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bubble cheese seeds

Bubble Cheese 10 Pack ™

While we were active in Europe with the Cheese breeding, every so often we came across either different versions, phenotypes etc, of my Cheese as well as seeing many Cheese crosses, one of which was from a friend who we call ‘MR Cheese’.
He gave us his cross of a Bubblegum male and O.G UK Cheese clone and this cut was very similar in growth and appearance to my original Cheese. the difference was in the taste. a much more pronounced Bubblegum flavour.
This was pollinated by a Reversed Bubba Kush resulting in our Bubble Cheese feminised seeds.
The Bubble Cheese grows with short thick but slight indica style branching with sweet chewing gum sticky resinous buds making it ideal for a Sea of Green setup.
Smoking the Bubble Cheese produces a wonderfull high, like smoking a good Kush strain mixed with hints of the my original Cheese and Bubblegum. It’s an assortment of amazing tastes and a kick ass high to follow!
Bubble Cheese is also our best hash producer. With its fat sized resin globules, its there waiting to be collected and made into extremely good ‘Bubble Hash’ . a joy to behold.

Bubble Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Bubble Chesse’ was originally a cutting developed by our good friend in the UK “Mr Cheese”. By using an ‘old school Bubblegum’ crossed with the O.G Exodus Cheese. This clone was then accidently crossed to a reversed Bubba Kush’ with the seeds resulting into our ‘Bubble Cheese’ clone. After extensive testing, the ‘Bubble Cheese’ is a fruity, hash lovers delight with the addition of the Bubbas ‘kick ass’ kush, the taste of the Bubblegum, Cheese, and Kush are all recognisable in ‘Bubble Cheese’. ‘Bubble Cheese’ grows stout, single, fat head colas packed with a fruity sweet Kush and a hint of Cheese!