman. Just reach out to them and they’ll help you out!

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

The water-soluble CBD terpene-rich hemp oil by CBD American Shaman is formulated to help pups with occasional stress and anxiety. It’s also perfect for dogs that need joint health support. It’s made with industrial hemp oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil from coconut oil, and was successfully tested on humans! It contains 400 mg of CBD per bottle, and you can choose the THC content before finalizing your purchase. Either select no THC or 0.3% THC.

What Pet Parents Say

Verified buyers rate this product with five stars. It works great for their pets, and they appreciate the charitable and innovative aspects of the company. These CBD oil products are absorbed faster because of the nanotechnology CBD American Shaman has developed, which means their pets experience relief more quickly.

7. Green Roads – Best for Small Breeds


  • Trade your email for a special discount
  • Rewards program
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Money-back guarantee


  • With some pets, it takes longer to see results

The Must-Know Details

Green Roads operates with a mission to help pet buddies live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. The company was founded to create a line of exceptional CBD products.

All About the CBD Oil for Dogs

The pet CBD oil by Green Roads is available in three different concentrations—they’re labeled for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. Each bottle is formulated with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil along with MCT oil. They kept the formula simple, keeping it all-natural, THC-free, non-GMO, pesticide-free, gluten-free, corn-free, and sugar-free.

What Pet Parents Say

One customer shares her excitement after finding Green Roads’s hemp CBD oil. She has an 11.5-year-old Shar-Pei that was diagnosed with stage 4 arthritis. Unfortunately, she also has shar-pei fever, which means she’s unable to take any medication that would normally be prescribed because of potential damage to her kidneys and liver. After only a week of administering this supplement, her pup is getting around comfortable again. She will not go without this product for her fur baby and is ecstatic that she found something that works and improves her dog’s quality of life so drastically.

How Did We Select Our Top CBD Oils for Dogs?

To find the best CBD oil for dogs, we had to do a little digging. There is a growing number of CBD companies and products every day and sifting through them all can get to be too much. But we were painstaking in our search to bring you the top seven CBD oils for dogs, so you have a much narrower and clear-cut list to select from. Here is what we looked for:


Anything you give your dog to ingest must be safe with only the purest and cleanest ingredients. You’ll notice we selected products with a simple and straightforward list of ingredients. They incorporate either broad-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum CBD oil along with a carrier oil, like MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Some products stop there while others incorporate other healthful and complementary additions, like chamomile or superfoods. Plus, each of the CBD oils highlighted above has gone through a stringent set of lab tests, which confirm the safety and purity of these ingredients.


CBD is versatile and addresses the ailments your dog needs the most help with. You might pick up a bottle to ease your pup’s nerves and later notice that his mobility improves. Some formulas are specifically formulated for certain conditions, like the CBD oil made by The Anxious Pet. We wanted to highlight several different options, so you have a wide, yet targeted selection of CBD oils to select from.


For some dog owners, it’s simpler to purchase unflavored CBD oils because they would rather sneak them into their pet’s favorite food. For others, a flavored option is the most enticing. We found and recommended different options, from CBD oils that taste like chicken or bacon to those that can be easily added to your pup’s favorite treats so he’s none the wiser!

Customer Feedback

Dog owners tend to look out for each other and share their honest feedback in the reviews section for each product. We found details like when a dog doesn’t like the flavor of a specific product and what they did to get them to take their supplement. Mostly, dog parents are excited about the results they notice, whether it’s reduced anxiety, better mobility, improved sleep, or an overall change in demeanor, they’re thrilled to share how each product has affected their beloved pups.

The prices for CBD oils vary by brand. They can get pricey sometimes so we wanted to make sure and highlight when you can save extra. Whether that means snagging a coupon code, subscribing for monthly deliveries, qualifying for special discount programs, or signing up for a rewards program, we let you know how you can save with each brand!

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil for Dogs?

As we mentioned, in the sea of CBD products online—all promising high-quality products—it can get confusing trying to pick out the products made with integrity from those with fillers trying to pass as high-quality products. In the list above, we share how we comprised our top seven list. Below, we give you some tips on what to look for when buying CBD oil for dogs.

CBD Type: CBD Isolate, Full- or Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

It’s important you understand what the different types of CBD oils are. There are three: full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD oils incorporate all minor cannabinoids to create the “entourage effect”, which is when all cannabinoids work synergistically to produce more potent effects. Broad-spectrum CBD oils incorporate some minor cannabinoids but leave out any THC content. It’s still a more potent formula and is great for pet parents concerned about THC content in the CBD oil they purchase. The final type of CBD is CBD isolate. As the name suggests, this type of CBD oil leaves out all minor cannabinoids, providing you with a pure CBD product.


