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cheap weed seeds for sale reddit

Where are yall getting cheap seeds?

I have an abundance of bag seeds. Where I live that top notch dispensary grade weed is far too expensive, but brick weed is in abundance. Hence why I'm trying to grow. Anyway .

I was looking at seeds from seedcity and their cheapest auto XL seems very reasonably priced in comparison to others. If you open an account and sit on it browsing stuff. I got an email that gave me 20% off my first buy after 2weeks. Might be worth looking into. I have yet to take up the offer as where I live I have to bank transfer and the fees are too expensive.

Best place for reasonably priced seeds?

Hey guys, setting up my first space bucket. Anyone have suggestions for somewhere with reasonably priced seeds? I have seen seeds at $8 each, is this the going rate? Any other Canadian space bucketers out there as well?

Name brand genetics in seed form are never going to be cheaper than their producer sells them for. There's a certain "you get what you pay for" with seeds. Yes, you may grow fire from a bag or cheapo seed. But you'll have a way better chance of growing fire from good genetics.

I know some operate on a tight budget but I would worry less about hitting a price point on seeds, and more about selecting a strain you might be happy with and that might give you a better chance of success.

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