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best way to save weed seeds


One issue that raises a lot of doubt is the best way to store cannabis so that it is kept in its best condition – after all, one of its biggest enemies is mold, which can ruin everything! And it’s not just the buds that deserve special attention – the seeds and the hash also need a place that is safe from moisture, light and any factor that might decrease its quality.

So, do you want to find out how to store your cannabis in the best way? We explain here how to do it correctly!

Conserving seeds

Did you buy the seeds, but you still don’t want to germinate, or do you want to germinate only a few? Cannabis seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place, with no interference from light. Whether you store your seeds in a freezer, refrigerator or even in a cupboard or drawer, it’s important to leave them there until it’s time to germinate. Rapid temperature changes can damage its genetic integrity. We recommend that they stay in the refrigerator till it’s popping time.

You have a few options to make sure they stay fresh until they germinate:

Seeds stored in a cold, dark environment, such as a refrigerator drawer.

Will you store them for just a few months? A plastic bag like Ziploc can be perfect, or airtight glass jars.

For longer storage, a vacuum-sealed package can be safer!

When keeping seeds in the refrigerator, keep them on the drawer or deeper in the fridge as possible so that they are not exposed to changes in temperature when the door is opened.

It is also important to note that by freezing the seeds, whenever they are defrosted and returned to the freezer, they become less viable.

When cannabis seeds are stored properly, they can last up to 10 years!

Where to store your dried cannabis

If you have dry buds or even brick weed, the way of storing may be a little different. There are a few options to ensure that it is always good when you want to use it to roll that beautiful joint:

In glasses

Glass is great for storing almost any type of substance, as it is inert, hard and non-biodegradable. The downside is that most glass jars are clear and light degrades trichomes – which does not matter if buds or dry cannabis are stored in the dark.

Buds stored in airtight glass can.

To store buds exposed to light, it is best to use UV glass. Our tip here is to choose a jar with an airtight lid! The less air, the better for the conservation and storage of your plant.

In stainless steel jars

Stainless steel pots, also with hermetic seals, are popular because they are strong and can be stacked. Metal does not interact with cannabis and is impervious to outside air – which guarantees good conservation. In addition, neither moisture nor light can penetrate them.

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Not all types of plastic are recommended! Cannabis is slightly acidic and lipophilic, so it degrades some of them. Ziploc bags are popular because they don’t let odors pass, and are inexpensive. However, they are easily pierced by rods and do not provide protection against agitation and movement, which leads to further damage. Our suggestion is to use it only for seeds.

Desiccants: an important addendum

A desiccant is a substance that removes moisture from the surrounding air. Do you know those little bags of silica that usually come together in tennis boxes or bags? They are important to prevent moisture in transport, that can cause the goods to mold! Packets of silicone, newspaper or anything extra-dry acts as a desiccant and absorbs moisture in a storage container, and are good accessories for storing your cannabis.

There is a huge discussion about the use of this strategy. Some growers say it changes the taste too much, or that it even dries the plant too fast. The important thing is to try out on smaller scales so you can feel if you like it! Testing things is important before you put your whole headstash with it!

Brick marijuana washed and stored in vacuum packaging.

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is popular because it decreases the amount of oxygen present in packaging. Oxygen is corrosive and degrades the color of cannabis. The diminished presence of oxygen also discourages the growth of bacteria, but not anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in environments with little oxygen or no oxygen, moist and with food. So never close and store wet cannabis!

Fresh cannabis? Learn how to cure it!

If it is a freshly picked bud, or even wet hash – ideally it should go through the drying and curing process. Drying means reducing the bud’s water quantity to 10-15%, depending on the desired crispness of the product. It also ensures that your cannabis becomes more stable, so that its properties are transformed – without being lost.

Here on the blog, we have already published an article by the wonderful Ed Rosenthal, a true cannabis expert, talking specifically about how to dry and cure your buds. Here, we will resume some main points with you:

There are several ways to do the curing and drying process, and one of the main ways is to use a climate controlled space. The space should be lit with green lamps, either fluorescent or LED, as the green spectrum does not change the material of the plant. The temperature and humidity must be constantly controlled and adjusted, and the air exchange calibrated to the desired volume.

For the first three days, a temperature of 68°F (20°C) and a relative humidity of 55% will ensure that the bud is left with approximately 30-40% water.

After that, the temperature should drop a few degrees to 64°F (18°C) to slow down the process. Another critical factor is the humidity of the air: if it is below 50%, the buds will dry out too quickly. A timer and an air control system, with a humidity controller, can help in this process, which should take between 10 and 14 days for the perfect taste.

