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dominator seeds

Cucumber Slicing Dominator 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

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Extremely good cob ripeness for its maturity group. Above average number of grains per cob, 15% more than average. Cob ripening days after Picker + 9.

Maturity Group

Matures similar to a number of Group 8 varieties due to good cob ripeness. Suitable for a wide range of growers. Dominator shows the same early maturity when grown under plastic.

Quality and Digestibility

ME 10.9, Starch 29.6%. High ME yields of 186,000 Mj/ha and good starch yield of 5.0t/ha from well filled mature cobs at harvest.

Plant Description

Very even single cross with prostrate leaves giving a good canopy. Big strong plant that retains green leaf until ready to harvest – chops and ensiles well.


17 t/DM/ha. Sow at 45,000 seeds per acre 111,000 seeds per hectare. On good sites the best you can get. Massive crops from strong plants.