Some brands offer several different concentrations per product. This makes it easy when shopping, no matter the size of your pup. Some brands even share their recommendations upfront so if you have a large dog, you know which option to select. CBD dosing is very personalized—it’s always best to start with the manufacturer’s recommendation and make any adjustments from there. For more severe conditions, higher concentrations may be in order. For regular wellness care, your pup may not need such a concentrated dose. Give it time for trial and error until you find your pup’s perfect dose.

Third-Party Lab Testing

This is one of the most important things to look for. Reputable brands offer plenty of transparency, placing their lab test results on the same product page where you can review them. Some products have QR codes on the packaging, which allow you to quickly scan for the batch records. This step is how brands take accountability for their products. Without testing, the contents are not confirmed, which makes CBD products potentially dangerous. Always take the time to verify each CBD oil you intend to purchase.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD has a wide-reaching set of benefits for dogs. We highlight a few below:

Anxiety Relief

Dogs, like humans, deal with anxiety and anxiety-related behaviors. It could be separation anxiety when you leave home or it could be related to specific events, like thunderstorms and fireworks. CBD has the potential to alleviate anxiety, working to calm your pup’s nervous system, and help comfort him when his anxiety is peaking.

Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and also offers pain relief for a variety of different conditions. Many pet parents turn to CBD when their pups get older to offer them joint health support. Inflammation, though typically a healthy response, can exacerbate pain when chronic. CBD helps to relieve the inflammation that makes the pain worse, offering your pup much-needed relief.

Gastrointestinal Support

Some dogs are born with sensitive stomachs while others may develop sensitivities as they grow older. It can be uncomfortable for your pup to deal with stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea, not to mention the clean-up responsibilities these symptoms create for you! CBD can alleviate these tummy troubles, helping your pup feel better and enjoy day-to-day life again.

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Reduced Seizures

In some dogs, CBD oil has been shown to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures. If your dog suffers from seizures, talk to your vet to see if adding CBD could be of help to reduce symptoms.

Sleep Support

Dogs that suffer from pain conditions may have trouble getting a good night’s rest. The same goes for pups that deal with anxiety. Without proper sleep, quality of life declines. CBD is fantastic for helping your pup relax—both mind and body—so he can drift off into doggy dreams to find the best sticks, the biggest bones, and towering leaf piles!

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

CBD oil dosage for dogs is different depending on a few factors. Below, we discuss each of these, so you know what to consider before you make a final purchase.

Your dog’s size is one of the most important determining factors when it comes to dosing. A small dog that weighs less than 20 lbs. won’t need nearly as much CBD as a larger dog that weighs well over 100 lbs. Make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s recommended dosage instructions to prevent overdosing your pet. Although CBD is safe and well-tolerated, too much can cause uncomfortable side effects for your pup. And remember: all CBD oils are made with slightly different formulas. A single one-ounce bottle can contain as little as 150 mg of CBD or up to 3000 mg of CBD.

Health Conditions

Some health conditions may be alleviated with a lower dosage. However, more severe, and chronic pain conditions may require a higher dose. It’s important to employ patience while finding the ideal dose for your pup. Usually, the recommended dosage is appropriate, and you’ll see results. However, sometimes, you may need to make adjustments. Do so gradually over time and keep a close eye on how your pup responds. Even if dosing is a little rocky at first, it’s totally worth it when you find that sweet spot!

CBD Side Effects

Even the best CBD oil for dogs may produce side effects when too much is given. However, when the dose is appropriate, your dog is unlikely to experience any side effects, only relief. Below are some side effects you may notice—if you do, try lowering the dose. If symptoms don’t clear, you may need to discontinue use altogether. And as always, contact your vet when in doubt.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness/lethargy
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness

What brand of CBD oil is best for dogs?

We selected CBDfx as the best overall CBD oil for dogs. They offer a wide range of potencies and have taken a creative approach to their CBD oils, making them in chicken and bacon flavors. They’re enticing for pups, and they also make sure to provide their customers with the opportunity to save with plenty of coupon codes.

How do I choose CBD oil for my dog?

