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Buy Blue Dream seeds with AWESOME Californian Genetics! ✓99% FEMALE plants GUARANTEED on Blue Dream! ✓SAFE and FAST Shipping to the UK and Canada! Allow our feminized Blue Dream seeds to take you on a sedating journey. Get your fruity high-yield crop started today with delivery and germination guaranteed. Get details and read the latest customer reviews about Blue Dream seeds by Premium Seed Market on Leafly.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization is a Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain much sought after on American soil. If you buy Blue Dream seeds, you will have the chance to enjoy one of the top ten cannabis strains in the USA. Read more

Sex Feminized
Genotype 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Cross Blueberry x Super Silver Haze
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 65-70 days
Indoor yield 400-600 g/m 2
Outdoor harvest time Mid-October
Outdoor yield 2000-3000 g/plant
Outdoor height 3-4 m
THC 19%
CBD 0.1%

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream’s breathtaking genetics

Great result stemming from a great strain

Blue Dream seeds’ parents, the outstanding Blueberry and a selected Haze, boast lots of character. The resulting hybrid is a stunning marijuana plant that oozes quality and that yields huge buds wrapped in a delicious subtle aroma. A short growth is recommended indoors while outdoors the greenhouse and dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates are preferred. The production of resin is remarkable.

A dreamy experience

Flavour, aroma and effect beyond the limits

The aroma of Blue Dream seeds reminds of Haze, citrus fruit and cedar while the intense flavour is lemony with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruit and Haze. This cannabis strain, which produces a powerful, long-lasting, clear, cerebral effect, is the dream seed of many cannabis growers

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Customer reviews for Blue Dream

Hi from spain! I grow outdoor with 65 gallon smart pots. The blue drem its huge as hell almost 6 meter looks fantastic i can not wait the harvest time. Just the storms make me havey days. Cross fingers hope the best. I realy love this genetic the humboldt bank the best for me i was try a lot of seed bank. This the best!!

Yo, this strain is dope! I grew it along with durban poison and bubba’s gift and BD fron humboldt was the top of that, without questions. Really trippy high, whole body buzz, all you are looking for. Creativity enchancing from the start, very happy mood, relaxing after the peak. In the matter of fact I’m gonna roll some right away. Cheers!

My favorite strain is this Blue dream, easy to cultivate and with great flower production, as well as the smell and the effect.

I’ve been growing HSO Blue Dream along with a handful of other sativa dominant strains ourdoors for a few years and it is always the outstanding producer and crowd favorite. This year I decided to quit fooling around and I planted three of them. Just beginning to flower, one is ten feet tall and a beautiful specimen. The other two are tied for second place among the other plants. I have fun growing new strains but if I were doing it exclusively for production they would all be HSO Blue Dream.

This company seems very wise on every thing you need to no! Evan a beginner like my self you guys boost my confidence where I’m not to worried about my first time growing indoors! Thanks a lot.

Hallo from Greece the blue dream is awesome taste fruite and wood travells you in forest walking easy to grow 1-5 i give 2 difficulty.Buds are huge with lot of resin and gloves recommend.Also not fully with water i make 1waterring 4 litre every 3rd day.enjoy this remarkable beautiful tree and tasted in about 10 weeks thats got me to be perfect.

Arrived via regular mail to Vancouver Canada in 3 weeks. Seeds are Proper mature. Next years winter crop. Stay tuned. Thank you HSO

Blue Dream is a great beginner strain. It’s stalky, strong, resilient and gives great yields. I have learned a lot about troubleshooting any plant errors growing this strain. As a first time grower I was easily able to identify any common mistakes such as over/under watering, time to transplant, nitrogen deficiencies etc. and this plant is quick to respond making it a swift lesson. I recommend growing blue dream for any first time cultivator since it gives that stereotype result of big buds, dank smell, and it’s an ego booster after a successful harvest. I love blue dream through and through.

it strech 3 times after i change time to 12/12. got 10 litters dried buds. smke her = cant sleep 6 hours. better smoke dayetime. love y humboldt:)

Grew 3 seeds 1 years ago , man thoses where sweet ! Berry and sweet taste , one pheno tasted like mango ! Will order more for my next grow !

Had to reach the site and write a review on the HSO Blue Dream photoperiod. Such great genetics, biggest plant in my tent and one of the younger ones! Healthy fan leaves with little to no help with nutrients, highly recommend any Humboldt genetics to new or experienced growers! Peace and love from Canada

Excellent strain with a sweet taste of blackcurrant & liquorice sweets. They have good mould resistance as I had damp problems in my grow space and they got 0% mould issue’s. I would highly recommend this strain as it pretty much grow itself and as a nice seductive high.

I chose blue dream for a stable sativa and was not disappointed. Very resistent, needs lots of nutrients but a very stable and resistent genetic. Mine have 4 weeks to go , can’t wait to have a smoke . Thank you HSO

Great weed. Fantastic fruity flavour and smell. Big yields. Cures well . in fact it just gets better and better. Good hybrid balanced stone from her famous parents. Must have.

Hatte 5 Samen gekauft, 3 wollte ich anbauen & alle 3 sind gekommen. Ich hatte 3 unterschiedliche Phenos. SSH-Pheno, BB-Pheno und die vermutlich echte BlueDream. Alle 3 wuchsen relativ schnell auf, liesen sich gut trainieren(mainlining). Es wurde organisch unter LED angebaut und pro Pflanze erhielt ich 50g. Geruch aller 3 ähnelte sich. Würzig, mit nem hauch von Beeren, und Citrus(SSH)Das High war unterschiedlich, SSH sehr aufgdreht, euphorisch, klar, bisschen psychodelisch. Die anderen zwei waren nicht so stark, aber ebenfalls seeehr empfehlenswert.

Easy to grow. Smells range from fresh citrus to almost a cat urine smell but in a weird, oddly good way. Potent stuff and great high! Energetic and concentrated but also able to sleep if need be.

Truly one of the best. You never get “bored” with Blue Dream. If i had to only smoke one strain. I would be hard pressed to find something other than Blue Dream. Its a “go to” pot,never let you down.

