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black dominia seeds

Black Domina Weed | Strain Review + Guide

Medicinal marijuana is now legal in over two-thirds of states. The race is on to find the best strains to address pain, improve sleep, and elevate mood. With Black Domina, Sensi Seeds has developed a marijuana strain capable of dominating your senses and overpowering your body. Let’s look at what this hard-hitting indica has to offer.

What Is the Black Domina Strain?

Although many breeders tend to play it safe and experiment with two or three strains, Sensi Seeds is no ordinary breeder. The world-renowned organization created Black Domina from no fewer than four strains:

As a result of its diverse heritage, this strain’s THC content varies significantly from 12% to 24%. It also contains trace amounts of CBD, i.e., 0.11%.

Therefore, the Black Domina seeds you purchase belong to a strain with pure Afghan genetics that originated in the legendary Hindu Kush mountains. This strain will ultimately develop into a small or medium-sized plant with elongated leaves. Its size allows you to grow a significant number of plants in an enclosed space. For this reason, Black Domina is a popular choice amongst commercial breeders.

Black Domina Effects

This strain is almost entirely indica, so be wary of its sedative effects! Most users describe its initial high as euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing. However, once the physical effects kick in, the strain’s sedative properties come to the fore.

This strain is almost entirely indica, so be wary of its sedative effects!

Users say that it releases tension, but as the body becomes completely relaxed, it can cause couchlock. Therefore, Black Domina is not suitable for daytime use; it is a late evening or night time strain only.


You will enjoy this strain’s gorgeous scent with its nutty and earthy aroma with subtle hints of citrus.


Black Domina is not designed for users who enjoy a sweet taste. Instead, it has a smoky and spicy taste akin to hashish.

As beautiful as it sounds. …


Marijuana aficionados certainly enjoy watching Black Domina grow. Its thick and dense nugs feature a deep purple hue. At first glance, the strain almost appears black. The plant also has a generous coating of vibrant reddish-orange pistils and resinous, frosty trichomes.

Black Domina Grow Info

Sensi Seeds specifically developed this strain for indoor growing using a hydroponic setup.

Black Domina is an adaptable strain and responds incredibly well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method. This growing practice forces marijuana plants into early flowering.SOG involves changing the light schedule to 12/12 (12 hours of light, 12 hours of continuous darkness each day). It also enables you to fit more plants in an enclosed space.

Although the yield of each plant will be smaller, the overall yield will increase. One of the great things about the SOG method is that you don’t need any special cultivation skills; there is no need to prune or train, for example.

After germinating your feminized Black Domina seeds, grow them in the standard 18-24 hours of light per day. Please continue to do so until they are at least 10 inches high. Give the plants some space (no more than two per square foot), and force flowering by introducing the 12/12 light schedule. The short stature and single primary cola of Black Domina make it ideal for the SOG method.

If you grow indoors with a hydroponics system, the flowering period should be no more than seven or eight weeks. Black Domina plants typically yield 14-16 ounces per square meter planted indoors. This strain is ideal for novice growers because it is highly resistant to mold and pests. Black Domina includes a giant cola with dark-colored buds, and it tends to grow no higher than 4.5 feet indoors.

As for outdoor growing, you could try to grow Black Domina in a Mediterranean climate, but it isn’t recommended. If you take on the challenge and are successful, you can get up to 14 ounces per plant. The ideal time for harvesting is in early October.

THC Content – Highest Test

Reportedly the highest recorded THC level in a Black Domina sample was a potent 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As mentioned, this strain contains only trace amounts of CBD. The highest CBD level recorded was approximately 0.11%.

Medical Benefits of the Black Domina Strain

Given Black Domina’s sedating and soporific effects, it is a popular choice among insomniacs. Some also use this strain to combat stress, anxiety, or PTSD. Others say that Black Domina provides relief from chronic pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Domina Strain

As is the case with many marijuana strains, Black Domina is known to cause dry mouth. Some users also report dry eyes. Given its potency, we don’t recommend using this strain if you are a novice. Some less common adverse reactions include dizziness, headache, and paranoia.

Everything you need to know…

Final Thoughts on the Black Domina Strain

The Black Domina strain is an excellent evening time option for users who have problems sleeping. Some recommend it for restless leg syndrome due to its sedating effects.

The Black Domina strain is an excellent evening time option for users who have problems sleeping.

However, please take note that Black Domina’s high can last for up to 90 minutes. Therefore, users need to allow ample time for the sedating effects to kick in before trying to go to sleep.

Finally, as Black Domina’s THC level can be as high as 24%, it is unsuitable for cannabis newbies.

Black dominia seeds


Dark, delicious and devastating – Black Domina blends the world’s finest Indica genetics into a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid whose distinct looks set her apart from the crowd. Four prime examples of Cannabis Afghanica have been combined in this fast and easy strain. Domina expresses desirable features from the elite Indica genotypes Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA, making her equally suited to the needs of cash croppers, ganja gourmets and first-time growers.

Black Domina grown from seed will display favourable phenotype variation, always with strong Indica characteristics – speed, density, compact stature and amazing resin production – giving any Domina female the potential to be a rewarding, productive mother plant. The phenotype known as the definitive Domina lady can be spotted early in vegetation by her extra height-gain, black-green foliage and huge fan leaves made up of slightly elongated blades. Later in flowering, a massive, sparkling, nearly-spherical central cola makes this phenotype unmistakeable. Growers who are serious about cloning should select their darkest Domina females as ‘mistress plants’ to provide year after year of world-class cuttings.

Be warned, it’s been observed that after their first meeting with Black Domina, many growers will start to spend even more time than usual in the grow-room – not for maintenance, simply to enjoy the company of such exquisite ladies.

Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Cup Winner
Sunny / Mediterranean
Compact plant
Flowering 50 – 50 days
Yield Large Yield
95% Indica