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A Few of the Best Canada Marijuana Seeds for Outdoor Growing

While there are many marijuana seeds that may do really well in some climates, they may not do nearly as well in nearly as well in Canada’s environment. For this reason it is important to select cannabis seeds that are known to produce a high yield in Canada.

The men and women that are thinking of planting a weed garden outdoors will want to consider specific strains of weed such as Purple Power, Northern Light regular and feminized Super Nova, and Big Bud marijuana seeds. When you order your supply on the Internet or through some other source, making certain that you buy strains like these will help to ensure that you will not have to worry about Canada’s elements of the weather taking out your plant growth.

This is because these are particular strains of marijuana seeds that will produce sturdy weed plants that are resistant to the colder weather that frequently occurs in various regions of Canada. Each of these varieties of cannabis seed will provide you with weed that has a great taste and an alluring aroma. The flowering time you can expect on each of these varieties will usually take anywhere from 8 to 11 weeks.

Canadian outdoor cannabis grow

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew, Blueberry and Hollands Hope

This weeks blog a Canadian outdoor cannabis grow from ‘Greenskell’ who grew some massive outdoor plants during the summer of 2015. Its one of the most impressive outdoor Canadian grows that we have seen for some time with several kilograms of buds from his harvest. The original grow diary is courtesy of

Greenskell brings years of expertise to his grows, his techniques of soil preparation and plant cultivation are all summarised in detail on If you are a serious outdoor grower we recommend you take the time to study the detailed guide. All the plants have 10 foot X 10 foot (3m x 3m) area, the soil is thoroughly dug over and 2-3 wheelbarrows of well rotted horse manure are added to help vegetive growth.

Nutrients (12 litres every 3 days) are from Advanced Nutrients: Bloom, Bud Candy, Big Bud for bloom phase. These superb plants do not grow so large by accident, they were given the best conditions possible.

Canadian Outdoor cannabis grow: Blueberry

Dutch Passion Blueberry is often regarded as an indoor variety, but outdoors in good conditions Blueberry can produce huge yields.

Frisian Dew and Hollands Hope are established outdoor varieties, Frisian Dew has a reputation as one of the hardiest outdoor varieties available for growers in borderline climates. Here are Greenskells comments on each variety

Frisian Dew

“This years Frisian Dew is a nice pine flavoured smoke. Mid strength body and headstone, one average sized joint will do the job for sure. This plant was harvested on Sept 20 which was perfect timing.”

“Trimming was excellent, with very dense buds. Plant had some mold, but only lost 1/2oz or so total. Total harvest was 3.25 pounds (1.4 Kg).”


“This years blueberry is tremendous smoke. Very strong indica buzz with a nice blueberry perfume flavour. This was the largest Blueberry I’ve ever grown for sure and her yield reflected that. Dried harvest was 5lbs 10oz (2.5Kg) and another 2lbs of under formed bud (0.9 Kg).”

“She did have some hermaphroditic qualities and I pulled around 30 male flowers by the end of her life. Very minimal mold, just a couple of very minor spots.”

Holland’s Hope

“There was a nice crystal count on this lemon pine flavoured smoke. Both myself and a friend think its quite a powerful indica buzz. This plant was harvested mid October(16th). The buds were fairly large but the amount of trimming was very time consuming, due to buds not being firm in density. Still she weighed 3lbs 2oz (1.3Kg).”

“Excellent mold resistant quality. Every other plant in my garden had some mold but there was nothing on the Hollands Hope.”

Photographs & good grow conditions

The photographs show how large an outdoor plant can grow in good conditions, the best cannabis genetics can allow plants to reach 3-4 metres high and they will grow just as wide. During this remarkable growth the cannabis plant will create a large root network which is essential to bring the nutrients required to allow the cannabis plant to reach such massive proportions.

The soil is key

Preparing the soil is absolutely key to growing monster photoperiod plants outdoors. Greenskell put a huge amount of work into each 3m x 3m plant area, the soil was dug over to improve soil structure and aeration levels.

Horse manure was dug into each plot and the plants were regularly watered and provided with extra nutrition from start to finish. The hard work paid off, and several Kilograms of buds were harvested from a small number of plants.

Costs of the grow

The main costs of the grow will have been the nutrients, there were no energy costs (sunlight is free) and the costs of 3 outdoor Dutch Passion seeds is around €20/$20. Producing your own medical or recreational cannabis is nether complicated nor expensive, if you can provide good conditions for the plants and don’t mind some initial digging then nature will take care of the rest.