The blue blue dream the blue blue dream such a beautiful lady she was bursting seems! she got so big she got so tall I had to tye her down to avoid the law !she tasted so fruity her effect was warm but the thing I loved the most was I had buds galore . I loved this strain so much I wrote a little ditty instead of a review lol Thanks hso for keeping it real much love from New Zealand

This is one of the absolute BEST strains I have ever grown. From the very beginning she was a very strong candidate, and after only 6 weeks of veg had a trunk reaching about an inch thick. I used a decent dosage of Mycorrhizae blended with the soil to achieve maximum root growth and nutrient uptake. Switched to 12/12 for approx. 63 days before being placed in complete darkness for 48 hours prior to harvest. I used a combination of topping at the 4th node, and pulling down every branch and defoliating throughout the life cycle with proper nutrients and PH balancing. When it came to harvest time, she was a stinky customer, her terpenes started showing up around 30 days into flower and only got better as she went on. Netted approximately 98 grams from the Colas alone, you can see the arrangement below. There was another 101g from the lower half of the plant which was all coated to the brim in fat delicious trichomes. You can see even some purples managed to show up in dark shades on some of the primary colas. I will absolutely positively be growing this strain again, and will vouch for this breeder any time someone asks me who’s got the best Blue Dream :).

i love HSO’s quality. Big buds and great smoke evertime. I got a huge yield off my last blue dream getting more this season!!

My 1st ever indoor grow germination was a breeze the plant was beautiful and so was the smoke I’m on my second indoor now growing Black D.O.G Purple Trainwreck and of course Blue Dream You will forever be my go to for genetics because of the 100% germination and I need to try a whole bunch more of your different beans I’m so happy to have started with HSO genetics Thank you so very much

Thank you very much for trusting us ! Regards

It works. I have never smoked something as good as blue dream. You really don’t even have to use it much to get stoned. I’d recommend this for anyone who smokes weed.

Awesome outdoor monster! im in Canada and having great success with a Blue dream feminized freebie i recieved when i ordered some seeds!! i will definately order again and again! pics on IG. @nachotreees thanks for the Gem! HUMBOLDT SEED CO!!

Wonderful strain that hits all the right notes of what I look for in a sativa for the daytime. It’s not racy and I can still focus while working. I find myself becoming very creative even in business matters as the blue dream taps that part of the brain. I tend to have trouble growing haze strains or long flowering varieties but this one was more manageable. Lots of glittery trichomes and a delicious aroma that makes you want a sample in those final weeks of flower.

This being the first HSO strain to grow and must say i am impressed. Fantastic smell and looks. Very dense buds and extremely nice crystals forming, great yield, but got a little “fox tails ” in the end of each grow.

Growing for the very first time. I got 2 of these beautiful girls, reacts well to topping. This is a ornamental plant as you can see the beautiful green color she brings out. The green house makes it a perfect home for them, fingers crossed. Thank you HSO excited for harvest!

Humboldt Seeds has never let me down and Blue Dream is no exception. A favourite of mine to enjoy over the years it is a pleasure to grow this hearty strain for the first time. Keep up the great work Humboldt.

Blue Dream my 4th straine HSO! 77 days from seed shoot in 3l tara! 8 week 12/12 to harvest! Very strong, ash-blue leaf reminds hoarfrost! Thank you HSO!

First used to think this plant wasn’t the best but then came to realize this is an amazing gift from nature and spins your head around like a dream!

Very Beautiful Plants!! i have a Blue dream in Veg. right now, started her in January, northern Ontario we are still waiting for our Spring weather, and when it finally arrives she will go outside, and run wild!! My opinion this cultivar looks like a perfect 5050 split pheno between SSH x Blueberry, I’m Stoked. Amazing as always!! Thanks Humboldt. I’m always Blown away at the amazing Results your seeds produce!! IG: @nachotreees

Blue Dream is sure to set you off to a good high. I’ve smoked 50/50 indica sativa Blue Dream 21% THC. I’ve also had the one here. Both are excellent as it’s the same strain. I would really recommend this strain to first time smokers and growers alike. Blue Dream has a sweet aroma to it. The strain can also provide little psychedelic effects if enough is consumed. Give Blue Dream a try you won’t regret it.

This was the fun and easy plant to grow. First seed in a three pack and female just as promised and the smell when drying was phenomenal. Curing now and cant wait to try it out.

i recieved a free blue dream seed with my order, looks very promising!! i put into water before planting in soil. 12 hours later it’s already starting to sprout! i love the quality of Humboldt!! everything I have recieved so far has been great!! Top quality! Fast shipping and fair prices!! thanks Y’all!! @nachotreees

I grew Blue Dream for a couple years indoor and one season outdoors. She is a beautiful flower and super easy to grow. She yields high and the finished product is delicious. The high is very much on the sativa side with no real “couch lock” effect. As with all HSO beans there is very little phenotypical variation though I kept the most sativa leaning pheno as a mother.

Got a blue dream seed as a freebie with a cmog order. Really dig this plant. Very vigorous, smell is quite unique. Will be ordering a pack soon!

Have grown over 50 hso BD over the years indoor and out. Never been disapointed with yeild or quality of high. Looking for a great mother plant? 1 of 10 will be a definite keeper but hso seeds grow like clone but with seed vigor. by Keeper of the enchanted forest.

This is an epic strain. It’s nice pungent smell that reminds me of Generation X and it’s intense euphoria is definitely best and euphoric strains. I can’t wait to try growing some actual blue babies.

And here’s my Blue Dream, guerilla grown next to Green Crack this season. What can I say about this strain! I see clearly now why Blue Dream is the most popular strain on Earth, effects are outh of this world. Had two phenos, both showed rapid growth and were resistant later in the flowering. Pheno 1: It was a beast and outgrow all other plants, beautifull look, and nice blueberry smell and taste. Pheno 2: Not big as Pheno 1, but the smell and taste are even more brutal! Acid bubblegum with blueberry hints, just amazing, You cannot go wrong with this strain, and any other from Humboldt Seed Organisation, always legit! Best regards to HSO crew!

Superbe plante avec une productivité très intéressante. La blue dream, est un super compromis entre production et intensité du goût au final. Je recommande cette variété à toute un chacun. À mettre dans sa bankseed sans hésité. Bonne journée à tous.

I was really happy growing Blue Dream. I’m in Northern California, so the weather is ideal for this plant. I’m near the coast, but powdery mildew wasn’t a problem for this plant, as it was for some others I grew this year. This was an easy to grow, worry free plant. Huge blooms, and plenty of them. Great flavor, but sure it will get even better after the cure.

