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Learn about CBD laws in New Jersey, conditions that can be treated by CBD, and how patients in New Jersey can qualify to treat chronic ailments with CBD. Being a NJ based company, we still commonly get the question "Is CBD Oil Legal in NJ?" and in this piece we will provide you with the data we have to best answer that question.

New Jersey CBD Program

Marijuana has so many medical properties because it consists of multiple compounds. A lot of cannabis laws have definitions involving tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), marijuana’s psychoactive component. Meanwhile, these laws sometimes give the substance cannabidiol (CBD) more leeway. CBD relieves plenty of common ailments without causing a high. New Jersey laws mainly mention THC, making CBD’s status a little confusing.

CBD Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you can get CBD extracted from cannabis through the medical marijuana program. Joining the registry gives you access to medicine with varying levels of THC and CBD. We often associate all medical marijuana with THC, but you can find low-THC varieties, as well. Any level of THC places medicine in a dispensary, even trace amounts.

THC counts as a controlled substance according to the Controlled Dangerous Substances Law. The vast majority of CBD products contain at least a little bit of THC, making them controlled substances, as well. Even a medication with a large amount of CBD and trace amounts of THC falls into that category. Some interpretations of federal law let stores sell unregulated CBD oil, but it lies in a legal gray area.

Many patients buy retail CBD without punishment. But, some areas enforce regulations harshly. Plus, the CBD found in your local health store doesn’t go through the same quality control as medical marijuana. We recommend signing up as a patient if possible to avoid persecution.

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Eligible Conditions in New Jersey

You could qualify for New Jersey’s medicinal cannabis program if you have a condition like:

  • A musculoskeletal disorder like arthritis or fibromyalgia

New Jersey accepts a wide range of patients into the program. Learn more about these ailments in our New Jersey qualification guide.

Becoming a Registered Patient

If you want to join the state registry, you must take these actions:

  1. Ask your doctor to certify you for medical marijuana. They have to have a registration with the program, but you can ask your physician to sign up for you. If they agree, you will get a patient reference number.
  2. Submit an application online. During the registration process, you will enter the number you got from your doctor. You will also submit identifying documents.

CBD and Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Most of the CBD products you will find in New Jersey technically count as medical marijuana. We recommend signing up as a medicinal cannabis patient before buying or using CBD. Find a marijuana-positive doctor today to receive special guidance on your treatment.

Is CBD Oil Legal in NJ?

“Is CBD Oil Legal in NJ?” a common question we wanted to address with some added detail in this blog article. The information that follows is based on independent research from Kigh. While we do our best to to gather information from credible sources, we are not attorneys at law and this should not be interpreted as legal advice.

Is CBD OIL Legal in New Jersey?

If you’re a New Jersey resident who is interested in trying CBD, the first thing that you’re probably wondering is whether or not CBD oil is legal in NJ. Being a fairly new industry, there is still a lot of confusion regarding its legal status.

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It’s not surprising that more and more New Jersey residents are asking about the legal status of CBD in their home state. As CBD becomes increasingly popular, we’re seeing a lot of New Jersey residents wishing to make it part of their daily routine. Many New Jersey residents use CBD daily for common complaints including stress. It seems that CBD’s calming properties make it especially popular among those who live in the garden state.

The good news is that New Jersey residents can obtain CBD easily in order to start their daily hemp routine. Read below to learn more about the specifics regarding CBD’s legal status in New Jersey.

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed, which legalized hemp federally. Since then, New Jersey has not created any laws regarding hemp, which means that the state adheres to federal legislation that has been put into place. Therefore, CBD is completely legal in New Jersey. This means that state residents can lawfully sell, purchase, possess and use CBD and other hemp products.

Of course, the legality of a CBD product depends on the plant from which it has been derived. CBD products derived from hemp are legal. This is because hemp contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. CBD derived from marijuana remains illegal under federal and New Jersey law. Marijuana contains a higher amount of THC, which is why it remains an illicit substance. THC is the psychoactive compound that causes marijuana to make a person high.

What Kind of CBD Products Can Be Purchased and Sold in New Jersey?

As any hemp enthusiast knows, there is an enormous variety of CBD products that are available to consumers. So, are they all legal? Let’s go through the list.

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CBD oil refers to any oil-based CBD product that contains hemp extract. CBD oil is commonly used as a tincture, but it has many other applications as well. It can be used topically or as a food additive, and it can be used as a base that allows consumers to make their own CBD product formulas. CBD oil is legal in New Jersey.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are edible products that contain hemp extract. The most popular type of CBD edible is a CBD gummy, although other options exist, including baked goods, savory snacks, dried fruit and more. New Jersey residents can legally buy, sell and consume CBD edibles.

CBD Vapes

CBD vapes refer to vaping goods that allow the user to inhale CBD through a vaporizer device. This includes pre-filled CBD e-liquid cartridges, disposable CBD e-cigs, bottled CBD vape juice and vaporizer devices that are made specifically for CBD use. All CBD vaping products are legal in New Jersey.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are CBD products that are absorbed through the skin. Popular CBD topicals include gels, salves, massage oils, creams, lotions, adhesive patches, skincare products and more. CBD topicals are legal in New Jersey.

And More!

There are many other CBD products on the market, as the industry is always evolving and expanding. Other CBD products, including hemp flower, pre-rolled CBD and CBD beverages, are all legal according to New Jersey law.

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