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Blue Dream Feminised Seeds from Seedsman for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003. Are you looking for Blue marijuana seeds? has a wide selection of auto flowering, feminized or regular Blue seeds at low prices with discrete delivery. Our blue cannabis seeds produce the best blue weed harvests. Experience the legendary quality of strains such as Blueberry and Auto Blackberry Kush.

Blue Dream Feminised Seeds

A favourite strain of both commercial growers and enthusiasts for its production, flavour and effect.

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Blue Dream has established itself as a top strain in its home state of California, with a reputation that is spreading far and wide. Blue Dream results from crossing Blueberry Ice with a unique U.S. Haze cut to produce a 70% sativa strain. It is popular amongst both commercial growers and the hardened enthusiast due to its yield and sheer quality.

How Blue Dream Grows

Blue Dream presents no unique growth problems, although those with some experience under their belt will know to extract the most potential from it. Indoor grown plants will not get bigger than medium size and yield around 500 gr/m2 in 65 – 70 days of the flowering cycle. Things get even more interesting outdoors where plants can reach a height of between 250 – 350 cm. when cultivated in a warm, dry, and mild Mediterranean type of climate. In northern latitudes, the harvest will be ready during the middle of October; each plant can produce between 700 – 850 gr. of large buds dripping with sparkling resin crystals.

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Blue Dream Taste, Smell and Effect

Both scent and taste have a light lemon-citrus quality with berry and Haze notes and a suggestion of Madeira fortified wine. THC content is high, accompanied by low CBD levels. The result is a fine, uplifting, cerebral effect, mentally stimulating, and long-lasting while also being comfortable and relaxing.

Blue Dream is exceptionally high in alpha-pinene, a mono-terpene that has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Including acting as an anti-inflammatory (helpful in treating arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis); helping with bronchodilation; it is highly resistant to MRSA, having anti-bacterial solid properties. It counters THC’s short-term memory loss effects while acting as an antidote to THC overdose effects; it is also anxiolytic, helping to relieve both stress and anxiety. Therapeutically Blue Dream has also been recommended for pain relief, depression, and treating nausea. Jack Herer and OG Kush are other well-known strains that are known to be high in alpha-pinene

Blue Cannabis Strains

Blue marijuana strains get their extraordinary colour as the buds begin to appear and they’re much prized by experienced growers both for their unusual colouring and the high quality of the harvest.

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Blue Marijuana Strains

The intensity of the blue hues varies considerably between different blue strains and the growing conditions are also an important factor in the level of colour. Plants that are exposed to slightly colder air in the later stages of their growth cycle tend to produce the most vivid blues.

The first blue strain that achieved wide commercial success was Blueberry , developed in the Netherlands in the late 1970s. Its reputation as a premiere weed was sealed in 2000, when it won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Blueberry is an Indica dominant hybrid of plants from Thailand and Oaxaca in southern Mexico, and gives an intense, euphoric hit.

It’s widely prescribed by medical cannabis dispensaries in the USA for muscular pain relief, stress and nausea. Blueberry Widow is another popular blue type and it’s a crossbreeding of Blueberry and White Widow, both of which have been previous winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup. It gives a clear-headed stone with visual effects and, as the plant matures, the leaves and buds take on deepening shades of both blue and sometimes purple.

Blue Mystic is a highly respected strain from California and it’s the product of crossing Blueberry with another venerable stalwart of the weed world, Northern Lights . It’s a potent weed that gives a strong body stone combined with a powerfully narcotic high. The plants take on a noticeably blue colour as they start to flower, and the large buds have a velvety look.

Blue Family

The family of Blue cannabis strains have been favourites of many cannabis growers since their introduction. Blue weed strains such as Blueberry have a legendary reputation. Expect deeply enjoyable results, a rich berry taste and beautiful blue hues in your buds. Blue cannabis seeds produce exceptional quality and have many repeat growers. Dutch Passion have some of the best blue strains available

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1970’s Original Blueberry

Auto Blueberry®

Blueberry X Indica autoflower

Auto Blackberry Kush®

Blueberry X Dark hash-plant

Blue Auto Mazar®

Auto Blueberry X Auto Mazar

What are seeds of blue cannabis strains?

The blue family of cannabis seeds are all related to the classic, original Blueberry. Blueberry is a legendary strain which dates back to the 1970’s. It is widely regarded as one of the all time classic cannabis strains. Cannabis varieties containing Blueberry genetics produce powerful, long-lasting effects. The deeply relaxing and blissfully enjoyable high is complemented by rich, sweet berry flavours. This is often accompanied by blue hues in the buds, an all-round delicious package!