It was an easy to grow strain, I did it here in Greece in a terrace, was not an easy part because is prohibited, even though there are many voices that have already started talking loud:) The blue dream to my noise was a window to paradise has that Lemon which killing me as an aroma and also a taste that goes beyond a usual strain! After curing of about 3 weeks i taste one and was an awesome feeling, have that high you want in morning but don’t overestimate your power, it is a heavy uplift of energy and has to be familiar with that feeling in order to be productive also. It needs to have some experience with that Sativa dominant weed, it is balanced with also a body effect that many of us need to hustle a business day:)

I have grown the blue dream couple of times now and i can only recommend it for other growers. The plant produces massive buds and covered with trichomes on trichomes almost white looking buds. Some phenotypes having the problem of taking long time to mature but i worth the waiting for the result is outstanding. I can only recommend to plant in no-till beds for best plant growth and getting the complex terpine profile. Have a nice day.

I have grown the blue dream couple of times now and i can only recommend it for other growers. The plant produces massive buds and covered with trichomes on trichomes almost white looking buds. Some phenotypes having the problem of taking long time to mature but i worth the waiting for the result is outstanding. I can only recommend to plant in no-till beds for best plant growth and getting the complex terpine profile. Have a nice day.

Cannabis education, how to do weed properly without being paranoid.

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HSO Blue Dream is a truly stunning strain! Known the world over for its amazing qualities this is a total winner! Large producer of beautiful resin coated buds that you could stare at for days

I’m From Brasil and i love Humboldt seeds. Blue Dream – Nice aroma of haze family, citrus and perfect taste! One of best strains i already cultivated. Chocolate Mint OG – I growed Chocolate and have a fast flowering. It’s a strong and taste strain, good for night. Sour Diesel #2 – The best strain i had ever tasted. Really Piney flavor, very sativa gets me high. I love swin and make some sports with Sour.

Lovely relaxing high but got me a bit chatty so was a perfect strain for me and my partner to smoke of an evening. The grow was nice and with the right conditions came out smelling and tasting exactly like it said on the tin.

Grows and flowers fast and vigorously a real pleasure to see. The smoke is perfect blend of haze and blueberry . Recommend novice to connoisseur

Still one of the best yielding strains available and when done rite can produce some great tasting meds

Excellent strain. Very redolent of haze. Grows tall indoors with a long stretch. Medium yield with powerful high. A very sexy strain.

This is the 3rd lot of Blue Dream seeds I have had. The first lot was fine but the last 2 lots have been abysmal. Stretchy beyond belief with straggly airy buds and they take forever. The last two poor lots smelled very Hazey. Have grown their Black DOG and they are in a different class. Afraid I won’t be buying Blue Dream again.

This is a cult classic . It is a quick growing vigorous plant. The finished product is a real treat with flavour and smell also quite strong but not too strong for a daytime user . Would definitely recommend this one

I haven’t gotten into the grow yet, but this strain grows fast if you give it perfect conditions. It’s not very hardy though, as of right now mine is stressed from “overwatering” even though I only watered until there was runoff once. I gave her plenty of time to spread roots in her 1 gallon fabric pot before completely soaking the soil, and there are even roots growing out through the bottom and sides everywhere. I also added extra pearlite to the soil to improve aeration. I also got a free amherst sour diesel with my order and it is a way hardier strain as they are growing side by side with the same conditions and the sour diesel blows the blue dream out of the water for growth and toughness. The sour diesel grew twice as much so far due to the blue dream stressing from one thorough watering. I will post an update if the blue dream proves to toughen up, but as of right now shes a contrary strain IMHO.

I tested it one month after harvest and what can I say the high was like a dream. Effect was very relaxing and uplifting. The buds looks frosty, sticky and with powerfull sweetberry aroma. I have been planting outdoor for many years now. This year I planted your strain for the first time and I was very surprised how strong and big this plant can grow. For growing I use biodynamic-oganic method .Two weeks before harvest I sprayed it with BD #507 (Valeriana officinalis) .The result was that it increased the harvest . I love this strain .Next year for sure I grow again this strain and I have to try some other of your strains. Thank you Humboldt Seeds

Very vigorous growth. Topped once with some super cropping gave a nice lush canopy with multi tops. Heavy feeder. Promising. I should get quite abit at harvest. 🙂

what an amazing strain. first saw this one on you tube. awesome resin production and a high that puts others to shame. will be back for more when i get my commercial license next year

Grew 10 of these dropped them all on floor when they were young 2 died r.I.p but others were nice dark fruity goodness grew them bit to tall in house Like 7 ft tall they were really nice ladies all of them my ex set me up n it got took so didn’t get to taste it but I was happy with how they grew n smell if u haven’t tryed it giv it a try u won’t be disappointed peace xxx

Sorry, my experience hasn’t been blue, nor dreamy. This has been the stretchiest plant that I have ever grown. Stretched bad in veg, bad in flower to the point that it just keeps elongating with cat tails all the way through. Airy, sparse cattail buds. Came in HSO’s original packaging.

4 out of the 5 beans popped so good success rate.. but what was even better was the rate at which this strain grows. Had some chemdawgs also popped at the same time but within a week or so the BD was double in size.. I was really impressed with the genetics of these seeds all 4 phenos were pretty much identical in terms of structure, node space etc . I’m halfway into flower and they all have the same amazing pine smell it’s Gona be hard to know which mother to keep. Happy over all with this so far sure..

Great strain very fun to grow. The smell os very delightful and made my mouth water. Couldnt weight to smoke her.

Absolutely amazing quality I popped 3 beans of purple trainwreck, they all germinated writhin 24 hours and now just 15 days later are 5 nodes tall and bushing out! Unbelievable!! I can’t wait to get more strains from you guys and will be making my order as soon as I can free up some space!

cant believe how incredible and successful this strain can be if grown to perfection absilutley astonishing high and great taste of a true gift from nature!! do i need to say more? see for yourself how spectacular this realy is for yourself. i promise there will be no regrets£££

Been running this strain for over a year and yields get better and better , popped 5 beans all popped not 1 failure , all 5 top quality plants from start to finnish all very similar apart from 1 which I kept as my mother , very stable strain indeed that produce fat sticky buds indoor growing , getting about 8 oz per plant of a 4 week veg i love these breeders as they are very consistent indeed 11/10 in my humble opinion

So like an expectant Father, I broke open my very smart, wooden storage vessel. and examined my seeds. 3 fresh looking beauties, ready for hatching. Needless to say this went to plan, with a 100% germination rate, which soon led to three, sprightly, well structured plants. I wish growing them was a quick as typing this review, however, some time later, I had three most glorious ladies. In terms of consistency, all three, whilst slightly nuanced, performed magnificently during the smoking phase. A bouquet of scents, with a distinct creamy after taste, which demanded just one more toke. a most pleasant and sociable lady to enjoy. and very worthy of her Worldwide acclaim and notoriety.

