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dwarf weed seeds canada

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Seeds

One of the many fundamentals for a lot of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds varieties would be the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds. Like with other Autoflowering seeds on the market today, the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf autoflowering seeds blossoms in every photoperiod, even in round the clock invariable brightness causing it to be perfect for the most outside edges of the vegetative region, in an environment where 4 fringes can be utilized to successful culmination, cultivating and growing superior cannabis and marijuana buds; whilst utilizing a round the clock photoperiod.

Buddha White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds:

5 x Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Sex : Feminized Seed
Type : Indica, Ruderalis
Flowering : Autoflowering
Genetics : Ruderalis X Indica
Flowering Time : Short, Medium
Outdoor Harvest : Autoflowering 2-3 Months
Height : Short, Medium
THC Level : Med
Characteristics : Shorts Great Smelling

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds can be considered an auto-flowering Feminized strain including all-encompassing aroma and sweet tastiness which can be linked to the cross-breeding of two Indica varieties. Subsequently by utilizing auto-flowering genetics of the Ruderalis to generate one of the best in autoflowering dwarfs. It is possible to have these in round the clock sunlight with NO need to having to transition illumination in the course of the photoperiod. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized seeds flowers in only two months after planting no matter what the photoperiod. These sort of thing can make it most suited for early harvest. Likewise, it truly is a small-sized circumspect vegetation which can certainly mature outside of the prying eyes of viewers. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized seeds resistance and short growing cycle fend off experiencing difficulty throughout its development, making this strain truly a risk-free gamble for novices.

The premise of the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds may be the cross-breeding of 2 superlative Indica Cannabis trains, and integrating the auto-flowering DNA from the Ruderalis, creating the premise of a lot of future autoflowering seeds and varieties. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf blossoms and ages in roughly 8 weeks, which makes it a perfect cash crop plant to include in to every well lighted region. These types of dwarf Cannabis plants are able to produce comparatively high harvests within a greatly reduced period of time.

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds exhibit an excellent resistance to mold and Spider Mite infestations, which is another reason that makes it a perfect selection for a lot of novices, and by having no photoperiod to concern yourself with, the probability of lucratively cultivating the Cannabis plant to complete maturation are very much improved. Autoflowering Seeds are incredibly easier to cultivate than the Regular counter-parts.

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Autoflowering CFL Grow

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Dwarf weed seeds canada


100% Autoflowering Indica. It has a great power, with high levels of THC and CBD, making it a relaxing plant, very “positive” and is perfect for medical treatments. VIP Dwarf has a delicious resine flavour with hints of berry and hashish.
This plant is ready in just 60 days from germination and can be planted outdoors from March well into summer. Pots are recommended from 10L.
VIP Dwarf is not really a big plant it doesnt pass from 80cm on outdoor and 60 on indoor. It is very reistent to fungi, can be used without problem in damp.

A powerful variety with a very high production of flowers and resin.

From the first day you can appreciate the vigor, and at the end
is ready to be harvested with plenty resin and aromatic buds, mature and perfectly formed in only 60 days after seed germination, this group of varieties have the fastest type of flowering nowadays.

The small size makes it perfect to be hide from different people.
Is the kind of plant to cultivate early.

Genetics : Mostly Indica

Original : White Dwarf x auto

Indoor yield : 500 gr/m2

Outdoor production : 50-160 gr per plant

THC content : High

Dwarf weed seeds canada

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Additional Information

Seedbank Buddha Seeds
Sex Feminized
Strain Genetics Autoflowering Parent X Skunk Type Mother
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Where to Grow Indoor, Outdoor
Plant Height Short

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