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Cali Connection

The Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank offers very select cannabis strains for real connoisseurs to obtain. The most wanted strain to come out of California State, particularly the San Francisco Valley area, is OG Kush , initially bred by chemdog.

In addition, there are two Cali Connection cannabis strains that real enthusiasts would want in their collection: Chem Valley Kush weed and Deadhead OG. These marijuana strains all feature the infamous Kush in their genetics. Both of these strains are available to buy at Seedsman.

Cali Connection

Housing the best of California’s cannabis breeders from NorCal to SoCal, Cali Connection wants to share their varieties with the world.

True genetics are at the heart of Cali Connection’s mission. Meaning, they provide seeds that possess traits and genetics that are true to the original mother plant.

Award-winning strains like Original Buddha Tahoe OG show just how hard this collective of breeders work to enhance the cannabis seed industry.

True North Seed Bank is proud to provide Cali Connection’s best genetics!