When choosing CBD oil for your dog, make sure you’re looking at all the important factors. The brand should be reputable, offering transparency and easy access to all their lab reports. This helps you confirm that the product is safe and effective. Potency is another important consideration—does your pup need a higher potency to help relieve severe or chronic pain or are you just looking for wellness maintenance? The answers to these questions can help you decide on the best CBD oils for your dog. Additionally, consider if you prefer the natural flavor of CBD to sneak it into your pup’s food or if you’d like to lure him toward the CBD oil with the smell of chicken or bacon. Finally, consider how much you’ll be spending so you can forecast your CBD budget. Make sure to take advantage of all available coupon codes and subscribe, when possible, to rake in all those savings!

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

Yes, many veterinarians do recommend CBD oil for dogs. Although there are still plenty of studies to be conducted, there is tons of anecdotal evidence that point to CBD being a helpful supplement for pups of different ages, and sizes, and with varying health conditions. It’s always best to connect with your vet directly when deciding if CBD might be right for your pup. CBD may interact with certain medications, so keeping open channels of communication with your vet can produce the best outcome for your pup.

Should I give my dog CBD oil every day?

CBD is great for keeping your pup’s body in a state of balance. Many pet parents provide their pups with CBD oil daily, especially if they’re dealing with chronic or progressive conditions. Some pet parents may prefer to use it occasionally when their pup’s anxiety spikes. Talk to your vet about putting a plan together that offers the most benefits for your dog.

How long does it take for CBD oil to start working in dogs?

That depends on your pup’s unique body chemistry. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice immediate effects. It could take a little longer and your pup may require a slightly higher dose. Give it some time for your pup’s body to acclimate to the CBD. Most pet parents notice changes right away, with significant improvement over time. If you need to adjust your dog’s dose, do so gradually. And if you pick up a product that doesn’t produce noticeable results, remember that most brands offer a customer satisfaction guarantee—don’t hesitate to reach out for a refund if you’re not completely happy with your purchase.

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Best CBD Oil & Treats For Dogs: Top Brands 2022

More and more people have turned towards more natural remedies for their medical treatments in recent years.

For dog lovers, you may be glad to hear that CBD oil, which has been shown to have many positive effects on human health, has similar health benefits when administered to dogs through a CBD for dogs designed for your pet. Slowly, this natural type of medication has made its way into treating many physical and mental ailments that pets may be experiencing.

According to the national animal supplement council, hemp and full-spectrum CBD products are safe to use for your pets. While their endocannabinoid system is similar to our own, the different CBD products and full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs available are often carefully formulated to most effectively treat specific conditions.

Whether your dog would benefit from some high-quality CBD oil that will have calming effects or from some that will treat any joint pains and anxiety that they may have, you will be able to find the perfect oil and dosage for your canine friend by looking at our top 6 best CBD oil and the 5 best CBD dog treats.

Best CBD oils for dogs

For those looking for condition-specific pet CBD oil, the brand Honest Paws offers one of the widest selections of organic hemp extracts and the best CBD oil blends available. They use 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil, and all of the ingredients included in their high-quality CBD oils are carefully selected.

Full-spectrum CBD products for dogs can have many effects on your dog’s attitude and quality of life. The CBD oil for dog’s calm collection explicitly offers many unique products from CBD oil to other CBD products like calm bites, soft chews, and CBD extract in peanut butter. Some of the critical ingredients of Calm CBD oil for dogs include chamomile oil, which has proven calming effects.

This CBD oil for dogs is also available in four different levels of strength, so depending on your dog’s weight and your pet’s general needs, the dosage and strength can be adjusted. CBD oil can be administered directly or mixed with your dog’s food.

  • Positive health benefits, especially for your dog’s immune system
  • Cardiovascular and Neurological function is supported
  • Maintenance of healthy inflammatory body responses
  • CBD oil blend also includes nutritional antioxidants, vitamin B and D
  • Chamomile tea in CBD oil for dogs can help your dog relax and can help their mental health
  • Independent lab testing and complete transparency as all results are available on the website and visible in the product packaging of the CBD oil
  • Best CBD oil harvested from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado
  • GMO-free and soy-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – this can include a full refund or an exchange on your CBD product or CBD oil
  • This CBD oil for dogs can occasionally appear to be unavailable and thus, can be hard to find
  • In the lab results, it is stated that they don’t test for pesticides, residual solvents, or mycotoxins – most other CBD oil manufacturers will test for these.

Simply Wag is one of the most affordable CBD for dogs on the market, but that affordability does not mean a drop in quality. They use the best CBD oil, meaning that you will be able to provide for your dog one of the best CBD products currently available.

