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Terraria Battle Potion – Know How to Craft and Use

Feeling tired while waiting for the enemies and bosses to spawn? Well if your answer is yes, then I would recommend you to use a bottle of Terraria Battle Potion. This potion creates a battle buff, which doubles the enemies and critters spawn rate adequately by 50% and the max enemy cap by 100%. After consuming, it continues to show effects until seven minutes. However, a player can cancel it anytime by pressing the cancel button.

Terraria battle potion can also help you to farm enough money and several useful items, primarily if you use it with Water Candle. But after using it, you’ll need to remain extra careful due to the increased spawn rate.

The battle potion shows the desired results if you use it with a water candle. Because both of these are somehow relatable to each other and stackable in increasing the spawn cap and double spawn rates by 2/3. Thus, continue reading to know how to craft them to summon monsters much faster than usual.

How to Make a Water Candle?

Because of water, these candles are blue, and you can easily find these in Dungeon. For PC users, we recommend them to craft it on their alchemy station, as you’d be nerfing in your own dungeon. Before initiating the crafting, you need to enter in the hard mode to become eligible buy a Crystal Ball against 10 Gold coins from the Wizard. You can find him anywhere in the Cavern layer. Yet you’ll need to unite with him to let him move along with you into your world.

To make a water candle, you need to place the crystal ball near to the water. To do this, fabricate a small single cell block which would drop water on it from the bucket. After this, place a block on the top to seal it and then place the crystal ball. Check the image above for reference.

Now pick-up the crystal ball along with the water body and rest it on a flat surface.

Below is a list of items that are required to craft a water candle.

Water Candle – Take the candle to the crystal ball and situate it by a water body and open the crafting menu. By performing these methods, you can turn your ordinary candle into a water candle.

Gold Candle/Platinum Candle – Technically, both of these are same, one is created from gold and other is platinum one. To craft any of these, place one gold or platinum bar with a torch to complete crafting.

How to Craft a Terraria Battle Potion?

To brew a battle potion, you must have below-mentioned material in your inventory.

  • Bottled Water – It is the easiest one to make. To get it, place the sand blocks directly into the furnace.
  • Vertebrae/Rotten Chunk – It usually drops from Crimson/Corruption Enemies. Sometimes, it depends on the world you are in.
  • Death weed – It is also found in the drops of Crimson/Corruption. Else you can also harvest it during full/blood moon. Besides, you can also obtain seeds to grow a plant of death weed on your farm.

After collecting all these ingredients, take these items to your alchemy station to craft a bottle of battle potion.

A bottle of battle potion remains active until seven minutes, but if you are planning to procure a hard-to-get item. Then we suggest you should keep enough bottles battle potion along with some healing potions.


Hey, buddy, do you know where any deathweed is? Oh, no reason; just wondering, is all.

— The Guide

Deathweed is a type of Herb which appears as a short, withered stalk. In a Corruption world, it can be found growing naturally on Corrupt Grass and Ebonstone, while in a Crimson world it grows on Crimson Grass and Crimstone. Deathweed can also be planted in Clay Pots and Planter Boxes using Deathweed Seeds.

Deathweed blooms during a Blood Moon or a Full Moon at night (7:30 PM to 4:29 AM). The time when it is blooming is the only time that it will drop 1-3 Deathweed Seeds when cut. Deathweed will have a pulsating glow during this time, making it easy to spot. Harvesting it with the Staff of Regrowth will increase the number of seeds dropped while in bloom. The Staff of Regrowth can’t be used to harvest the herb or seeds while not in bloom.

Both Deathweed and their respective seeds have a chance to be obtained from the Herb Bag.

Death weed Question

Hey guys quick question. Is it possible to harvest death weed by just creating a new world and going to the corruption or do you have to wait till a blood moon or full moon to acquire it?

Directly from the wiki:

Deathweed blooms only during a Blood Moon or a Full Moon Desktop Version Console Version, or in the Corruption or Crimson. The time when it is blooming is the only time that it will drop 1-3 Deathweed Seeds when cut.

Creating a new world doesn't remove the constraint that it only blooms during a blood moon. The new world would still have to be under a blood moon for the death weed to bloom.