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best weed seed company texas reddit

What do you guys think is the best US based seedbank?

I want to order seeds but don't want to go through the hassle of international ordering, or paying in international currency. Any recommendations would be super helpful!

If I'm ordering seeds online (which is rare) I order from

Personally a few reputable breeders who are featured on that site live in my state and shop the same place I do so I just buy seeds in person or get tester packs from them

Seed bank help!! TEXAS

Looking for a seed bank in the us to order seeds from looking for auto flowers. What’s the worst that can happen if they get found in the Mail? What is the fastest delivery and best to deal with ?

North Atlantic seed co is the best and fast

Seeds contain no THC and are totally legal to own, buy, sell, and ship.

Buy direct from Morning Star Seed Com or Twisted Trees Autos. Or check out Oregon Elite, Neptune Seed Bank, or Harvest Mutual Seed Bank.

Best website for seeds? And do they ship to Texas

Are you joking or stupid about the website for buying weed? No there’s no Fucking website for that. Even the dark web isn’t what it used to be now.

Multiverse ilgm lumberjack seed they sell ocean grown humdbolt

And yes they ship to and in usa it's legal due to the farmers act

North Atlantic Seed Company has a massive variety and are US based. has. A decent selection as is US based as well with good prices.

Depends on the breeders you are wanting to source. Lots of great suggestions here that will definitely get you taken care of. If you are looking purely for variety and value it is tough to beat Seedsman when they have a promo going, and they should have some big ones coming along soon.

Doubt they would ship legal seeds to an illegal state but not sure abkut seeds legality. As for actual weed, I would hit up a friend that doesn’t mind shipping or use a vpn and buy off the dark web.

I love attitude seed bank, awesome customer service. they do promotions once a month around the 15th for 3 days and give a lot of freebies, sign up for email.. I’ve gotten 4 orders from them. one time an order got lost in the mail and they replaced it no questions asked. can also buy a single bean which is nice..