The hemp plants are sourced from Colorado, and for the manufacturing of their CBD oil products, the Good Manufacturing Practices requirements are not only met but often exceeded. Not only that, but the organic CBD oil products for dogs that they produce are USDA Certified Organic. This means that not only are all of their ingredients, including the hemp extracts, used organic, but their manufacturing process is verified to be organic.

  • Organic broad-spectrum CBD oils for dogs
  • 100% organic ingredients and organic CBD oil produced
  • 100% pure hemp extracts used for their CBD for dogs
  • High-quality CBD products with excellent manufacturing conditions
  • Affordable Prices for such potent CBD oil for dogs
  • Extensive Lab Testing, which includes testing for Microbials, Heavy Metals, and Foreign Matter
  • Eco-friendly packaging for all of their CBD oils
  • USDA certified CBD oil and pet CBD products
  • Very potent CBD oil
  • Their selection of CBD products is limited

For pet owners, one of the reasons to love Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs is that they offer specialized and condition-specific CBD oils for dogs. In all of their blends, they use 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD oil enriched with an appropriate number of diverse ingredients to increase the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating your dog’s conditions.

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Full-spectrum CBD oil can also help with bettering your dog’s overall health.

The CBD oil for General Wellness is a product that has organic hemp oil and infused mct coconut oil. How much CBD oil you administer for dogs and the strength of the hemp oil you choose will depend on your dog’s weight. Currently, there are three different strength levels available. One for dogs under 25lbs, one for dogs between 25 and 50lbs, and one for those dogs that are larger than 50lbs.

If you are looking for a CBD oil that improves your dog’s general vibrancy and health, this is the best CBD oil you can purchase as a pet owner.

  • Improves overall immune system and health; this can include helping with allergies and other conditions
  • Improves brain, joint, and muscle health
  • Maintenance of healthy inflammatory body responses
  • Independent lab testing and complete transparency as all results are available on the website and visible in the product packaging
  • CBD dosage and strength is adjusted depending on the size of your dog
  • High-quality hemp seed oil harvested from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado
  • GMO-free and soy-free ingredients and CBD oil
  • Organic full spectrum hemp extract for the CBD oil
  • 100% pure hemp extract used
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – this can include a full refund or an exchange of your CBD product and CBD oil
  • The lab results do not include tests for pesticides, residual solvents, or mycotoxins – these are typically tested for in other CBD oil and CBD products
  • Can be more expensive than other CBD oil and CBD products currently available on the market

Honest Paws CBD oils offer a Mobility collection directly targeted to those dogs that suffer from joint or muscle pains. This is the best CBD oil for dogs with chronic pain. The Mobility CBD oils also include turmeric, a spice known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.

Other ingredients often found in this line of products include chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and Boswellia serrata. In general, if you want the best CBD oil that targets mobility-specific conditions, this is the one to go for.

  • Directly targets muscle and joint pains with a powerful blend of organic ingredients
  • Maintenance of healthy inflammatory body responses
  • Independent lab testing and complete transparency with all results being made publicly available on the website and visible in the product packaging
  • High-quality CBD harvested from organic hemp plant grown in Colorado
  • GMO-free and soy-free CBD oil for dogs
  • Full Spectrum hemp oil and CBD product
  • 100% organic ingredients and organic CBD oil produced
  • 100% pure hemp extract used for the CBD oil
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – this can include a full refund or an exchange on your CBD product or CBD oil for dogs
  • The lab results do not include tests for pesticides, residual solvents, or mycotoxins

HolistaPet produces CBD products for pets; however, it is mainly well known for the standards they keep in their manufacturing process. Their pet CBD products are made of full-spectrum CBD oil, and there are no artificial ingredients or flavors included. Those are higher than those employed by most CBD companies that produce human CBD products.

To ensure the potency and purity of their dog, CBD oil third-party labs also test their CBD oil.

With HolistaPet CBD oils for dogs, pet owners can choose the appropriate CBD dosage for their dog, depending on their size. According to the HolistaPet blog and website, the correct dosage of high-quality CBD oil could lead to the following health benefits.

