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can you buy weed seeds in australia

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Are you planning to grow marijuana in Australia? and do you need to buy marijuana seeds in Australia .

Now, you are finding the best Australian seed bank ?

If you say yes, then hold on!

Then you are very close.

Here in this post, we are going to list some of the best seed banks that ship to Australia.

Along with that, we will provide you a complete guide on the legality of weed in Australia.

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Australian Seed Bank: Overview

Here I have mentioned some of the best seed banks that ships to Australia. I have tried all of them and had a great experience. If you are thinking to buy cannabis seeds in Australia then you can go with any of the seed banks mentioned below.

Crop King Seed Bank (9.5/10)

One of the reliable, trustworthy, and quick customer service provider vendors that have been set a milestone worldwide.

Crop King is my one of the first choice to buy Cannabis Seeds. Either you are in Australia or anywhere in the world, you can buy seeds from this seed bank and they will give you in a very discreet manner.

As in most of the regions of Australia getting caught with marijuana is illegal, therefore, you are advised to be updated through local laws and you can opt for Crop King as your discreet vendor for weed seeds.

Here you will get most of the strains with huge discounts and even you can order your seeds in many ways including bitcoin and PayPal.

Crop King Seeds 7 of these strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!

MSNL Seed Bank (9.0/10)

Discreet, reliable, and fast shipping are the key features of this seed bank.

You can opt for all of your weed seeds here.

Based in London, U.K, MSNL seed bank believes in providing high-quality seeds at low costs. They directly buy from the dutch producers and sell you at a lower cost.

Even they are known for quality customer services with faster delivery of orders worldwide.

As a payment option, they accept bitcoin, bank transfer, cash, debit, and credit card. Therefore, you can have the best experience of buying marijuana seeds from here.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia – Complete Guide

If you didn’t go through the different laws regarding cannabis in Australia then you might get into trouble, which I never want to happen with my readers.

You may already know that cannabis laws change rapidly due to the different movements for its legalization in different regions.

Especially, in Australia, there are many changes in the law for recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in recent years.

Therefore, to enjoy cannabis in Australia, you must have to go through the legislation for using cannabis.

So, I’m here for you to describe each legal law that comes under the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana.

I’ll also explain a detailed guideline for where to buy marijuana seeds in Australia further.

So, without any more talk, let’s get straight into it:

Is weed legal in Australia?

Without digging deep into its history, I’ll explain in a very brief manner. So, let’s begin:

As the recreational purpose of weed has faced many movements, so, firstly, I’ll talk about it:

In most of the regions in Australia, the recreational use of marijuana is totally illegal and banned. However, due to the latest movements and government decisions on marijuana, the capital of the country i.e Canberra will be the first-ever city to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes from January 2020.

It means you can now possess, sell, purchase, and use cannabis there within certain limits.

What are the limits?

Age Limit

In Canberra, adults of age above 18 years can have marijuana for their personal use.

Well, it is clear that due to its high impact on the human body, it is totally banned for teenagers. Therefore, you might have to be careful while using cannabis products and avoid its reach in the hand of teenagers, which may cause you legal penalties.


For more than 18 years, the residents of Australia in Canberra city can have marijuana for their personal usage up to 50 grams. Even this limit is granted after so many struggles of the authorities.

Well, for marijuana lovers, it has worth fighting for their legalization.

If you cross the limits, the cops can give you a penalty under the laws, which I’ll discuss later.


Well, the distribution of cannabis in the public is totally illegal within the capital. However, for those who love to grow cannabis at their home, here’s ease for them.

The original laws stated that one can have up to 6 cannabis plants in their home. One adult individual i.e above 18 years of age can cultivate or can grow up to 2 weed plants for personal use. Well, the rest of the 4 is kept for the household.

So, here I can say, those who love home-grown weeds can have a great time in the capital of the country.

Is medicinal marijuana legal in Australia?

Having one of the highest rates of usage of marijuana in the world, Australia has made it easy for those who want to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Well, the patients who have severe health conditions, can possess and consume medical marijuana by following the rules by the government as well as after the permission and approval by the local authority.

So, if you are a resident of Australia, then you can have medicinal cannabis at your home after having permission from the authorities.

Legalization of marijuana throughout Australia

Well, from above, you can get an idea for the capital i.e Canberra. However, for the rest of the regions, I’ll explain below in a quick way.

So, let’s have a look:

Victoria and Tasmania

If you are a resident of the mentioned cities then in Victoria if you found marijuana (50 grams or less) you will be given a warning.

It will be a two-time warning then there may be some legal action.