I rate this strain 10/10 I’ve been growing blue dream for the last 4 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, very stable strain takes well to any stress training and as I’ve limited head room I scrog every time, they never disappoint in any shape or form , and to top it off it works wonders for my migraines that I’ve suffered with for 30 years , nice work humboldts keep up the good work

Mrs is very happy with this strain, she doesn’t smoke but she appreciates how happy and positive I am when I’ve had a joint of Blue Dream not to mention the fact that the positive mood seems to last a couple of hours and I don’t become lethargic in actual fact I have more drive than before. I second her opinion, she’s absolutely correct. Flavour is on point too, very citrusy with the hint of hazey pine. Yields always above average regardless of technique. Whether growing for your own recreational purposes, medical purposes or as a cash crop, blue dream is a dream come true. Thank you Humboldt Seeds

Well well well, quite beautiful in every way really. I cannot see any downside to this strain: Put into flower at 12 inches, they stayed beautifully short and thick, (under a Gavita Pro light) finishing their stretch at only an average of 2 1/2 feet! They were the prettiest plants I ever grew and the smell is gorgeous in grow and when dried. There is a real low leaf to bud ratio, so trimming was easy. They yielded highly and the high is gorgeous, as you might expect from mixing Haze with Blueberry! It is clear and happy, definitely rather Sativa but not edgy at all, everyone loved it. When I smoke I tend to be able to feel where I think the energy of the strain is in my body! A heavy Indica may centre around my stomach, some super skunky thing may be there but also in my chest, something like White Widow may be shooting up above my head! Blue Dream was centred exactly at the level of my brain/mind! 🙂 Needless to say, I would grow again!

This seed marvels me is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my life. It contemplates of a spectacular beauty and unparalleled

Very forgiving and high yielding. Looks greasy in the light because of all the resin. People are always begging for more of the phenotype that has a taste like sour apples. Every Blue Dream seed has turned into some unforgettable product. This one hits five in all categories for me, yield, taste, smell, stability and effect. It is a blessing to have companies like HSO provide the genetics to grow popular high grade cannabis stains at home.

The production of trichomes on this beautiful and dense bud growing plant is absolutely absurd. I will absolutely grow this again. And I’ve captured this growing pattern into my favorite strains! Great seeds guys really!

Great strain with anazing trichome production and dense flowers. Great terpene profile and high yields. Would 10/10 grow again. Jack of all trades strain.

Hater’s going to hate but every ones that done your Blue Dream knows this is a must have in any garden, the yeild is amazing and I’ve never grown any bad blue dream from Humboldt’s ,in fact it happens to be the Jewel in my line

i have been running this blue dream strain for almost 4 years in and outdoor is grows like no other blue dream strain i ever a blue drem pheno hunter ,cash cropper etc..this strain out door will out grow and out yield any other blue dream strain ive ever ran..good branched..i top,lollopop.the buds are compact .indoor in soil no co2 average yeild for 2500 watts 6 units..using lec 315 cermaic lights..i have crazy pictures of this strain indoor with pink orangish all around indoor and outdoor plant ..and is teh only strain im running. ran king klone bd and humbolt bd outside and i wanted to trash the king klone plant feed them good plenty of cal mag.

Hey guys thanks for a great product. I live in Nevada, newly legalised. as an avid and long time vegetable gardener, I decided to put my greenthumb to the test with something exotic, and Midweek song provided me with your blue dream strain, for a good price. After some nursery time in rapid rooters for a 15 hr germination i immediatley made her a spongy nutrient rich home in a 15 gal equivalent airpot under what we figure is 782 umoles ppfd diy cob led lighting, plus 8 supplemental t8 syle led tubes on the sides. The soil is 50% foxfarm ocean forest, and 50% supersoil original recipe, on the bottom. She’s being fed biobizz at half strength with added molasses, and Epsom Salts because of the led light. No burnt tips, no spots no streaks, just vibrant green. She’s uniform and symmetrical with optimal leaf placement for the lower canopy. At 7 weeks veg she was 22 inches tall, grown aunatural, no FIM, no top, no training. I started to flower with a 14 on 10 off, and she now measures, after 72 hours, 45 inches. The leaves are the size of my hand (I’m 6ft9″andwear XXL gloves) and the stem is the size of a sliver dollar. She smells like fruity pebbles cereal. Not “kinda like fruity pebbles, simply fuity pebbles cereal. No imagination needed, a freshly opened box of fruity pebbles. BRAVO MY Talented Frinds !! Holy cow, This is a sweet smelling sexy lady and I’m tempted to put her back in veg and keep her forevor. Oh and I’m in the USA and realise I can’t get promotional offers, so you know my praise is legitimate. I will be purchasing chemdawg next. Fair warning I’m really picky about my chem 4.

best taste ever. like diving in a blue cloud of delicious cotton candy! best fx. energy! first of the day

Very easy to grow. Perfect in every way ! Loves to eat, she rewards you with big fat buds! Awesome flavor, smell and great bag appeal. No issues with mold or pests . Grown both indoor and outdoor. Perfect results every time.

HBD is my favorite plant to grow and consume. The seed I grew in 2015 seems better than my 2016 harvest. Is that a variation in the specific genetics you produce at different times? It’s still #1, but if I could have more like 2015, that would be great. Thanks, Ed

This is probably my favorite strain very good flavor great stone and excellent yield. This strain has also worked great for solventless concentrates for me. This plant will be in my rotation every year.

I will 100% be trying blue dream again, at just 2ft tall I had 115 g dry and cured, I’ve suffered with migraines for 30 years and this strain has been 1 of very few that will relieve my migraines within minutes and a good uplifting boost for me, it’s a firm favourite for me definitely 5 star

My favorite strain nowadays, taste is great! and humboldt have great seeds to harvest the biggest yields with this amazing weed.

great strain will keep this one close to my heart ,ive seeded a few n now have at least 10-15 in each run ,all my friends go nuts for this stunning blue weed thank you i will be back to create a new unheard of strain using this one

Very energetic yet powerful, allows me to work with motivation and increased awareness, sensitivity and creativity. It’s seriously almost like drinking a cup of coffee, yet the small percentage of Indica helps to balance for an even effect, without making you racy. I call it an “Indica anchor” helping to keep you grounded, which can be one of the hardest qualities to find in a good long term Sativa. I really don’t get munchies at all with this strain, which is wonderful for maintaining a healthy weight. The great thing about this strain is not only can I smoke it and be 420% functional and alert to handle massive workloads under HIGH stress, and I can smoke it at night and pass right out, without any trouble whatsoever. There is no “pot hangover” the next day, like I get from smoking Indicas and it even acts as an antidepressant probably due to the percentage of Indica it does have. It just seems to always bring me into a positive mood no matter what time of day and/or under any circumstances. I’ve traveled the world tasting flowers, everywhere I go I hear, “you gotta try this, it’s the best in the world”. I must say at 40 years old, and 25 years of smoking cannabis under my belt, HSO Blue Dream is the best strain I’ve ever had, it is my favorite and unless something better comes along, I will probably smoke it til the day I die. I am truly grateful and blessed to have safe access to such a wonderful plant, thank you to everyone involved for making this a possibility. Love and light

Great strain super frosty very uniform. You could plant a pack and it would look like a room full of clones Thanx bro.

