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Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Male Cannabis Plants

Why are weed growers told to get rid of the male cannabis plants?

Male cannabis plants are considered undesirable in the context of cannabis cultivation because of how they produce pollen, which can fertilize female plants. Once fertilized, the female plant will produce seeds that can germinate and grow into new cannabis plants. However, most weed-growers want cannabis plants with flowers that are rich in CBD and THC content. A female cannabis plant that has been fertilized will expend a considerable fraction of its growing energy towards seed formation instead of growing bigger buds.

Caution! Don’t throw away your male weed plants!

It is for this reason that cannabis cultivators are cautioned to either get rid of their male cannabis plants or keep them away from the rest of the batch. Note that this is not always a great idea as male cannabis plants are more useful than they are given credit for. Keep reading this blog article to find out more about why you should not throw away your male cannabis plant.

How to identify if your cannabis plant is male or female?

As a weed grower, you may have been told that there is no way to accurately determine whether your cannabis plant is male or female until it reaches the flowering stage. However, this notion is not entirely true. Paying attention to your plant’s pre-flowers can help you figure out their sex while they are in their vegetative state.

Cannabis plant pre-flowers are younger versions of adult flowers. They begin appearing 3 to 4 weeks from germination for male plants and 4 to 6 weeks from germination for female plants.

How can I use my male cannabis plant?

Can you smoke male plants? Contrary to what most weed growers believe, male cannabis plants are also packed with enough CBD and THC content for you to smoke up and get high.

A 1971 study about the cannabinoid constituents of male sativa found that male varieties have considerable cannabinoids. Additionally, a 2005 UNODC bulletin reported that Moroccan male and female cannabis plants were comparable in terms of CBD and THC content.

While it is true that they produce less of these chemical substances compared to their female counterparts, there are still enough cannabinoid constituents for you to take advantage of their psychoactive properties.

It has been noted that smoking male cannabis varieties gives a mind-altering effect that is more ‘high’ and less ‘stoned,’ which, of course, is still worth enjoying.

Here are a few creative uses of male cannabis plants instead of throwing them away:


Wondering if you can make edibles using male plants? The answer is yes!

Finding THC rich content in male cannabis plants is slightly trickier because it is not as abundant as in female cannabis plants as there are no buds. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the resin is located where the pollen is produced and in the sepals of your male plant.

Your male cannabis plants can be used to make cannabutter in the same way that you would use female varieties. Collect your male weed plant parts and let them simmer in butter for a while. Slow heating is incredibly handy in releasing activated THC that can mix well with the fat in butter.

Note: Using plant parts instead of concentrates to make cannabutter will give your butter a dominant plant-like flavor. It will also cause your butter to turn a darker shade of green. Make sure that you do not brown the butter. Low and slow is the way to go!

Cannabis juice or tea

Male cannabis plants are a viable source of CBD, which can be used to derive the medical benefits of weed plants. If you want to experience the relaxing and pain-relieving effects of raw cannabinoids without getting too high, then you will find that male cannabis plants are perfect for this purpose.

They are significantly less potent in THC but still have enough CBD content for juicing or making cannabis tea. This valuable characteristic has earned cannabis greens the reputation of being a superfood!

According to Dr William Courtney, MD., the benefits of juiced cannabis may take three days to kick in, while the full clinical benefits may take 1 or 2 months for your body to experience.

Be careful not to juice the thick stalks and large leaves if you want to avoid the plant-like taste in your cannabis juice or tea.

Hemp fiber

A 1996 evaluation studied the difference in fiber quality between male and female hemp and found that male hemp fiber is much more flexible and elastic. This attribute makes male cannabis plants useful because they produce a softer material that can be used to create products that are highly demanded, such as tablecloths, napkins, towels, bed linens, and pillow covers.

Meanwhile, female hemp fiber is coarser, tougher, and less elastic, which limits their use to create items such as canvases.

Improve your garden

Male and female cannabis plants produce chemicals called terpenes, which act as natural pest repellents and help avoid plant diseases. Instead of disposing of your male cannabis plants, it will do you well to shift them outside and into your garden.

Terpenes in male cannabis plants release an odor that can protect your plants by discouraging herbivores from grazing. They also have the noteworthy potential for insect control in your garden. Cannabis plants also have powerful taproots that dig their way through the ground and can loosen up low-quality soil. Breaking apart your gardening soil can introduce more air pockets in the ground and improve with water drainage.

The bottom line

Your male weed plants are not the enemy in your cannabis garden. Next time, instead of throwing them away, try utilizing them in one of the creative and resourceful ways mentioned above!

What can you do with a male weed plant?

Male cannabis flower tends to get a bad rap since the majority of those who have grown marijuana are trained to spot them as soon as possible, in order to dispose of them. A male plant is known for ruining crops and not much more. The truth is that male marijuana seeds and male cannabis flowers have many uses, most of which are medicinal ones.

Here are just a few things to consider when considering the potential of the male cannabis plant.

1. Breeding – If you are wondering where all the new marijuana strains popping up are coming from it’s from selective breeding. When creating a new strain from two pre-existing ones, both a male and a female cannabis plant is required. The male cannabis plant is needed to fertilize the female creating seeds that contain the genetics of both parents involved. A strong male with the most beneficial qualities is necessary to develop the best DNA. Male marijuana plants will also contribute to the gene pool with a better ability to ward off predators. Growing the same strain using only feminized seeds leads to a weaker crop, that over time will become more susceptible to injury or illness. Without the male marijuana plant, we would still have weed. We just couldn’t have any new and exciting hybrids.

2. Fiber Content– Female marijuana plants do not produce the same fibrous strength as a male does. Male cannabis plants are often cultivated on a large scale to create textiles, insulation, fuel, clothing, and more. Male hemp fiber is also much more flexible than that of the female. This helps when making movable material like coats, backpacks, or shirts. Male plants are also beneficial when ingested due to its easy to digest plant-based fiber.

3. CBD Content– The male cannabis plant is often grown specifically for its heritage strains CBD content. CBD can be extracted using a solvent and turned into a tincture, cream drops or mixed into edibles. It can even be infused into your favorite steaming hot beverage for its medicinal benefits. While the raw male cannabis flower may not be high in CBD, to begin with, once extracted the content will be condensed making it perfect for those seeking medical benefits of ingesting CBD.

4. THC Content– While it is rare the male cannabis flower is sometimes grown or harvested for its THC content. As mentioned before a male will not produce the same high levels as a female, but just like with CBD once extracted a plant can offer a reasonably high THC and CBD concentrate or tincture. It can also be made into a potent enjoyable tea.

Can you smoke male weed plants?

Yes! Of course, you can smoke a male cannabis flower. The problem is that male marijuana seeds will make up most of a male cannabis flower, rending most of the product un-smokable. Seeds will crack, pop, and explode so if you are going to smoke a male cannabis flower you will want to grind it down and remove as much of the seed as physically possible. What you do manage to salvage is not going to contain anywhere near the THC same content of its female counterpart, meaning the effects will be incredibly mild.

Most will agree that the male cannabis plant is nowhere near as important to the average person as a female, it certainly does come with many benefits that aren’t often spoken about. A male cannabis flower may not be the best for smoking, but it comes jam-packed full of benefits that can be extracted, and the male cannabis plant itself is essential to the survival and evolution of the marijuana plant species.