Well, there is some action with the residents of Tasmania but it is three times in 10 years.

Western Australia

There are strict laws!

If you are a resident of Western Australia then you will be in great trouble if you found marijuana even if it’s just 10 grams.

There will be a high penalty of $ 2000 or jail for 2 years. Even they can have counseling on you, therefore, you must prevent using cannabis in this region.

New South Wales & Queensland

If you are planning to go to any of the above cities then wait!

Here’s a deal for you:

Living in South Wales, you can only have 15 grams of weed. Even that will be considered a minor offense and you will be given a warning which is limited to two times.

However, if you possess 50 grams of marijuana in Queensland then there it will be under minor offense and the penalty will be participation in a drug assessment diversion program.

ACT (Australia Capital Territory)

If you are living within ACT then you can possess 25 grams of marijuana which can cause you a $100 fine which you have to pay within 60 days. Therefore, there are slightly soft laws to consider while dealing with marijuana.

Northern Australia

In northern regions, you will be fined $ 200 for having marijuana and the due days will be only 28 days.

Southern Australia

Here are the most relaxed penalties!

Possessing 100 grams of weed with smoking, all have the same charges. Therefore, it is the most relaxed region regarding marijuana products.

Penalties for Weed in Australia

As said earlier, there are different laws for different cities and provinces that you have to go through while dealing with marijuana.

Here are some penalties for overruling the marijuana laws in Australia:

In most cases, certain fines apply when you have cannabis for more than a limited amount. This fine begins at $100 and goes up to $2000.

In some cases, there is also a penalty of jail of 2 years. For possession, there will be a fine as well as some legal action. However, there can be counseling as well in some cases.

Therefore, overall, if you are living in Australia then there is a high risk of punishment for using marijuana either growing it or just being caught with it.

If you are thinking to grow the plant at home then it should not exceed its limit i.e. 6.

Overall, if you stay within the law then you can enjoy cannabis in Australia.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia: Final Words

In most regions, marijuana is illegal in Australia. However, as of July 2021, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is legal in the capital of the country i.e Canberra.

However, in different regions, different laws should be checked regularly to avoid legal actions.

Well, even I have explained some of the popular areas as well such as New South Wales and Queensland.

I hope this guide has helped you in getting the knowledge of rules and regulations for the use of marijuana in Australia.

If you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comments below. Until then, stay home, stay safe!

'Will it get me high?' As edible hemp hits Australian menus, customers still wonder

Hemp icy poles from Margaret River Hemp Co. ‘In most states now, your crop has to be under 1% THC, which will not make you high,’ says the Australian company’s Georgina Wilkinson. Photograph: Margaret River Hemp Co.

Hemp icy poles from Margaret River Hemp Co. ‘In most states now, your crop has to be under 1% THC, which will not make you high,’ says the Australian company’s Georgina Wilkinson. Photograph: Margaret River Hemp Co.

From granola to icy poles to wine, Australian producers and chefs are embracing hemp – no psychoactives allowed

Last modified on Mon 18 Jan 2021 16.33 GMT

H emp seed for human consumption has been legal in Australia since 2017, although the leaf and flower are still off limits. It’s “ridiculous”, says Georgina Wilkinson of Margaret River Hemp Co. “We are probably – us and New Zealand – going to be the last two countries allowed to use that. So you can make hemp teas from the leaf, but we’re not allowed to.

“We did a survey about two years ago,” she says. “I would say probably 60% of those surveyed still believe the seed will get them high.”

Wilkinson’s family cultivates 50 hectares of hemp in the south-west of Western Australia – used for building materials, clothing, cosmetics and food.

Hemp growers, she says, have mandated testing when crops come to flower, the time when THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive constituent of cannabis) levels are highest. “Everybody grows from seed that doesn’t give you high THC because you’ll lose your crop if it goes over,” she says. “In most states now, your crop has to be under 1% THC, which will not make you high. It’s best if it’s around 0.5% because if it goes over that it can’t go into food.”

A hemp plant being pollinated in the US. In Australia, hemp crops have mandated testing for THC levels when plants come to flower. Photograph: Don Ryan/AP

“It’s on the menu in Byron,” says Darren Robertson, chef and co-owner of the Three Blue Ducks group of restaurants. “A farm green salad – we just dress it in vinaigrette and then toss it in hemp seeds, just in its purest form.”

Does he ever get questions from diners? “Whether they’re going to hallucinate and shit?” laughs Robertson, finishing my question. “Maybe a year-and-a-half, two years ago when we were selling little packets in the produce store. Back then it raised a few eyebrows, but I think there’s more understanding now that they’re not going to get high from it.”