Thirty plants outdoors with a great yield. Very healthy plant with no mold or pest problems. Customers love this strain for all the right reasons, highly recommended.

Tried HSC Blue Dream in the 2015 outdoor season. I grew this batch in my ‘yard patch’ , outdoor directly in the ground, no pots, no greenhouse, in So Cal’s Inland Empire @ 3k’ elevation. Yield was fantastic, huge DENSE, FROSTY, POTENT nugs. Shared it with an indoor cultivator – they would not have believed it was outdoor had they not seen it grow ! Essentially an organic grow, I used New Mexico humate, beneficial fungus/bacteria, bat/seabird guano, with Happy Frog, Marine Cuisine , cottonseed meal, powdered oyster shell tilled into soil, 6.2 ph water, with molasses/humate fortified tea to finish. I also add, and feed, red worms for abundant, natural castings.

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I’m currently 7 weeks in flower and my god these girls are big , big frosty kolas that smell amazing these have to be the best seeds I have grown (this is my 67th strain I’ve grown out ) very easy to grow heavy feeders that grow fast , I have 2 diferant pheno types one more haze than the other but both very similar in growth .. sign of a good breader I’m also running Amherst Sour d and headband from your lines and I intend in doing your whole catalogue as I’m so impressed with the blue dream and green crack I did last year

The Blue Dream seeds I received were amazing! I’m on my last seed of the 3 pack and have found the one I like. It flowers in 10 weeks and the smell is awesome! It has a minimum stretch in flower and is trainable. Thank you for bringing this strain to market!

Currently 3/4 through bloom cycle so results are not confirmed yet. Strong vegetative growth, tight node stacking maybe only 30% stretch during transition. Responds extremely well to topping and FIM technique during veg. The pheno I am working with have moderate to heavy side branching, Scrog or tomatoes cages might have been beneficial. Growing in coco, moderate feeder, no need to give heavy feedings. She looks like she will go the full 70 days possibly more.

Now I know why everyone talks about Blue Dream! I have finally harvested and tried my own Blue Dream. It used more nutritients than other strains I have tried 🙂 It is wonderfull feeling to see your baby eats and enjoys life 🙂 It was pretty easy and without big complications. Both I and my wife felt like it had everything we like from other strains we prefer, like all in one 🙂 Felt clear headed, energetic and uplifting but whole ting was in it is own mellow way. I can not recommend Blue Dream enough for any kind of grower, specially for the people who grows in a little space. I don’t know others but I’ve got a life time friend 🙂 Please keep up the good work 🙂 Happy Holidays from cold and rainy Scandinavia, and happy new year to every one 🙂

Blue dream is a brilliant example of perfect genetics, when grown correctly and in the right conditions this strain really shows you it’s true character. I recommend to any connoisseur. Blue dream = sweet dreams

Ordered blue dream for these 5 months ago and I am 120% happy with these. My seeds was all female and all 10 came through . Very discrete packaging and very fast delivery. I’m currently looking for my next strain now. I will never buy anywere else again for sure. Veryyyyy happy customer

Bluedream is without any doubt a true performer each and every time. Dense resinous hazey buds that grow in abundance on every branch. She can be tall, and if you top her results can be astonishing. Very clear smoke , muscle relaxer and excellent for a good nights sleep. Done this strain a few times , each time a new pack of FEMANISED seeds and each time the genetics have been exactly the same. Big up HSO for this one , she’s a keeper.!

These are quality genetics. Grows strong and gives a great final product. Great taste and smell, very nice balanced high. Highly recommended

It was the wettest morning of the year on Oahu. I hiked up the mountainside. The wind was blowing rain sideways into my face. Visibility across Manoa valley was low. The jagged rocks were treacherously slippery, and the trail was a flowing stream with banks of deep mud. After an hour’s climb, I made it to the parking lot of Wa’ahila Ridge Recreation Area, no prolbemo. So, I kept walking for one block down the street in the upscale neighborhood of Saint Luis Heights to wait for the bus, called, “The Bus.” It was still raining, and even though I was already soaked clear though, the constant rain, falling in my face, was like Chinese water torture, so I stood in the garage of a vacant house under remodeling construction. The workers weren’t there this early. The rain finally stopped so I headed down the driveway to get closer to the bus stop. I had to step over plastic netting that was meant to keep me out, but I caught the toe of my shoe on the top edge of the fence, and flipped like a human nunchaku as if being swung by the ankle in an arc towards the ground. I extended my arm, and as my left ear was close to my shoulder I heard a loud ‘CRACK’! It sounded as if someone had taken a pool cue and broken it over there knee, right in my ear. The e-ray showed a hairline fracture, but what didn’t show was the cartilage inside the shoulder joint which became compromised. The doctor prescribed Oxycontin. I had to wash down two, 5mg tabs with three, double shots of Peach Stoli, to kill the pain. That’s all well and good, but I can’t very well be going around like that in public, to much. So, after a few weeks, friends in Orygun sent me some Blue Dream, where is readily available in conveniently located retail outlets throughout the state. Don’t ask how they did that. Three puffs and the relief was instantaneous. My entire body felt like rubber. I was actually able to exercise for the first time. The next day, the pain was much, more tolerable, as the exercise is what was needed, but the pain had been too prohibitive for me to move the arm to that extent. My general attitude was much more care free, the next day, as well. Call it a hangover. A very, pleasant one, at that. I only used the Blue Dream in the evenings, and used aspirin during the day, but really looked forward to exercising each night. The progress was continual. That was several months ago, and since then the Blue Dream has run out. My doctor has referred me for a medical Pakalolo card, and I plan to be growing Blue Dream. Getting into the specifics of the experience of the effects of Blue Dream, in addition to the analgesia, the body rushes are better than sex. Your entire body becomes like on big erogenous zone. There’s heavy relaxation, but without any couch lock or lethargy. It’s uplifting, and energizing, without causing paranoia or racing heart. You think up some pretty funny shit, too, and laugh out loud, but don’t get delirious or hallucinate like with psychedelics. With a bit more, practice, I believe that I might actually be able to maintain in public during the day, like I did when I was a kid, stoned out of my mind, in high school. We used to get some really, wonderful weed, but nothing quite so well balanced, as Blue Dream, but those would be some other reviews. I look forward to growing Blue Dream, straight to flower, outdoors at about 19.5 latitude. The flowering time is shorter than landrace Havvai’ian Sativa, and the days are shorter than where Indicas grow wild, so I don’t expect to be maximizing yields, but like I said, it only takes a few puffs.