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Taste is not the only variable affected by the drying process. The effect that the bud will have on the body can also vary. The longer the bud dries, the more THC will turn into CBN and other cannabinoids. So, even talking about the same strain, the effect can be stonier or more agitated, raising or lowering the agitation. The difference between drying for 10 or 14 days is not evident for newbies, but for a connoisseur, there will be a world of difference.

The process of curing cannabis is similar to the aging process of a good wine. Ed explains that he cures cannabis by packing it in a wooden or cardboard box and pressing it lightly so that some of the trichomes break. After packaging, buds must be left in an environment of 18°C (64°F), with 50% relative humidity and total darkness for a period of 1 to 2 months. Check regularly to ensure the right conditions at all times. Make sure that the humidity remains between 45 and 50% to prevent the formation of mold and fungi.

How to Safely Store Medical Cannabis Seeds

A seed that is continuously stored in the wrong environment will only slowly deteriorate. Buy seeds only when you can plant them if you are uncertain about keeping them.

W eed seeds are hard to store without damaging them for extended periods.

In contrast, many consumers want an easy way to hide their seeds. Privacy and security can be achieved with the right combination of devices without spending a lot.

How can weed seeds be stored appropriately? We’ll explore several options. Plants that are nourished properly will grow stronger and produce more fruit.

Don’t let the seeds come into contact with the sun

Keep weed seeds away from the sun if you purchase them from a reputable retailer like Herbies Seeds.

A seed can germinate without moisture, but it loses its vitality without enough sunlight. They will waste many nutrients because it is a complex process. This causes seeds to lose their own strength, making them unable to grow into plants.

To prevent them from discovering anything, I suggest keeping them in the dark. It is possible to accomplish this goal even in an ordinary dresser drawer. While leaving your seeds exposed for a brief period will not affect them, leaving them exposed for long periods will. It’s not a good idea to start their germination process before the seed is planted.

Ensure that seeds are kept at the right temperature

You may want to consider your refrigerator because it is cool and dark. Moreover, seeds need colder temperatures than what a summer bedroom can provide. Phytosanitary storage of weed seeds is best performed at temperatures between 6°-8°C (42°-46°F). In warmer conditions, you can store them successfully as well, but the seeds’ vitality will diminish more rapidly.

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It is recommended that you use your vegetable crisper drawer since it is specifically made for plants. Cultivators from other countries invest in specialized seed refrigerators, which can be expensive. Seeds should be stored in a dark container to avoid exposure to light when stored in the fridge.

Moisture levels should be at an optimal level

Sometimes it is difficult to determine how much humidity your seeds need. You should store weed seeds in the humidity range of 10-30%.

If seeds are exposed without enough humidity, they may attract pests or even dry out. If they sweat in their containers, harmful mold spores can develop or they can rot.

They will die before they can grow due to too much humidity. You can safely store them after finding the right moisture level.

The best way to ensure your seeds germinate is to keep them moist. It’s better not to sprout them all than to err on the side of excessive moisture.

What Are the Storage Requirements for Weed Seeds

What will you do with your seeds after they are stored? If they stay in growable condition, that will have a significant impact.

The simplest type of storage is short-term storage since only a small, dark place is needed. Therefore, clear plastic bags, shoe boxes, or furniture drawers may be sufficient.

A dark place and an airtight plastic container or glass jar are recommended for medium-length storage. During this period, they may need to be refrigerated.

Ideally, long-term storage should be vacuum sealed, as it becomes more complex. It is possible to store seeds in the freezer, but be careful not to defrost them accidentally.

Do my seeds need to be stored for a long time?

It’s possible to store seeds indefinitely under the right conditions, according to Highway420. Although, not every strain combines well with hidden storage.

At least a few years should go by before your seeds need to be replaced. Certain growers say that they keep seeds for decades without additional equipment.

To keep seeds safely, it is imperative to maintain the proper environmental conditions. Insufficient heat, moisture, and light will result in germination failure.

In what ways does time affect my seedlings?

Keeping seeds in storage for too long decreases their chances of germinating. You should take care of the seeds since they are living organisms.

You increase your chances of success by purchasing seeds from reputable retailers. It is impossible to determine how long things can be stored without this information.

A seed that is continuously stored in the wrong environment will only slowly deteriorate. Buy seeds only when you can plant them if you are uncertain about keeping them.