Robertson is focused on flavour, texture and hemp’s nutritional value: it is a good source of plant-based protein and an excellent source of omega three and six fatty acids.

“They’re these nutty, buttery little things,” says Robertson. “We’ve used them in tartlets and Bircher muesli. We do a hemp seed granola, just oats and macadamias, goji berries and all that sort of jazz. And then at home, smoothies, on my breakfast, added to stir fries, all sorts of uses. It’s not a super strong flavour but it definitely brings something to a dish.”

‘They’re these nutty, buttery little things,’ says Darren Robertson of Three Blue Ducks about what hemp seeds bring to a dish. Photograph: Paris Hawken

Growing High CBD Hemp in Australia

The Australian hemp industry is eager to move into growing their own, home-grown high CBD hemp. In September 2020, Australia announced a plan to reschedule low-dose CBD products meaning Australian consumers will finally be able to legally purchase CBD products over the counter, representing a new growth opportunity for Australian hemp growers.

Like many other places worldwide, the legal and climatic challenges of growing high CBD hemp in Australia offer barriers and opportunities. For smart growers, however, there is plenty of opportunity for high CBD, Australian-grown hemp. The trick is understanding the challenges and making smart growing decisions to capitalize on the prospects of growing high CBD hemp “Down Under.”

The Changing Legal Status of Growing High CBD Hemp in Australia

Like most other nations, after decades of cannabis prohibition, Australian regulations and public perception toward cannabis have been shifting in the last few years. Despite being non-psychoactive and low in THC, hemp was lumped together with marijuana and banned since the 1930s.

Things started to change in 2017 when Australia amended the Food Standards Code, permitting hemp seed sale for human consumption. Farmers were legally allowed to grow industrial hemp; however, it is still not considered an agricultural commodity and is regulated under Australia’s Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981.

Australian hemp farmers must apply for a special permit to grow hemp. However, each state set its own rules for total THC allowance, ranging from .35 percent total THC in Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia and one percent total THC in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

In the meantime, CBD extracts for consumer use has been highly regulated in Australia. CBD has been considered a narcotic, only available for purchase via a prescription. However, the newly announced de-scheduling promises to change that for 2021. Only oral and under the tongue formulations will be allowed; vaping, smoking and topical CBD will remain classified as narcotic.

So, what does this all mean for Australian CBD hemp growers? Well, it means that demand for CBD products in Australia was already strong and finally, the politicians are coming on board! This all bodes well for plenty of money to be had for the new Australian high CBD hemp industry into 2021 and beyond. Along with home-grown sales, Australia is also in a prime position to be a significant supplier of hemp-derived products for the Oceania region. Australia’s CBD market is predicted to reach $18.6 million by 2028.

Pollen Drift Challenges for Growing High CBD Hemp in Australia

Since CBD was still so tightly regulated when their industrial hemp laws first came into place in 2017, most hemp currently grown in Australia (about 2500 hectares in 2019) has been planted into fiber and grain-producing hemp crops.

As more Australian hemp growers shift to high CBD plantings, pollen drift and inadvertent seeding (lowering CBD biomass quality) poses a challenge for Australian hemp growers. Especially in Tasmania, which has been the central region for Australian hemp-production (producing about two-thirds of the current crop). Though Australia itself is a vast country (1.3 times the size of the United States), Tasmania is an island only about the size of West Virginia.

However, greenhouse production and appropriate greenhouse varietals are an excellent option for those regions with heavy hemp fiber and grain production at the moment. Within a few years, expect to see triploid (seedless) hemp cultivars appropriate for Australian growers. Cutting edge hemp breeders like Trilogene Seeds are responding rapidly to market demands, working to bring into production genetically stable, high cannabinoid triploid varietals.

Choosing the Right High CBD Varietal for Australian Micro-Climates

Like in the United States, Australia has many different climactic challenges; choosing the right high CBD hemp varietal will be crucial to success. Southern regions of Australia are cooler, with milder summers and often rainy winters. At the same time, northern areas are hotter and tropically influenced, while Australia’s interior is harsh, hot and dry. Luckily hemp is widely adaptable and with appropriate varietals and growing techniques, hemp can thrive almost anywhere in Australia.

Trilogene Seed’s Australian hemp growing partners are finding success with elite, house-bred strains like Sangria, Cherry Bomb, Rosella, Super Woman, Ultra Violet and Libido. Trilogene Seeds does ship internationally, with a 1000 seed MOQ per strain.