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cement shoes seeds

Cement Shoes S1

Alchimia is pleased to present Cement Shoes S1 by Cult Classics Seeds, seeds only available in feminised format. This seedbank counts with a huge selection of parentals and maintains a large genetic pool to develop new crosses through traditional processes, producing and opening new specific cannabinoid profiles. It is also responsible for restoring old strains back to their original strength. Marcus from Cult Classics Seeds was named one of the most promising breeders by High Times magazine in 2016.

Cement Shoes S1, cannabis with sour, citric, earthy and lemony flavours with a great return for dry hashish extractions

Cement shoes is a highly appreciated US variety. It is a pleasant plant to cultivate thanks to its exuberant and fast development. It is easier to grow than its direct relative Tony Clifton, a cross between OGKB x (OGKB x OGKB x Wet Dream).

Cement Shoes is a cross between Animal Cookies 09 x (OGKB x Wet Dream), resulting in a much tighter strain than other crosses of this genetics. It is the most reliable and similar version to the original Cement Shoes genetics, as it is an S1 cross, Cement Shoes x Cement Shoes. OGKB phenotypes are also obtained (genetics with Girl Scout Cookies blood) with a citric, sour, earthy and lemony background with a great dry hashish return, producing high quality extractions using for example Big Secret Box.

Cement Shoes S1, a massive high that can leave you on the couch for hours with a blissful cerebral high

Cement Shoes S1 effects are highly appreciated by most experienced users. A huge effect that can easily leave you on the couch for hours preceded by a cerebral high that ensures a blissful, calming and sedative effect that can help combat insomnia, chronic pains and muscle cramps. The flowers have a morphology similar to popcorn, but larger in size and with a thick resin layer formed by thick trichomes that make them completely white.

Cement shoes seeds

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This heavy hitting indica is a glorious combination of OG kush and Animal Cookies, it has been known to make you feel as if you’re sleeping with the fishes, Cement Shoes!

Cement Shoes has a typical Indica terpene profile with aromas and tastes that have been described as sweet, nutty, citrus, mint and berry.

As you would infer from the name, Cement Shoes makes you feel heavy, with an intense body stone, and overwhelmingly relaxing effect some have described as sedative.

An experienced grower employing typical topping and LST methods can expect a very large yield from Cement Shoes at up to 600g/m².