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cheap weed seeds ireland

Cannabis Seeds Ireland Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 19 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Cannabis Seeds Ireland is listed as "red" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely not recommend to order in this shop! Lots of problems here – or they simply try to fool you.

User Reviews

guest Croatia, June 2020

The site is up and running. I ordered seeds from them, got the seeds delivered in less than seven days after ordering. This seed trader is legit, not a scam. Also, got 5 extra seeds. Great deal, and great customer service.

guest Ireland, March 2018

my first order came but some seeds were already sprouted i ordered again but did not arrive i emailed them they blamed an phost said they would sort it out never heard them again scaaaaaam

guest No info, March 2015

have been waiting nearly 3 weeks, order always says (pending) have e.mailed 3 times with no reply, tried phoning but just automated answer machine saying they cant answer right now. Looks like its a SCAM.

guest No info, November 2014

this site looks very dodgy but I got what I ordered and they all popped!

guest No info, October 2014

ordered here and all went perfect could not fault it . no idea why people calling it a scam..

guest No info, October 2014

same person making claims the site is a scam. My order arrived

guest No info, August 2014

do not buy there. thieves.

guest No info, August 2014

Actually Im 100 per cent sure its a scam. I bet you hell put on a good review after this one??

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guest No info, August 2014

Never Received Items so reported the website it should be shut down soon.

guest No info, June 2014

ordered a number of times not a scam..

guest No info, June 2014

Big problems No seeds arrived. SCAM

guest No info, May 2014

no problems all seeds were viable

guest No info, April 2014

Fake bank all day long. just lookin for troll cash

guest No info, April 2014

Yep definitely a scamming piece of shit. the other reviews on here r him.

guest No info, April 2014

Great company to deal with. Quick delivery and no problems with the seeds. Highly recommended. Watch out for the special offers.. some good deals.

guest No info, April 2014

Its been 4 days since ive ordered my seeds, my order is still "Processing", no reply on my email contact, no phone answer!

guest No info, February 2014

scam website. not answering emails or phonecalls. do NOT purchase anything from this website, it is not legit.

guest No info, January 2014

not a bad seed bank at all. every came that i ordered arrived fast

guest No info, November 2013

First order went smooth Arrived well packaged

would use again

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