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Where to buy cannabis seeds in Canada 2021 edition

It’s time to get your cannabis seeds ordered before you miss out on precious growing time. In most areas, it’s still way too cold to put such a tropical species out at night, but it’s the ideal time to get them started indoors. The thing is that the process of getting ahold of seeds has changed quite a bit, as we now have certified legitimate vendors, but they can’t advertise much, so they can be hard to find.

Canadians have quite a few options to choose from depending on how they prefer to shop and which types of seeds they need, but there are just as many choices online that do not ship to this country, and it’s easy to get them mixed up. Since you want to make sure that your order arrives, it’s best to stick with reputable cannabis seed vendors, and here, we’re going to help you by listing some of the most notable options out there.

Where to buy cannabis seeds online

Don’t want to leave home? No problem! Thanks to legalization, we now have a whole bunch of cannabis seed vendors who will ship to us. Some are Canadian-based, offering prices that won’t change when the charges hit your account, but a few of the most well-known, trusted sources are actually American-based, which can make it so that your package takes a bit longer to ship, so it’s important to pay attention to the location of the one that you pick.

Canada based seed bank options

If you want Canadian products at Canadian prices, with fast shipping rates, then this list of cannabis seed sellers is an excellent place to start:

  • The Incredible Seed Company
  • GTA Seed Bank
  • Sunwest Genetics
  • Pacific Seed Bank
  • Sonoma Seeds
  • Farmers Labs Seeds
  • North American Seed Bank
  • Wild
  • Vancouver Seed Bank
  • Rocket Seeds
  • True North Seed Bank
  • West Coast Seeds
  • I49 Seed Bank
  • Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunshine Farms
  • I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank
  • Elevate Seeds

American seed banks that ship to Canada

You might be surprised to learn that despite a lack of legalization at the federal level, the United States is home to a bustling cannabis industry that is much larger than the country-wide one we have in Canada. That’s why they’ve also got a long list of seed banks, but unfortunately, due to state-wide regulations, most of them won’t ship across the border. Luckily, there are still a few that manage to successfully ship here, and so they’re safe choices to order from.

  • Attitude Seeds
  • ILGM
  • Crop King Seeds
  • MSNL
  • Growers Choice

Where to buy cannabis seeds in person

It can be really hard to tell who is legitimate when you’re shopping for seeds online, and the idea of buying something without seeing it first isn’t one that sits well with all cannabis consumers. Shopping in person though more difficult as it really limits the choices you’ll have available, is entirely possible. You’ll just have to visit one of the listed seed banks above or your local dispensary to see what they have to offer on the spot.

What’s the best way to shop for cannabis seeds?

Deciding where to shop for pot seeds is a personal choice based on preference, but the reality is that the very best way is online. There you’ll have access to the most vendors who each carry their own unique line of offerings, and you won’t ever have to leave home to complete the transaction. Sure, it can be a bit of a pain to wait for your order to arrive, but as long as you order through a trusted website, the quality is almost always more than worth it.

Cannabis seeds unlike flower or any number of other pot products, don’t really look that much different from one another and even when they do have unusual colors or marking, a visual assessment really isn’t going to tell you anything relevant. What matters is the reliability and consistency of the genetics you receive, and none of that ever really needs to be confirmed in person.

10 Things to look for when you’re on the market for cannabis seeds

If you see them, you’ll know that chances are pretty good you can rely on that vendor for the results you seek.

Marijuana seeds Canada-Wide

Whether you live in Ontario and want nothing more than to grow your own cannabis plants, or if you’re a local of Nova Scotia and need to take advantage of the medicinal properties of the herb; our team at Farmer’s Lab Seeds are here to help you today. With an incredible variety of cannabis strains available to choose from, and some of the most affordable prices in the world, you’ll feel spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the species that’s right for your marijuana seeds Canada needs.

We prioritize the wants and needs of our customers above all else, and we specialize in:

  • High quality seeds that are inspected for quality by hand
  • World-class packaging to maximize the storage and functionality of your seeds
  • An amazing 90% germination guarantee on all orders
  • Easy returns just in case you aren’t satisfied with your seeds
  • A shocking number of strains for your convenience and enjoyment

Helping You with All Your Marijuana Seeds in Canada

If you’re concerned about ordering, allow us to put your mind at rest. We dispatch each order that we receive in discreet packaging, and we’ll do everything that we can to help you to keep your shipment private and confidential at all times.

With that in mind, it is entirely legal to purchase cannabis seeds in Canada, and that’s why our customers come to us for all of their Cannabidiol and seed requirements.

Whether you’re hoping to enjoy your own plants to help you to cope with pain from a medical condition or surgery, if you are hoping to take advantage of the essential oils within your adult plants once grown, or for any other desires that you might have – Farmer’s Lab can help you today.

Our incredible range of seeds; including our well-known auto-flowering strains to grow in minimal light, right through to our feminized seeds that almost look after themselves, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas every day when shopping with us. To learn more about our products, how they can help, and what we could do for you today, simply get in touch.

AK 47 Seeds Feminized 65S/35i 20% Daytime
Bubba Kush Feminized 80i/20s 23% Nighttime
Amnesia Autoflower 70s/30i 20% Daytime

Proudly Covering the Entirety of Canada and its Cannabis Seed Needs

Wherever you are located, be it the stunning coastline or the inner city; we work with the most reliable shipping agencies to ensure that your order can reach your Canadian address with minimal fuss, and without delay. We’ve been supplying our Canadian customers for years now, and there’s nothing that makes us prouder.