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booger seeds

Envy Genetics – Booger Sugar Seeds (Durban Poison x Blow Pops)(Reg)(12-pack)

We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.


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Chapter 1: Water Booger Bears

Hear chapter one read aloud, then talk, write, draw, and think about the story.


Draw while you listen. Think about someone know you know and care about. What do you like to do together? Maybe you walk home from school like TJ and Jasmine. Sketch a picture of you and that person doing an activity together.


Jasmine has sickle cell anemia. Most of Jasmine’s classmates probably don’t understand Jasmine’s illness as well as TJ and ask too many questions. This causes her to feel uncomfortable. If she were your friend, how would you help her when she returns to school and continues to struggle with her illness? What are ways you could help make things easier for her?


“TJ’s locker was littered with empty snack gas that Jasmine had slid through the door vent between classes over the last two days. Trash… yes. But Jasmine can TJ called the friendship flags. The litter of love.”

Jasmine’s friendship flags were like notes that said she missed TJ while she was out of school. Do you have ways you show caring and friendship to people you’re close to that may not be obvious messages of caring to other people who don’t know them?


Jasmine imagined herself as a water bear. Watch Jason Reynolds introduce a writing activity about imagining yourself as a plant, then get out your pencil and paper to write and draw.


Jasmine says if she has to be something else, she would choose to be a water bear. Water bear is the common name for an organism called a tardigrade. Read more about them. What makes them unique? Why do you think Jasmine would want to be one? Would you want to be a water bear too? Why or why not?


The book’s back jacket tells us, “When Jason Reynolds walked home from school, he learned a lot of things. He learned just how fast Rottweilers are. He learned the shortcut to the candy lady’s house. He learned how to make his jokes dirty, and how to keep his sneakers clean.”

What do you think Jasmine and TJ learn on their walk home from school? Do you think it’s true when they tell Ms. Macy that they learned “nothing” at school today?

Take a walk around the block with a family member and keep your eyes open. What do you see? Are there things (like the water bears) that you can’t see?

Pick something that you noticed on your walk. It could be as tiny as a water bear or as gross as a booger or as big as a tree. How are you and this object alike?