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blue bayou seeds

«Blue Bayou» – Organic Tomato Seeds

Heirloom tomato «Blue Bayou»

  • Type: Round
  • Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate
  • Fruit color: Red, Blue
  • Days To Maturity:
  • Fruit Weight: 2-4 ounces (
  • Spread: Mid
  • Height: 60 inches (1.8 m)
  • Sow Method: Indoor Sow

Planting Tips for Heirloom Tomatoes

Most gardeners want to get the most out of these delicious heirloom tomatoes and therefore give them a head start on the growing season. Start these vegetable seeds indoors in sterile potting mix being sure to keep the temperature above 70 degrees. Some people prefer to use a grow pad but the top of the fridge has been known to be quite effective as well.

Once the first true leaves appear on your tomato seedlings, transplant into 4" pots until you have completely hardened them off in the garden. Hardening is a process of exposing the plants more and more to outside temperature until they are hardy enough to tollerat a complete outdoor move. Generally speaking, by early summer heirloom tomatoes should be transplated into the garden.

Most heirloom varieties are quite productive and will greatly benefit from sturdy supports. It may also be advisable to add blood and bone to the worked soil to help ensure healthy productive heirloom tomatoes.

Blue bayou seeds

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A recent variety created and developed by Tom Wagner, presented to the public in 2012.

Round, slightly flattened fruits 60 to 120 gr.

Red-orange skin with indigo blue shoulders. The more the fruits are exposed to the direct sun, the more dark indigo spores will be present, even almost completely black.

Taste of blue tomato vs old fashioned tomatoes. Firm flesh with multiloges. Very thick skin.

Indeterminate growing plants (1.8 m) with regular leaves.

Fruits preserve well after picking. Foliage and stems are tinted with blue. The flowers tend to fuse which can lead to surprising shapes.

Jarrahdale pumpkin (heirloom/c.maxima) seeds: blue bayou, pumpkin, Queensland blue, Australian blue, blue moon, blue Lakota

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Материалы: 10 Seeds, FREE stake to label your pumpkins, Instructions

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Jarrahdale Pumpkin seeds:

These blue-grey beauties are flat and deeply ribbed with a robust pumpkin flavor. This pumpkin is also known for its very long shelf life. I've kept mine for almost 10 months and it still tasted fresh! Since the thick skin acts as a protective barrier from the air, the oxidation process of the inside flesh is almost nonexistent, similar to canned goods. Keep these cool and they will keep you fed through Winter and Spring!

The Jarrahdale is from Australia and can grow anywhere from 6-15 pounds. You will need a lot of room since the vines can extend 30-40 feet. The Jarrahdale pumpkin is worth the real estate as they are delicious in pies, gorgeous display pieces, and Jack-O-Lanterns.
You can expect beautiful pumpkins within 100 days from sowing seeds, expect 2-3 fruits per vine.

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