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blue wolf seeds

Blue wolf seeds

Mr. Wolf is a true master of the trade. Everything he touches turns to gold. I love the consistency of working with him and his team. Always to the point and always with additional gifts.
Good old word of mouth company that needs no advertising. They always treat us like family

We have looked everywhere for a seed supplier and service provider to support us and our operations. We have never seen a group with such immense international experience. They guarantee satisfaction for good reason. Everything is 100% and they will do anything for you to be happy.

The genetics made by Wolf Genetics and their superior seeds quality along with truly amazing customer support that is rarely seen these days are a consistently great experiences every time. We have been working with them for over 10 years.

Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf strain is a 100% pure marijuana sativa. Buy Marijuana Blue Wolf Sativa Strains Online USA from coloradohightimes.

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Blue Wolf by Wolf Genetics is a sativa-dominant combination of undisclosed parent strains and possibly some old school Haze genetics. It’s a fast-growing plant with some beneficial environmental resistances alongside a trainable structure. Wolf Genetics recommends topping and cropping this plant to improve vegetative growth, leading into a fruitful flowering cycle of 60 to 67 days. Blue Wolf is a heavy-yielding plant and sprouts gooey buds that reek of blueberry, citrus, and spices. Enjoy Blue Wolf’s powerful clear-headed cerebral high and mild physical effects for an uplifting and enjoyable mood booster.