1st time trying Humbolt seeds and after growing this Blue Dream I’ll be sticking with this seed company for the rest of my growing career. The strain itself is easy to grow and produces lots of THC all over the plant towards the end of the flowering stage, aswell as managing to get an average yield of 90g per plant growing indoors organically. Highly recommend!!

Not long ago I bought some seeds from you guys in hopes of starting a small farm in my yard for personal use. THESE SEEDS ARE INCREDIBLE!! They germinated so fast and took root instantly and grew to about a foot tall in the matter of 3-4 weeks. I am highly satisfied and I don’t think I will ever use another seed from anywhere else again.

This genetic is killer,huge yields with a mouth watering flavor. A strain that every garden deserves to have.

I love blue dream .for ptsd works well ,it smooth smoke fills up and takes that anxiety away .I bet the oil even better ,know your seeds and types

When the market became flooded with ‘blue dream’, thats when I tasted it. So disappointed by what i had in my pipe at that time. Its because when something gets popular, all the poseurs come out and produce crappy ‘blue dream’. HSO has what Blue Dream is supposed to be, Blueberry and a rare Haze parentage makes for a fantastic tasty smoke. I recommend with a hearty cough!

Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into sativa-dominant hybrid plants that produce loads of dense, resin-soaked buds without too much fuss. Initially bred for medicinal use in California, Blue Dream has achieved worldwide, legendary status. Iconic genetics, mouth-watering flavors, and an energetic yet balanced high are just some of its claims to fame.Blue Dream continues to captivate the canna community, but getting your hands on some can be expensive. So, why break the bank when you can grow your own top-shelf stash? Our feminized seeds take the hard work out of

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  • Promote seed germination
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All seeds germinated. In the 10th week of veg. I’m sure they will be nice tree’s come harvest in the fall.

This strain does really good in dwc system, vigorous growth during veg so lollipoping is must during flower. Germination of the seeds were awesome they all popped without any problems.

Fantastic, I’m a first time grower and have have had 100% germination. Pre-flowering started 6 weeks am I’m starting the flowering cycle soon. Seeds a legit

I got some very impressive yields with this strain. I use the FoxFarm line of nutes so the feeding and the awesome genetics, together, made it such an enjoyable plant to grow. Everything from the height of the stretch to the density of the flower was just flawless. Definitely an intense cerebral buzz and perfect to start the day for the recreational user. And wonderful treatment for depression and anxiety. Nice uplifting feeling with the buzz in the back of my neck, ooooweeeeee, its at the top of my list now. Seeds were delivered quickly and if you ever have any issue, customer service is over-the-top.

Start of week 4 of veg and plant is far exceeding growth rate. Can’t wait to harvest and make my dreams come true. 😎

Seeds germinated and rooted quickly. Two weeks in the plants are growing strong and healthy and I’m excited to see these plants flourish

Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into sativa-dominant hybrid plants that produce loads of dense, resin-soaked buds without too much fuss. Initially bred for medicinal use in California, Blue Dream has achieved worldwide, legendary status. Iconic genetics, mouth-watering flavors, and an energetic yet balanced high are just some of its claims to fame.

Blue Dream continues to captivate the canna community, but getting your hands on some can be expensive. So, why break the bank when you can grow your own top-shelf stash? Our feminized seeds take the hard work out of cultivation. They eliminate the gender lottery for a guaranteed harvest (if you nurture them, of course).

Join us to discover what these feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds have to offer in terms of yield, aromas, therapeutic benefits, and effects. With experts like Kyle Kushman in the house, you’ll also get some pro growing tips, answers to common questions, and even germination guidance.

What are Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized Blue Dream seeds are the result of crossing two powerhouses: Blueberry and Haze. Expert breeders then eliminated the male chromosomes, ensuring genetically stable female-only plants. You won’t waste time and money on a barren harvest with these marijuana seeds. Instead, you can look forward to a sea of bud-producing cannababies.

The first parent, Haze, is another Cali baby and a sativa-leaning legend in its own right. It brings a sweet, high-energy cerebral buzz to the table. The second parent, Blueberry, is an indica-dominant delight. It throws an explosively fruity punch into the mix. With relaxing and euphoric traits, it takes the edge off of the Haze’s electric qualities.

This ingenious blend of genetics complement each other like a sunrise meeting the ocean on the horizon. One brings energy, warmth, and excitement. The other soothes, relaxes, and refreshes the senses. With THC levels of between 16%–20%, Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into hard-hitting cannababies.

Their massive buds smell like a dreamy berry dessert; only they’re drenched in resin instead of syrup. Long amber pistils accentuate their deep blue and green hues, while crystal white trichomes give them a sparkle. When exposed to chilly weather, their foliage turns shades of deep violet.

They aren’t as tall as other sativa plants, nor are they quite as small as pure indica varieties. Reaching a maximum height of about five feet, they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor setups. Still, they’re susceptible to pests, so it’s best to grow them inside.

With such powerful parents, this sativa-leaning hybrid can also produce slightly indica-dominant phenotypes. On the odd occasion, growers might find Blue Dream feminized seeds with stronger indica traits. Generally, though, they’re more on the sativa side.

High-yielding and relatively easy to grow, this cultivar is a dream come true for growers and users alike. The plants need a little TLC, though. Get it right, and they’ll reward you with a bountiful harvest of top-notch weed.

What are the feminized Blue Dream seeds’ effects?

Blue Dream feminized seeds produce buds that offer balanced physical and mental effects. You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to help this “medicine” go down because the toke is smooth and pleasurable.

While Blue Dream isn’t as intense as other high-THC seed varieties, it’s still potent enough to impress veterans. At the same time, it doesn’t overwhelm the less experienced. Its sativa qualities kick in first, enhancing your mood, awakening your mind, and turbo-charging your batteries.

