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china yunnan seeds

China Yunnan

China Yunnan from ACE Seeds is a mostly indica landrace cannabis variety from south China, producing very resinous buds with complex aroma and a positive, relaxing effect. Get it now as regular seeds at Alchimia Grow Shop.

According to ACE Seeds, the China Yunnan landrace could be a missing link between classic indica lines and south indian sativas, from which we will notice a characteristic woody smell and a happy high effect. Its columnar structure – ideal for Sea of Green growing techniques – its large leaves and relaxing effect are all reminiscent of Indica hashish plants.

Cultivation of China Yunnan

China Yunnan adapts very well to indoor cannabis growing, developing a single main cola when the vegetative period is short. Grown outdoors; it produces branches more easily, but stays compact thanks to its short internodal distance. For the best results, ACE Seeds recommends using moderate to high levels of fertiliser all through the growing cycle, avoiding long periods of humidity in the substrate.

ACE Seeds recommends to keep the temperatures up to 25ºC in the vegetative stage and first month of blooming, then around 20°C for the last month, in order to give this Chinese landrace the perfect conditions to fully bloom. Outdoors, China Yunnan enjoys warm and dry climates, thus offering, for example, very good results in southern Spain.

This pure strain retains surprising vigour and would be perfect to make homemade cannabis hybrids, to reduce sativa’s flowering time, increase its yield and add some sweet, sour and woody tones to the organoleptic profile.

China Yunnan terpenes and effects

Lab analysis has found the following monoterpenes: high levels of alpha pinene, beta myrcene, limonene and beta pinene with lower amounts of fenchol, camphene, borneol, ocimene and phytol. The sesquiterpenes found were mainly beta-caryophyllene, guaiol and humulene, with traces of bisabolol, caryophyllene oxide and nerolidol. Lab tests have also found THC levels of up to 17% and up to 8% CBD.

Depending on the phenotype, China Yunnan offers creamy, sweet and sour aromas reminiscent of oriental cookery, with exotic floral, wood scents and darker notes of incense and hashish. Its effect is initially more sativa, with uplifting and euphoric, expansice sensatons, developing into a relaxing, warm and positive high.

China Yunnan Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds

Chinese Yunnan Feminised is an exotic cannabis plant, showing attributes of both sides of the cannabis spectrum.

  • This Feminised cannabis plant is strong and compact with beautiful wide leaves and the hash plant look
  • The flowers from this Feminised cannabis plant ripen quickly with a high resin production and sweet creamy scents
  • It also shows Asian Sativa features which can be appreciated in the beginning of its effect and in certain incense and woody aromas

China Yunnan Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds

  • Type: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
  • Genetics: P3 Landrace Strain
  • Flowering Time Indoors 8-9 Weeks
  • Harvest Time: End Of September/Early October
  • Yield: Average-High
  • Resistance Against Spider Mites: Average
  • Resistance Against Mildew: Average
  • Resistance Against Botrytis: Average
  • Resistance Against Cold: Average
  • Aroma: Sweet, Creamy, Woody, Incense
  • Effect: Happy and visual initially, then warm and relaxing in final phase

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