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critical 47 seeds

Critical 47 Seeds

C-47 are super cannabis seeds with amazing qualities. This strain combines the high yield and fast flowering (eight weeks) of Critical with the resistance to fungi, bud rot and insect pests of the AK-47. Interested? You can order these cannabis seeds right away!

C-47 is a F1 crossing of Critical (Big Bud x Skunk) and AK-47. C-47 is a strain with huge potential, perfectly suitable for a 12-12 system and Sea of Green.

For both the experienced and inexperienced grower these cannabis seeds guarantee huge yields. The strain has a pungent smell and is very resinous. By crossing Critical with the AK-47 the resistance of these cannabis seeds to fungi and bud rot has increased a lot. A perfect combination of genetics. Both Big Bud and Skunk, the parents of Critical, and AK-47 guarantee high yield. AK-47 and White Widow are both the most fungi resistant strains. The result is a product with the best qualities of three good strains. Together with HS Power Plant these seeds are a dream for the commercial grower!

Critical 47 seeds

Generates lots of cuttings for its highly branched growth pattern.

Plant medium-high with extremely fine and jagged leaves, green medium intensity and small internodal distance .

Generates lots of cuttings for its highly branched growth pattern . It will be from the third week of flowering when we see the enormous potential of production and the earliness of this plant.

As a major producer also generate lots of buds on the side branches .

Being the earliest plant in our catalog , we recommend extending growth period to obtain the desired plant height . Critical 47 does not require large amounts of fertilizer, but will yellow quickly in cases of nutritional deficiencies (NPK ) . Ideally grown in biological systems, and its aroma and flavor will be enhanced to levels unexpected . For cultivation is essential to the use of carbon systems such as carbon filters , since otherwise we can draw the attention of curious neighbors

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Superb hybridisation between two of the sweetest varieties on the market: Critical Mass and AK47 .

Represents an improvement in the development of Skunk varieties . Cross each other we got that old flavor Skunk increase significantly.

Average power to influence indica . Fun and relaxing usage .

SMELL :Green leaves give off a strong smell between mango and peach with slight traces of vanilla.

TASTE :The taste on the palate permeates the taste buds with a strong fruity flavors midway between mango and peach. The notes of vanilla will leave you amazed . We challenge you to try it.

EFFECT : Mostly Indian potent effect with light meditative or relaxing character. Dry mouth occurs rapidly and is capable of greatly increasing appetite .

Positronics – Critical #47

Positronics seeds Critical #47 is a perfect cross between two of the sweetest strains available in the world. Critical #47 genetics come from Critical Mass and AK47 and is mostly indica. She takes 50-55 days to flower.

Harvest outdoors is the end of September. Strong mango and peach aroma and taste, with a vanille touch. Powerful and typically Indica high, relaxing and cerebral, increases appetite. An early plant, Critical #47 only needs a little nutrients, absolutely requires an odour control system, to avoid neighbour curiousity.