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dosi killer seeds

Dosi Cookies Regular Seeds

Dosi Cookies packs an OG gas aroma coupled with some doughy hints of the Girl Scout Cookies.

A great aid for insomnia, this pungent filter-killer creates a body buzz eliminating aches and pains while improving mood and creating lethargy.

Good yields of dense and greasy trichome-coated flowers will warn you of her potent nature, and a dynamic terpene profile contributes to her smoothness of medication.

Additional Information

Seed Bank BC Bud Depot
Seed Type Regular
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Genetics Dosido 22 x Dosido 18 x Somoa Cookies
Where to Grow Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8 – 9 Weeks
Type Mostly Indica


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Dosi Killer by Jungle Boys

Structure: Busy, compact indica. Decent cure, loads of trichs. Breaks down in flakes.

Palate: Smooth Diesel, Hops, Algae.

Effect: Medium-Strength. Relaxing, stoney head high with a body high that doesn't drag me down.

Overall: Now before you all jump on the Jungle Boys is overrated bandwagon, yes, I agree. But when the price is about 20% to even 40% less expensive than the average price of the last couple 1/8th's I've bought, which tend to be hit and miss at that range, too. well I don't mind gambling every two or three weeks on a JB drop that sounds interesting. Now, let's move onto the flower.

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JB has a fantastic cut of Dosidos on their hand so I was compelled to check out Dosi Killer when it dropped. Tearing open the bag, I am presented with a tremendous peanut and gas aroma, bringing a smile to my face. Wood and Citrus Musk intertwine as a herbal note base, like Ginseng, peeps out at the end.

I'm surprised that the bud breaks down into flakes like fish food as i pack a bowl, but it's not too dry.

Inhale is way smoother than I expected for such a high %, but jury is still out on them boosting those stats. Mellow diesel fumes and a dry coriander-like spice hit my palate before settling into a lingering flavor that kinda tastes like matcha.

To be honest, I've had Natural Born Killer from JB in a couple different cuts and I just think it just knocks the quality of the strain down, instead of elevating it to another level. I do enjoy smoking this one, but it could be better. For now, this batch gets does get knocked up one rating point for it's aroma and taste, but i wouldn't run out for it.

The Fire Scale: 7/10 flamey-gloo-woobas

Anyone tried Dosi Killer or any other JB drops that might have slipped between the cracks? Let me know!