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cheapest weed seeds australia

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Sensi Seeds: Original cannabis seed strains
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The Most Exotic Brands Of Weed

Serious cannabis consumers often exhibit the kind of connoisseurship typical of wine lovers. The exotic varietals on the following slides are all hard to come by, and some pricey.

Strawberry Cough

Average price: $25 per gram

According to the Dutch Passion Seed Co., which purports to sell marijuana seeds online, Strawberry Cough is highly valued as a medicinal herb. It is bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, and users report a pleasant yet powerful experience.

Mass Skunk

Average price: $25 per gram

The origins of this strain are unclear. One marijuana-related user forum says it hails from California in the late 1970s and is a hybrid of Afghani and Hawaiian buds. As the name would indicate, the strain reportedly boasts a foul odor.

Sour Diesel
Average price: $30 per gram

This strain, awarded the “Cannabis Cup” by High Times magazine in 2005, has a limey green hue and a crystal-like texture. When crumbled, it smells like a diesel fuel spill at a gas station.

OG Kush

Average price: $25 per gram

A popular Southern California strain of Kush, OG is a marijuana breed that supposedly originated in the Afghani Kush region. Fans say it has a neon-green hue, dense buds and an intense effect requiring a long recovery period.


Average price: $35 per gram

Named one of High Times magazine’s Top Ten Strains of 2006. Connoisseurs speculate that the big leafy strain, which has a tangy aroma, originated in Montana.

Jack Herer

Average price: $25 per gram

This strain was named for Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana.

According to Sensi Seeds, a distributor of medical marijuana seeds, the buds are encrusted with crystals, lending the plant a sugar-frosted appearance.

Average price: $25 per gram

Haze is a Jamaican-born strain, according to fan sites. This tall, bushy plant has gold-tinged buds and narrow leaves. Although the buds are small, they are said to be extremely potent.