The cerebral buzz wipes out worries and stress, allowing creativity to flow while you tackle tasks with renewed vigor. Blue Dream feminized seeds produce the perfect wake-and-bake treat. A moderate dose keeps you energized for hours while a subtle euphoria lifts your spirits.

This strain’s indica traits mellow out the buzz, so you’re not left jittery or agitated. Instead, a sense of calm carries you through the day, leaving your mind and body relaxed yet active.

Unlike pure indica cultivars, Blue Dream doesn’t induce couch-lock, making it excellent for daytime use. It’s perfect for a gym session, a hike, a project, or just as a part of your normal routine.

Like all cannabis strains, Blue Dream can have a few adverse side effects. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common but easily avoided and remedied. Moderate doses and plenty of fluids will keep cottonmouth at bay while an eye lubricant can soothe those scratchy eyeballs.

That said, Blue Dream still has a fairly high THC content. In extreme cases, it could lead to bouts of paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety. If you have a low THC tolerance, rather stick to smaller doses.

What does the Blue Dream feminized smell like?

When feminized Blue Dream seeds start flowering, they smell like a basket of sunkissed berries and vanilla pods on a rainy afternoon. Growers drool in anticipation as harvest time nears.

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Blue Dream’s lineage is evident, with an unmistakable earthiness from Haze intermingled with Blueberry’s sweet, fruity fragrance. When smoked, vanilla treacle fills the air, entwined with notes of wild berries and tropical fruit. Meanwhile, a tangy berry sweetness with a hint of soothing herbs delights the taste buds.

How to germinate Blue Dream feminized seeds

When you buy feminized Blue Dream seeds, you’ll need to know how to germinate them correctly. First, wash your hands and gather the following items together:

– Wet two paper towels with the purified water and carefully ring out any excess. They shouldn’t be dripping.

– Use the sterilized tweezers to place your marijuana seeds onto the paper towel gently. They should be at least an inch apart.

– Place the second paper towel over your cannabis seeds. Make sure it’s wet enough to keep everything moist.

– Keep the paper towels moist throughout this period. If they dry out, your cannabis seeds won’t germinate.

When you buy feminized Blue Dream seeds from us, check out our germination guide for comprehensive details. You’ll need to follow the instructions to keep your guarantee intact.

Blue Dream feminized seeds grow guide

Like all cannabis seeds, Blue Dream feminized beans require some TLC for a successful grow. The plants thrive in warmer conditions, but they’re still finicky and sensitive to extreme environmental changes. They’re also vulnerable to red spider mite attacks.

That’s why it’s best to grow these ganjababes indoors, where you can regulate the conditions and keep pests at bay. Here are a few pro tips:

– Keep your seedlings in a temperature range of 72℉–78℉. You can bump it up to 80℉–85℉ during the flowering stage.

– Restrict relative humidity (RH) levels to between 30%–50% for your seedlings. You can increase this by 5% after a few weeks.

– Start decreasing RH by 5% until it’s in the 30–40% range by the time your plants reach the flowering phase.

– Soil or a hydroponic setup is ideal together with the Sea of Green (SoG) method. This technique allows for maximum yields.

– As a tall and dense plant, too much strain on the main stem can cause it to lean or even fall over. Adopt staking, topping, or pruning techniques to prevent this.

Unlike autoflowering seeds, Blue Dream feminized seeds are photoperiodic. As such, they need uninterrupted periods of darkness to enter the flowering phase. During the vegetative stage, at least 18 hours of light a day is sufficient. Some growers (who can afford it) expose their plants to 24 hours of light a day for optimal growth.

When you’re ready to trigger the flowering phase, adjust the light schedule to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. You can also extend the vegetative stage by waiting a few more weeks, but the SoG method produces the best yield.

The flowering phase takes a total of 8–10 weeks. After that, your Blue Dream crop will be ready to harvest. You can expect to yield about 14–21 ounces of gloriously gluey nugs per square meter.

While a bit challenging, it’s also possible to grow feminized Blue Dream seeds outdoors. They prefer warm, subtropical climates and flower naturally, according to the number of sunlight hours they receive. As such, you can expect to harvest around late September to early October.

You’ll need to wait until the seedlings are strong and healthy before moving them to your garden, though. Here are some nugs of wisdom for an outdoor grow:

– Use nutrient-rich soil mixes that contain adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Blue Dream crops can take in high quantities of nitrogen without nute burn. Sulfur, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and cobalt are also helpful. You can yield about 14–21 ounces of dense, gluey nugs per plant with the right outdoor conditions.

What are the Blue Dream feminized strain’s genetics?

Feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds boast an illustrious lineage, apparent in the gorgeous ganjababies they produce. Here’s a breakdown of the Blue Dream strain genetics:

– Blueberry: A delectable indica-leaning hybrid with mesmerizing berry and vanilla flavors. It’s the result of crossing three prestigious landraces: Purple Thai, Afghani Indica, and Thai Sativa.

– Haze: A sativa-heavy hybrid with a coveted reputation and fresh, earthy, and spice flavors. Legend has it that two Californian brothers invented it back in the 1970s.

They supposedly crossed a Colombian and Mexican landrace, which was then bred with a Thai landrace. Blue Dream hails from Santa Cruz, California, where it started out as a medicinal strain. No one can pin down its precise origins, but DJ Short is credited with creating the modern version.

Rising quickly to fame in 2003, Blue Dream became a headliner among West Coast canna communities. It has since enchanted and inspired people across the globe and remains a best-seller today. Even Snoop Dogg fell in love with Blue Dream. He crossed it with Master Kush to create his own cultivar, aptly named “Snoop’s Dream.”

Wellness and Blue Dream feminized seeds

Feminized Blue Dream seeds blossom into plants with less than 2% CBD. Nonetheless, the strain offers a range of potential therapeutic benefits. Its sativa qualities help combat fatigue, providing an energy boost to get you up and keep you going. The cerebral effects also ward off distractions, allowing you to tune out the noise and focus on your tasks.

Meanwhile, the euphoric traits brought on by the indica side of Blue Dream expel tension and ease stress. Clenched jaws and gritted teeth are replaced by a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. It’s like walking on clouds, except you’re grounded, mellow, and focused. Anxiety, depression, and stress take a back seat too, so they’re more manageable.

While not as CBD-rich as other wellness strains, it’s easy to see why Blue Dream remains a favorite among medicinal marijuana users.

Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

Blue Dream feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you itching to buy feminized Blue Dream seeds but still have some questions? The FAQs below have loads of useful answers to common questions. Check them out, and if you still have a query, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help.

