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can you cook weed seeds

Question about seeds used for cannabutter.

1 bag of shake (roughly 1/2 pound – 1 pound)
Large ccoking/stock pot (mine is a 4 gallon)
5 pounds butter or margerine
cheesecloth for straining
thick elastic bands
empty plastic containers with lids (ice-cream pails or large tupperware work best)
ladel or coffee mug
rubber gloves or oven mitts

It’s always best to use the best leaf you can find. The more potent the shake, the more potent the butter.

Step 1: Put your 5 pounds of butter/margerine into the stock pot.

Step 2: Put in your bag of VERY dry shake (try to sift out any stalks or foreign matter.)

Step 3: Fill the pot with cold water leaving about 4 inches at the top for stirring.

Step 4: Set your stove element to med heat, leaving a slight crack open on the lid for steam to escape. Once the mixture comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low and
simmer for at least 5 hours. (You can do it for longer, but 5 hours is the minimum time to simmer.)

Step 5: Stir with a wooden spoon occasionally.

Step 6: Take it off the element and let it cool for a while. (Note: you only want to cool it as much as you’ll need to be able to handle it with gloves, the hotter it is, the easier it
is to squeeze the butter out of the leaf.)

Step 7: Cut yourself some squares of cheesecloth and spread out your plastic containers. Put the cloth pieces over each container and secure it with the elastic bands. (I
usually double up each bit of cheese cloth.)

Step 8: Take a ladel or coffee mug and scoop out some of the green mixture onto the cloth. Keep pouring until you get close (about 6") to the top of the container. Then
take the cheesecloth off and squeeze into the container as hard as you can to get the most butter out of the mix.

Repeat into all containers until all of your green stew is out of the stock pot and squeezed into the containers. *Note: most of the butter is saturated into the leaves and
that’s the part you want to ensure gets totally squeezed out of the mixture and into your containers.

Step 9: Put the lids on your filled containers and place them on a level surface in your freezer.

Step 10: After about 5 hours, the butter will solidify and some of the water will turn to ice. Take each container one by one over to the sink, take off the lid, and with one
hand supporting the ice block, turn container upside down and release. Some water will come pouring out, and the ice just needs to be scraped away from the main butter
block. You should be left with a smooth, round slab of light green butter.

Step 11: I store my butter in tupperwear or in ice trays in the fridge. If you’ve got lots, you can put the butter back in the freezer and take it out as needed. Or you can
share it with your friends.

You can use this butter just as you would regular butter in any baking recipe. Simply substitue the butter your recipe calls for with your buzzin’ butter.

Marijuana butter

Today you are going to learn how to prepare easily and simply one of the best condiments for cannabic cooking such as marijuana butter. .?‍?

Generally it is usually used to make cannabic desserts although it is more and more fashionable to use cannabis in any recipe so let’s go it…

To make marijuana butter you can use almost all the plant, including the small flowers that you would not use to smoke, the leaves or any part of the plant that contains resin. It is obvious that if you decide to make the butter with buds full of resin, you will need less quantity of this one when elaborating your cannabis recipes.

If you have already decided to prepare this gastronomic wonder, we are going to indicate you which are the steps you have to follow.✍

☕ Recipe for marijuana butter.


To make your own marijuana butter, these are the ingredients you will need:

Ingredients to make your own cannabis butter

  • From 250 to 300 grams of butter
  • Half a litre of water
  • 20 grams of buds or 50 grams of small flowers or leaves

Steps to follow:

The first thing that you have to do is to grind very well all the remainders of the marijuana that you are going to use, of this way its resin is acquired better to the butter that you add.

In a pot, you put the water to boil and when it does loosen the fire to keep the water hot.

Put water to heat.

When you see that the water has stopped boiling, keep it that way and then add the remains of marijuana.

Leave the heat at a medium level and stir for 10 to 15 minutes.

Maintain a medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Then add the butter in the pot along with the water and marijuana and stir until you see that it has dissolved and mixed properly with everything. About 30 or 35 minutes.

Add the butter and stir for about 30 minutes.

After that time, we strain in the mixture with a strainer, it is more advisable that it is a cloth strainer, but if we do not have any normal kitchen strainer can serve you, in a glass container and let rest at room temperature more or less for a couple of hours and then put it in the fridge until the butter has solidified and when this happens, it is time to eliminate the excess water.

Filter the mixture.

Finally, when you have removed the excess water, put the container back in the fridge and you have your wonderful and delicious marijuana butter ready.

Once solidified, remove the water.


As you can see it’s quite easy to prepare your own marijuana butter and the more times you prepare it, the faster you’ll have it ready.

You can improve and perfect the recipe according to your tastes and the effect you want it to produce.

It is much better that you go eating in a slow pace, and little by little to go up the amount to see how it affects you and what effects it causes you. It is better that you stay short than that you overdo it, and this causes that the effects are opposite to the expected ones.

You must have a little more patience, but I assure you that it will be worth it, since you are going to enjoy not only a delicious ingredient and a dish prepared by yourself, but you are going to be able to taste the marijuana with all its shades.

Cheer up to prepare this butter, it will serve as a base for a lot of cannabic recipes. Without a doubt you will take out the chef that you have inside.?‍??‍?

How to Make Cannabutter – Recipe

Cannabutter is the most important and most basic ingredient in any of your cannabis edibles. The more love and care you put into making your cannabutter, the better your edibles will be. It is completely versatile and you can use it in just about any style of cooking. So if you haven’t already made some, here’s the recipe!

If you are at all interested in making marijuana edibles, you have to be well acquainted with how to make cannabutter. Cannabutter becomes the fundamental ingredient in any of your canna-edibles. Once you know how to make cannabutter properly, you can make just about any edible you wish.

The recipe is easy and requires your best stash and your favourite brand of butter. If you use unsalted butter, you’ll be able to use your cannabutter for both sweet and savoury dishes, but this boils down to preference. This article will go through the amount of supply that is required whether you are using hash or weed. Remember, the stronger your butter, the stronger your edibles are going to be.

Are you using weed or hash?

Hash butter has a tendency to be much stronger than cannabutter, although it all depends on the quality of what you’re using. Actually, making cannabutter is the easiest and the fastest with hash. If you are only using hash, for the sake of dosage, you shouldn’t use any more than 1 gram of hash per 2 oz of butter. Calculating the dosage based on THC can be extremely difficult, and common sense plays a better role than mathematics. You can always make a small amount of butter first to test the potency, and then go on from there to make a bigger batch.

Now, if you are going to be making your cannabutter with weed, the best way to calculate how much to use is by starting with how much butter you have. How many servings is it going to make in your batch of cookies? Think about it – if you’re using 10 grams to make a batch of 5 cookies, it can be overkill. When you know the serving size and how many servings your butter will make, divide that by how much weed you want to be in there per dose. A good place to start is on ½ gram per dose. And always remember that the edible effect can be longer lasting and stronger than the effect of smoking.