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early girl weed seeds

Early Girl Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Early Girl Feminized is a highly stable strain with 75% indica and 25% Sativa genes. The dark, broad-bladed fan leaves and narrow internode gaps show the impact of Afghan strains. However, the Early Girl Feminized also incorporates North Indian strains and a top-tier Mexican Sativa. Early Girl, despite its name, isn’t cannabis you would connect with a wake and bake feminized strain. While its effects are unlikely to keep you couch-bound, they will surely mellow you out, so avoid it if you have an extensive to-do list.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Early Girl Feminized Cannabis Strain?

Everything about this strain is feminine, as previously said. Early Girl not only smells great, but it also tastes great. Her lemon flavour is sweet and tart, with a tinge of earth and pine. It’s a delectable combination. Most users will first feel their heads clearing while also feeling elevated. Unlike more powerful Sativa strains, she does it gracefully rather than abruptly. All vestiges of grumpiness go quickly. Early Girl is often regarded as a light strain; however, it can contain 20% THC. As a result, it has a lot of power, yet it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Instead, individuals experience euphoria while remaining muted. People become more gregarious and chatty as a result of the supercharged energy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Early Girl Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The sedative qualities of Early Girl have a wide range of uses for medicinal cannabis users. It can be an effective painkiller, whether the pain is brief, like an injury, or persistent, like arthritis or lupus. Its mood-enhancing properties can help temporarily alleviate mild to severe stress, despair, and anxiety. Early Girl is a beautiful alternative for people prone to panic or low THC tolerance because it does not commonly lead to paranoid thinking patterns.

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Negative Effects You Can Expect from Early Girl Feminized Cannabis Strain

Early Girl is an innocent feminized strain but has a naughty side. She may cause some people’s mouths and eyes to dry up while she provides her calming effects. She walks out, flaunting her attractiveness, which makes some people dizzy. She may also make some people feel more worried or paranoid for whatever reason. Such side effects are typically minor and should not cause concern. However, if consumers overindulge, they might become a problem. We recommend that novices to cannabis take it gently with Early Girl Feminized strain to ensure that they are comfortable with high concentration. Remember that what is weak for one person may not be for another, so taking it slowly is the best approach to avoid being hurt.

How to Grow Early Girl Feminized Cannabis Strain

Early Girl is a marijuana variety that is simple to produce. It’s also resistant to a wide range of pests and molds. She can also put up with a minor blunder now and again. As a result, she’s a fantastic choice for novices in cannabis cultivation. Indoor growers have the option of using soil or hydroponics as a medium. In reality, she will be eager to participate in the Sea of Green training approach. Pruning and topping early in the vegetative stage should keep her short in this setting. She likes to develop a single tall cola with buds close to the stem. She will be happiest when she is outside. While Early Girl thrives in hotter climates, she may equally thrive in colder ones. She may also reach a height of 6 and a half feet in an open area.

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Early girl weed seeds


This reliable, resilient seed-strain is the earliest outdoor Indica in the Sensi collection, aside from our auto-flowering strains. Early Girl has been a trusted name since the Eighties, known for dependably producing fabulous harvests of chunky, sparkling Indica tops in the short northern summers. Early Girl will flourish when given the basic essentials of cultivation, making her the ideal choice for balconies, roof-terraces or conservatories.

Virtually any household will have enough room for a few of these beautiful, compact Girls – a metre or two of outdoor floor-space which receives sunlight in the day while staying dark at night is enough for this strain to demonstrate just how easy outdoor growing can be. With access to direct sunlight, regular watering and occasional feeding, Early Girl will do the rest herself, producing columns of fat, sticky, hash-flavoured buds with a smooth, long-lasting buzz.

Afghani and north Indian strains give Early Girl her rugged mostly-Indica features and a delicate Sativa influence is inherited from a distant, high-altitude Mexican ancestor. Early Girl makes her largest buds on a single main stem. Most upper branches stay close, allowing their flower clusters to merge into the central cola. When her lower branches are left unpruned, they may reach almost as high as the main stem by the end of the outdoor season, so that their large, dense tops seem to ‘orbit’ the terminal bud.

Flowering: mid-September
Height: 150-200 cm
Yield: up to 250 gr

Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
Cool /Cold
Average height gain
Flowering 50 – 60 days
Yield Large Yield
75% Indica

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