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borderline extreme seeds

Borderliner XTRM feminized marijuana seeds

Borderliner XTRM is a potent hybrid cannabis strain originating from the Brazilian jungle where it was previously kept in secret.

A strong growing hybrid, Borderliner XTRM delivers large amounts of extremely strong smoke come harvest time.

Borderliner XTRM feminized seeds can be grown successfully indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse – although given it’s flowering cycle it is advised to be grown indoors for locations north of 40 degrees latitude.

The effects when smoked are hard to describe but it is an experience that will not be forgotten soon. It has been described as psychedelic and mind-blowing!

You’ve been warned .

THC content: up to 25 %
Genetics; Hybrid – Indica 50% | Sativa 50%
Growing climate – Indoor or Outdoor
Yield indoor – up to 750 gram per sq meter
Yield outdoor – up to 900 gram per sq meter
Height indoor – up to 100 cm
Height outdoor – up to 250 cm
Flowering time – 7 To 9 weeks
Harvest month – October
Grow difficulty – Easy to Moderate

5 Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds $90 (approx. €73 or £65)

10 Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds $162 (approx. €120 or £103)

20 Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds $288 (approx. €202 or £170)

Legal disclaimer: Buying and selling Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds from us is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in a number of states as long as the harvest is solely for personal enjoyment. Other states have legislation prohibiting the growing of marijuana unless licences are obtained prior to germination. Yet other countries enforce restrictive laws that tries to stop people from cultivating Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds or any other kind of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose.

We do not claim to be specialized in cannabis legislation around the world. If you have any concerns regarding legislation regarding cannabis growing where you live we suggest you get in touch with the appropriate regulators for clarification.

We cannot endorse the breaking of laws. We provide a law-abiding service informing people about the qualities of various top-grade marijuana types and provide purchase of Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds and other marijuana seeds to anyone legally allowed to buy marijuana seeds .

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Borderline extreme seeds

Mellow and chill without a couch lock, Borderline Extreme is a potent, skunky strain that is delicious when vaped and just as tasty smoked. The home grown I got of this beauty was sticky, hairy, and had nice tight buds. Definitely recommend!

Crazy good strain. smokes easy, taste good and I don't feel the need to smoke it non stop unlike a lot of other buds. First time smoking it reminded me of how baked I used to get in high school years

I have severe muscles spasm, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and PTSD. When my pain flares up, this is like a bomb and just makes it not as “loud”-it doesn’t bother you as much and it does reduce my pain significantly. I still feel some discomfort but it’s much more tolerable. And my mood definitely improves. I can take a break from my suffering of sufferings as they say

QUESTION: (5 stars) – Another SEED COMPANY IN AFGHANISTAN CLAIMS THIS STRAIN IS 50/50 INDICA/STAIVA. Are they different strains, or is somebody got the ratio wrong? 70/30 is not the same as 50/50. Google results reflect this.

This bud is awesome. I have insomnia and it’s great for nights I just can’t sleep

I have depression, muscle spasms, migrains, and chronic pain. When I smoked Borderliner XTRM, this all disappeared. I reccomend this to everyone with what is listed above.

I am the wife of a greatly gifted grower who happened to get very lucky a few years ago and found this strain. We grew from seed and then clones and every harvest is better than the one before. Easily identified by the lime green inside that flows to super dark green leaves. Even better bc no one in southern Maine has it, but they definitely want it. The high is so stony, such high indica qualities that I love. This time around when harvested we will also have ATF, so the Boarderliner will be just for personal use, and I cannot wait. One of the best strains of marijuana that I've ever smoked.