Buy seeds of blue cannabis strains online

You won’t regret buying and growing some blue cannabis strains. These are genuine connoisseur quality cannabis genetics which combine a delicious fruity taste of dark berries with stunningly potent buds. The bag appeal of these (often) beautifully coloured buds complements the powerful, pleasurable and joyful effects.

Anxiety and stress seem to melt away quickly under the comforting effects. It’s difficult to surpass the quality levels on these blue strains, which explains the huge number of repeat growers.

Cannabis seeds from our Blue strains collection

The cannabis cup winning collection of blue strains represent some of the finest cannabis seeds you can buy. Blue strain genetics deliver famously good results in a wide range of grow conditions. The highly praised genetics have been used extensively in many cannabis cup winning crosses and hybrids.


Blueberry needs little introduction. This world famous, multiple cannabis cup winning classic delivers an exquisitely pleasurable feel-good high which seems to last all evening. This 1990’s original is one of the fruitiest strains you can grow. Part of the Very High THC seed collection, you can expect premium strength indica dominant buds with a glistening silver coating. The photoperiod version of this classic is available in feminised cannabis seeds as well as regular seeds.

Auto Blueberry

If you want to enjoy the Blueberry experience with the speed, ease and convince of autoflower seeds then Auto Blueberry seeds are the perfect choice! Auto Blueberry is one of the fastest growing strains in the Dutch Passion seed collection. She can grow from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, though 9-10 weeks may be more typical. The buds from Auto Blueberry have the same relaxing body effect, delicious taste and pleasurable appeal as the photoperiod version.

Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush produces frosty, powerful buds with Grade-A bag appeal, especially from the deep blue/purple phenotypes. The combination of intense autumnal colours below a shimmering layer of THC-rich trichomes never loses its appeal! This indica autoflower was created by crossing Blueberry with a dark hash plant.

Just like Auto Blueberry this is another rapid blue autoflower strain. She can grow from seed to harvest in as little as 9 weeks, though experienced auto growers may prefer to wait a week or so longer to allow the blooms to swell to maximum size and develop a heavier effect.

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Blue Auto Mazar

Blue Auto Mazar is a delicious combination of original Afghani Auto Mazar genetics with the sweet fruity Auto Blueberry. She grows from seed to harvest in around 70 days and may show blue and purple hues in the buds, especially in cooler grow room conditions during bloom. Yields can be XL, especially in the hands of experienced growers with optimised grow rooms. THC levels are very high, the indica effects are satisfying and sedating. Like the rest of the blue strain autoflowers, Blue Auto Mazar also grows very well outdoors. Just select a warm and sunny 3 month period.

Where do the blue cannabis genetics come from?

Blueberry genetics were originally created from a blend of Mexican, Thai and (mainly) Afghani genes. The unique indica genetics deliver the trademark relaxation and pleasure aspects to the powerful effects. The hint of sativa genetics ensures a hugely enjoyable cerebral quality to the high. They were created by DJ Short and adopted by Dutch Passion in a cooperation with the Canadian breeder. These are some of the most popular cannabis genetics ever created.

What is the average yield of blue cannabis strains seeds?

Blueberry is an average yielding strain, she is grown for quality rather than quantity. However the autoflower blue strains (Auto Blueberry, Auto Blackberry Kush, Blue Auto Mazar) grow from seed to harvest under 20 hours of indoor light allowing them the extravagant XL yields typical of all Dutch Passion autoflower strains.

What is the average flowering time for blue cannabis strains?

The indica dominant genetics lend themselves to fast bloom times. The photoperiod version of Blueberry typically takes around 8 weeks to bloom. The autoflowering blue strains have often completed their grow cycle after about 70 days of growth. They may even finish earlier than that!

What is the average THC content in blue weed strains?

A lot depends on the grow conditions, type of light, nutrient management, grower experience etc. Well grown blue strains contain around 20% THC in the hands of a skilled hobby grower. Grown in professional conditions with UVB etc, blue strains may well deliver over 20% THC.

What are the differences between Blue Auto Mazar and Auto Mazar?

Blue Auto Mazar was created by crossing two legendary genetic lines, Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar. The result carries the rich afghani hash taste from Auto Mazar and combines it with the sweet fruity berry flavours from Auto Blueberry. A truly delicious cannabis combo! THC levels are predictably very high and the exotic taste combination makes Blue Auto Mazar a popular (and easy to grow!) choice.

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