CBD oil for dogs’ health benefits:

  • Positive effects on memory, consciousness, and awareness
  • Can benefit the dogs appetitive
  • Positive effects on your dog’s emotional responses
  • Improve your dog’s motor skills and learning abilities, including coordination and muscle control.
  • Improve dogs’ health and functions, including their blood pressure, heart rate, helping combat muscle and joint pain and chronic pain.
  • Pet CBD oil dosage can be adjusted depending on your dog’s size
  • Wide range of benefits to your dog’s health from CBD oils
  • Natural flavors, no artificial flavors used in CBD oils
  • Highest quality CBD oil for dogs
  • Full spectrum CBD extract
  • High-quality manufacturing procedures
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Third-party labs verify the amount of CBD isolate and the purity of the CBD oil
  • The pet CBD oil for dogs produced is not condition-specific, so pet owners looking to treat a specific condition may need to look at a different brand

One of the highest quality pet CBD oil for dogs offered on the market is manufactured by Penelope’s Bloom. Penelope’s Bloom offers a broad-spectrum CBD oil created with the highest ingredients. All of their ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. The CBD oil for dogs is not only safe, but it also comes in several dog-friendly flavors, which means that as a pet owner, you will be able to give your dog their CBD oil dosage that much more easily.

  • All ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free in their CBD oil for dogs
  • CBD isolate products means that their products are THC-free
  • Company has excellent customer support and policies
  • High-quality ingredients and CBD oil
  • Company donates to other organizations that support animals
  • CBD oil is generally liked by most dogs, and there are many flavor options available, making it easy to include it with your dog’s food.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products formula

Best CBD Pet Treats

While CBD oil directly on your dog may be an option for some, many pet owners may find it harder to administer CBD oil to their dog. This is why many pet owners resort to using CBD dog treats.

These are usually carefully created treats made by full-spectrum CBD pet product companies with high-quality ingredients and full-spectrum hemp extract that can help ensure that your dog is getting the health benefits of CBD oil products.

HolistaPet offers high-quality CBD oil made from non-GMO hemp seed oil and makes some of the most versatile options for CBD dog treats. Currently, they have four CBD treats that are easy to find and incredibly easy to give to your dog.

  • Their Stress & Anxiety Relief CBD dog treats are available in green apple and peanut butter flavor, and it has a formula that helps with your dog’s anxiety.
  • The Heart & Immune Care CBD dog treats come with many health benefits, including a boost in your dog’s immune system and support for their heart. Their formula includes many superfoods, including blueberries, flaxseed, hemp seed powder, rolled oats, molasses, cinnamon, and coconut oil for flavor. Apart from the high-quality hemp, these full-spectrum CBD treats are organic vegan.
  • The Joint & Mobility Care CBD dog treats come in different flavors, pumpkin and cinnamon. Apart from their non-GMO industrial hemp, these also have in their formula turmeric, Boswellia serrata, and hemp seed powder, all of which are ingredients that have proven health benefits and that specifically target joint pains and chronic pain.
  • The CBD dog treats Calming Chews come in only a peanut butter flavor. As for all CBD products,HolistaPet uses broad-spectrum hemp extract for these BBD products. To further boost the health benefits of CBD oil for dogs, they add to their formula tryptophan, choline chloride, phosphatidylcholine, and German chamomile. All of these ingredients have proven brain and calming benefits for your dog.

CBDMD offers a wide range of pet treats, including soft chews, calming chews, hard chews, and Hip and joint chews. Their products are generally known for being of the highest quality. All of their ingredients are non- GMO and the hemp extract used is non-GMO, organic, and grown in the USA.

Their facilities are certified compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) by NSF International, and all of their products are thoroughly tested by a third-party certified lab. While the company mentions that their CBD oils are non-GMO and organic, they do not mention which farm is responsible for growing its hemp plant. While these pet products are good, the high price they are sold for is not always justifiable.

CBDfx is well known for its pet CBD oils, and while there are many positive reviews on their website, their pet products do not have the best CBD on the market. Their CBD pet products use hemp seed oil that does not come from organically grown hemp plants. While they are transparent about this fact, it does drop the quality of their CBD pet products below the one that other companies offer.

They have also received a warning letter from the FDA, and their batch-specific COAs are only made available with batch numbers. The CBD-derived benefits that generally come in CBD pet treats are still there even if these particular treats are not high-quality CBD products.

If you are looking for high-quality CBD oils and treats for your pets from a company that also gives back to the community, this is the perfect place to purchase all of your dog’s CBD treats. Penelope’s Bloom offers broad-spectrum hemp oil made with non-GMO and high-quality ingredients. All of their CBD products are also vegan and gluten-free. The natural flavor in these pet products and CBD oils will mean that these dog CBD treats will find their way to your pet’s mouth much faster than you expect.

Anxious Pet offers soft chews dog CBD that can be extremely easy to dose. These CBD products are specifically made to promote calmness and assist with any mental problems that may be harming your dog’s health and wellbeing. Depending on your dog’s weight, you may need to administer 4 or more chews for all of the calming CBD benefits to take place.

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