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Cherry AK-47 | Cannabis Strain Review

Cherry AK-47 is a strain that will knock you off your feet. Many users love the creamy, cherry flavor that comes with this strain. It is usually purplish-red and a real visual treat.

What Is the Cherry AK-47 Strain?

The Cherry AK-47 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a phenotype of the AK-47 strain, but the breeders went forward with a cherry twist. It was grown and engineered in the US and is geared towards the medical marijuana market.

Cherry AK-47 is slightly different from most strains. Instead of plateauing, you can keep getting more intoxicated with every puff. As a result, you must exercise caution, or else you risk suffering from side effects. This strain is also a creeper. Therefore, resist the urge to consume more if you don’t immediately feel the effects.

Cherry AK-47 is quite relaxing as it will induce a cerebral and body high. It is nothing crazy that will have any extreme psychedelic effect. However, it can make you feel more energetic, creative, and focused.


Many users find that Cherry AK-47 is earthy, piney, and diesel-like, but also sweet. You will get a hint of the cherry within the aroma as well.


As far as the flavor goes, this is a big hit with anyone who likes fruit. The taste is often described as a creamy cherry dessert, with aftertastes of sandalwood and citrus.

A fruity twist on the classic …


Cherry AK-47 looks a lot like a cherry! With its purplish-red hue in addition to the lime green colored leaves, it leaves quite an impression upon its consumers.

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Cherry AK-47 Strain Grow Info

There is not much information about the Cherry AK-47 strain’s growing conditions. However, many growers treat it like they would the original AK-47 strain. As a result, you can cultivate the Cherry AK-47 strain indoors and outdoors.

However, this specific strain is at risk of becoming moldy while growing. Therefore, you must closely monitor the grow room’s humidity levels. For this reason, Cherry AK-47 is often grown indoors because it is easier to control humidity levels. You can buy Cherry AK-47 seeds online, but you need to purchase them from a reputable company or grower.

Cherry AK-47 is often grown indoors because it is easier to control humidity levels.

With the indoor growing method, you can harvest around 17 ounces per square meter. This strain’s flowering time is around 7-9 weeks.

You can grow Cherry AK outside as well. The yield is approximately 17 ounces per plant and is ready for harvest in mid-October. Also, the Cherry AK-47 strain is very strong smelling. Therefore, it is tricky to disguise your outdoor cannabis garden.

THC Content – Highest Test

Cherry AK-47’s THC content ranges from 15% to 26%, with an average of 21%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Cherry AK-47 strain’s CBD level is often below 0.3%.

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Medical Benefits of the Cherry AK-47 Strain

Users find that the Cherry AK-47 strain helps with anxiety, depression, and stress. It has very little CBD in it, so it is not good for helping with seizures. However, it could prove useful if you suffer from physical pains and inflammation.

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Many people even take it for fatigue because of its ability to energize and provide a little kick when you need it.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry AK-47 Strain

Like all strains of cannabis, there is some risk of side effects. The most common side effects from the Cherry AK-47 strain include dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, paranoia, or anxiety.

If you are sensitive to THC, you should exercise caution when using Cherry AK-47 because it is quite potent.

Being sure to stay well hydrated can help against dry mouth and dry eyes. It is also sensible to use this strain in a safe environment, so you won’t fall over and get injured if you get dizzy.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry AK47 Strain

Cherry AK-47 is a potent strain with a lot of THC and very little CBD. It can give you an energetic, focused, and creative high. It could also help to ease fatigue and mild pain. Besides the effects, the smell and taste of Cherry AK are like no other. It tastes like a sweet and creamy cherry dessert in addition to the classic earthy and pungent cannabis flavor.

Besides the effects, the smell and taste of Cherry AK are like no other.

Overall, this is a great strain if you are looking for something that can help you focus and become more creative. You might also find that it potentially assists with anxiety and depression.

However, it is perhaps not the best option if you want to alleviate severe chronic pain. That said, it is a great mood and energy booster that could help you get things done.

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Cherry AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Combining a skunky sweet aroma and potent level of THC (upwards of 26%), Cherry AK-47 marijuana delivers rapid relief from stress and depression with a euphoric cerebral high and full body relaxation.

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A rare phenotype of the popular hybrid AK-47, Cherry AK-47 is a medicinal marvel with a high that strikes almost instantly for relief from depression and stress, and relaxation that can lull a tired body into a deep and restful sleep.

Aromas of skunk and earth overpower the nose but a sweet hint of cherry adds to the rounded out fragrance of medicinally-beneficial Cherry AK-47. The strain is most notable for its ability to change a sour mood to something sweet with rapid-fire intensity. With 70% sativa dominance, fans of Cherry AK-47 marijuana feel happy, even psychedelically euphoric, and physically relaxed, although it can border on tired. Keep in mind that Cherry AK-47 can top out at 26% THC, and may not be the best strain for beginners.

As it tends to be susceptible to mold, Cherry AK-47 marijuana seeds are most often recommended for growers with an intermediate skill level in the garden. Close attention must be paid to humidity levels so your trees, which should finish pumping up their red-tinged buds within 8 weeks, don’t succumb to common molds. You may also want to invest in a strong carbon filter or another exhaust system since these tall plants can emit quite a powerful aroma.