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cheap female weed seeds for sale

Cheap female weed seeds for sale

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Pot is not a gateway drug [entries|friends|calendar]

It’s your last chance to order Marijuana Seeds for the Southern Hemispere growing season.

Select from these hand picked and highly potent strains.

a friend of a friend has just started selling, so he’s dropping off a sample to me tonight for FREE to see if i like it.

DUHHHHH of COURSE i’m going to like it

but yeah, totally grinning right now cos i thought i would have to wait until tomorrow evening to get stoned

Aniseed licorice taste.

Notorious pungent aroma.

Here are some Marijuana Seeds. Oh look, here are some more Marijuana Seeds. Yet more Marijuana seeds are to be found at this link. And if you are interested in Marijuana Seeds, then I have just the Marijuana Seed page for you. What about some nice Marijuana Seeds. You could plant those Marijuana Seeds and get really stoned if you wanted. You put the Marijuana seeds in the ground, and up shoot from your Marijuana Seeds giant Marijuana Plants. Just a few more Marijuana Seed pages to cover. Just a few more Marijuana Seeds to go, then we’re all done for the night. Two more Marijuana Seeds pages left to link up. Lucky last Marijuana Seeds page is my favourite. I seem to have most of the 15 Marijuana Seed pages done now. Let’s chuck in some Cannabis Seeds for good measure.

Sick of the same old shit, my buddy and I sent over to Holland for some seeds. Man, I’ve never been so stoned in all my life. This stuff has got to be the meanest dope on the planet. Endless warm, tingly waves crashing down your spine, buzzing out to your extremities, and then building at the back of your neck ready for the next pass. Absolutely orgasmic! We’re splitting the cost of some more strains to see what else we’ve been missing out on all this time.