Where can I get free cannabis Blue Dream feminized seeds?

You can get free cannabis seeds here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) deals often feature classics like Blue Dream feminized seeds. Make sure you check them out regularly. Plus, you can join the Homegrown Stash loyalty program for other exclusive perks and freebies.

Can a beginner grow Blue Dream feminized?

Yes, a beginner can technically grow Blue Dream feminized seeds, but the plants require extra TLC. They’re vulnerable to pests and dramatic weather changes. So, it’s best to cultivate them indoors. If you’re a newbie, get some practice with easier, beginner-friendly strains first. Autoflowering seeds are also an excellent option.

What is the Blue Dream feminized flower time?

Feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds have a flowering period of 8–10 weeks. As photoperiod plants, they need periods of total darkness to enter the flowering stage. Indoors, you can trigger this phase by adjusting the light schedule to 12/12. Outdoors, they’ll start producing buds when the days get shorter.

How long do Blue Dream feminized seeds take to germinate?

Like all cannabis seeds, Blue Dream feminized seeds can take anything between 24–120 hours to germinate. That’s 1–5 days. During this stage, it’s crucial to keep them moist and in a warm, dark place. You’ll know they’re ready for planting once they develop prominent taproots.

How long does it take Blue Dream feminized from seeds to harvest?

Feminized Blue Dream seeds take roughly about 22 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. The seedling phase lasts around 2–3 weeks, the vegetative stage lasts 8–9 weeks, and as mentioned, the flowering stage takes 8–10 weeks. Indoors, you can extend or shorten the vegetative phase with the light schedule.

What is the difference between Blue Dream feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds?

Blue Dream feminized seeds produce female-only plants. Conversely, regular Blue Dream cannabis seeds develop into male and female plants. Breeders use them to create new strains. Meanwhile, Blue Dream autoflower marijuana seeds are bred with a ruderalis cultivar. This means they flower according to age instead of the light schedule.

Grow medium: Blue Dream feminized hydro or soil?

Blue Dream feminized seeds perform well in both soil and hydroponics. Indoors, implementing the Sea of Green (SoG) technique with either one can boost your yield. Use high-quality, nutrient-rich soil or potting mixes. If you opt for a soilless medium, perlite, peat moss, or coco cair are all fantastic options.

What is the average Blue Dream feminized height?

On average, feminized Blue Dream seeds bloom into crops that are about five feet tall. That said, some growers report their plants reaching a height of six feet. Thanks to its sativa and indica genes, Blue Dream is a relatively tall hybrid that’s also dense and bushy.

What is the average indoor yield of Blue Dream feminized?

Indoors, feminized Blue Dream plants churn out an average of around 14–21 ounces of bud per square meter. Pruning, staking, or topping methods can all increase your yield, along with the SoG technique. In some cases, growers have been known to harvest up to 24.6 ounces per square meter.

What is the average outdoor yield of Blue Dream feminized?

On average, you can harvest about 14–21 ounces of nugs per feminized Blue Dream plant. These crops thrive in warm, subtropical, or Mediterranean-like climates but don’t like sudden weather changes. Keep them happy and healthy, and they could reward you with an even bigger yield.

Where can I find pictures of Blue Dream feminized marijuana?

You can find pictures of Blue Dream feminized marijuana plants on this page. You can also check out our Blue Dream Feminized Homegrown Diaries. It’s where fellow growers document their cultivation journey with pictures, experiences, and interesting tidbits. You can join the action and create your own diary.

Where is the best place to buy Blue Dream feminized seeds in the USA?

The best place to buy Blue Dream feminized seeds in the USA is here, of course. At the Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can order high-quality cannabis seeds online and have them delivered to your door safely. With secure payment options, tracked shipping, and a germination guarantee, why shop anywhere else?

Are there any other names for Blue Dream feminized?

Yes, Blue Dream is also known as Azure Haze. It follows then that Blue Dream feminized seeds may be referred to as Azure Haze feminized seeds. While no one knows where this famous cultivar got its name, we can all agree that it is indeed like a dream.

Spelling errors

Some common spelling mistakes of Blue Dream feminized seeds include “Blu Dream,” “Bloo Dream,” “Blue Dreem,” and “femenized.” The ambiguous words “Blue” and “Dream” can also lead you astray. Remember to include words like “feminized seeds,” “cannabis seeds,” or ”marijuana seeds” when you’re searching for Blue Dream feminized seeds online.

Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Blue Dream feminized pics and any Blue Dream feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Blue Dream feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!

If you want to stock buy bulk Blue Dream feminized seeds , please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Blue Dream feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.

Blue Dream seeds

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The most widely grown strain on the West Coast, Blue Dream contains a dense bud structure with trichomes packed in deep, giving off a sparkly glistening type look. Crossed with Blueberry and original Haze, Blue Dream is a sativa dominant heavy hitting strain worth every ounce put into it. With a sweet berry aroma much like its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers quick symptom relief without a heavy sedative effect. With heavy yields and easy to grow this strain is hard for any grower to pass up. Blue Dream is pest and mold resistant and does well in outdoor and indoor environments.

When you smoke Blue Dream, you will first feel its Sativa-like effects: you will become very focused and calm; after a few more hits, you will feel the Indica effects and within an hour… you’ll be relaxed. Growing this strain requires some patience: it can be a slow grower in the early stages taking some time to branch out in its entirety. It requires close attention to humidity to avoid mold and mildew. It is also a favorite of mites and pests so try to avoid exposure if you can! Once the plant reaches maturity, however, it is fairly easy to maintain. It is great to unwind after a long day and because it is not an overwhelming strain, it’s a good choice if you need to function normally during the day. It is also great for use in food-based preparations.

Every pack comes with 10 seeds for only $29.99!

About this strain

Updated February 2022

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. This strain produces a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. Blue dream is 18% THC but has a low CBD percentage, making this potent strain a fan favorite of both novice and veteran cannabis consumers. In terms of flavor, Blue Dream is reported to smell and taste like sweet berries. Medical marijuana patients often use Blue Dream to treat symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. According to home grow enthusiasts, this strain has an average flowering time of 67 days and is best suited to grow using the Sea of Green method. Blue Dream originated in California and has since achieved legendary status among West Coast strains and has quickly become one of the most-searched-for strains in the Leafly database. The average price per gram of Blue Dream is $20. Strains similar to Blue Dream include Blue Dream CBD, Double Dream, and Blue Magoo.

Blue Dream effects

This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

  • Feelings
  • Negatives
  • Helps with

About this brand

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