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found a seed in my weed reddit

Found a seed in my weed reddit

Concerns about a growing resistance to herbicides

Dependence on herbicides alone in these systems has resulted in weeds with resistance to multiple modes of action. In Australia, there is one documented population of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) that is resistant to 15 different herbicides, covering seven different modes of action. Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum), an annual winter species commonly found in small grain production systems in California is also notorious for its ability to develop resistance to entire groups of herbicides. One population collected in California orchards has resistance to four modes of action[1], but this population is not yet widespread.

One advantage is that California is still a long way from Australia in terms of herbicide resistance in our small grain cropping systems. We can look to Australia for 20 years of methods and data that have arisen in an effort to combat herbicide-resistant weeds. And, if we can find a way to slow the spread of herbicide resistance, we may be able to continue relying on some of the herbicides that are available in our area.

What is Harvest Weed Seed Control?

When growers need to manage herbicide-resistant populations of weeds without tillage, one strategy is to reduce the amount of seed returned to the seedbank by destroying, or removing weed seed caught during harvest operations. Collectively these strategies are referred to as Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC). These methods have long been studied in Australia. Researchers at Washington State University[2], Virginia, Texas, and other parts of the US have been looking into these methods for several years. With increasing herbicide resistance developing in Italian ryegrass populations in California, similar approaches may be worth exploring in the Sacramento Valley.

HWSC methods include several different strategies. Each have their own constraints and challenges, and all are designed to physically destroy seeds during or after small grain harvest. This prevents new seeds from entering the seedbank, including those that are from plants partially or fully resistant to herbicides used in the field. This reduces the rate of resistance development and the spread of resistant genes.

Direct Baling – Collecting straw and chaff immediately into bales, usually using a tow-along baler behind the combine. After harvest, bales can be moved off the field, thereby removing a large proportion of weed seed before it can disperse into the soil. However, removal of this much biomass can be problematic for growers with low organic matter soils that otherwise benefit from maintaining residues on the ground.

Limitations and project work

The caveat to all of this is that in order for HWSC to be effective, fields need to be harvested before weed seeds shatter (falling from the plant to the ground). As of yet the shatter patterns of Italian ryegrass in California are not well known. Additionally, previous research has indicated that Italian ryegrass seed retention at small grains harvest can be highly variable across different locations. For example, researchers from the inland Pacific Northwest have reported Italian ryegrass seed retention rates at harvest of 27-50% whereas a 58% of seed retention has been found in Australia. Furthermore, grains in California are planted at different times of the year and our harvest season occurs at different times of the year relative to Australia (not to mention the Pacific Northwest).

Shatter patterns might well be the same as those in other areas of the world but calling for a full scale HWSC revolution isn’t very useful unless we know that a good amount of the weed seed has not yet shattered in the field when small grain crops are harvested.

In an effort to address this, UC researchers will begin collecting data on the shatter status of Italian ryegrass populations in several areas of the Sacramento Valley leading up to harvest. If we consistently see that a significant portion of the Italian ryegrass seed remains attached to the plant at harvest, then HWSC strategies may offer viable control options for California. Conversely, if ryegrass seed has largely shattered by the time our grain crops are harvested, then California growers may need to consider other options for control.

Of course, the best control strategies for herbicide-resistant weeds still include a mixture of different tools such as: the use of herbicides with different modes of action (including pre-emergent and post-emergent types where possible), the use of diversified crop rotations, and well-timed mechanical control. However, a better understanding of the potential for HWSC in California may give growers an edge in reducing the spread of herbicide resistance.

If growers in Sacramento, Solano, or Yolo County are interested in collaborating with UC Cooperative Extension Agronomists in trials focusing on control of Italian ryegrass in small grain crops or have related questions, please reach out to Konrad Mathesius ([email protected]).

[1] : ACCase inhibitors, ALS inhibitors (imazamox, mesosulfuron), PS1 inhibitors (paraquat), and EPSP synthase inhibitors (glyphosate)

[2] My thanks to Dr. Ian Burke and Prof. Drew Lyon of WSU for sharing their research and insight regarding HWSC of Italian Ryegrass and other troublesome weed species.

Weed Products For Sex: I Tried A Bunch And Found 7 Of The Best

Few holidays are more divisive than Valentine's Day. Regardless of where that last text leaves you with your off-again partner, cannabis is here to make the good things in life better — and the bad things in life suck less. Sex included.

Existing in a heightened sensory state, free from mental and physical burdens like stress and pain, allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and the people around us. The past few years have seen the market explode with topicals, suppositories, potions, and edibles aimed at enhancing the sexual experience, with many aimed specifically toward women struggling with intimacy issues prohibiting them from reaching climax.

Aside from topicals' ability to boost blood flow to capillaries that enhance sensitivity, the science on why weed compliments sex so well is hazy. However, rave reviews across the board have garnered increasing attention from doctors like gynecologist-obstetrician Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn.

“My interest in this realm came from the many patients that I see in my clinic who have confided in me that using marijuana treats their sexual problems,” Lynn told Weedmaps News in a previous article. “I have seen it used in women with chronic pain disorders that lead to painful sex, women who experience difficulty with orgasm or an inability to orgasm, and women who use it to improve their libido, which may not match their partner's libido.”

In her survey of 133 adult women during an annual checkup, 29% revealed that they had used marijuana before sex and 68% of users said that it made their sexual experience more pleasurable. Additionally, 72% reported that cannabis always increased erotic pleasure, while 24% felt that it sometimes did. Sixty-two percent divulged that cannabis increased their libidos and intensified their orgasm.

While brands like Foria and Quim are at the forefront of this trend, armed with great products and legitimate development teams, products touting their ability to enhance pleasure have flooded an already crowded market. Some of them are great, a lot of them aren't. And, with most intimacy oils coming in at around $50 a bottle, you want to make damn well sure it's going to be worth it.

My partner and I are big in the game of testing cannabis sex products and have tried just about every one known to man at this point. In celebration of love's upcoming holiday, here are seven tried and true weed products to enhance the sex you are having, and explore the sex you haven't had yet.

1906 Lover's Edition

1906's Lover's Edition puts a stoned, sexy twist on the traditional box of chocolates. The limited-edition heart-shaped chocolate cannabis treat is infused with 1906's fast-acting (15-20 minute onset) Love Formulation, a blend of single-strain cannabis and botanical aphrodisiacs like Muria Puama and Damiana. Each piece is designed to be broken in half into two 5 milligram servings and shared. Available: Colorado

Apothecanna Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

Apothecanna's Sexy Time Intimacy Oil is hugely popular among my boyfriend and I, as well as my friends and their partners. Argan and coconut oils deliver cannabis to enhance blood flow and heighten sensitivity with an intoxicating jasmine scent. Ask around, you will NOT be disappointed. Available: Nationwide (Note: not condom safe)

Quim Night Moves

Quim is one of the hottest (and my favorite) cannabis brands in the sexual wellness sphere. Designed to not only enhance sexual pleasure but also focusing on overall vaginal health. Night Moves features the botanical aphrodisiac Damiana alongside tea tree oil, thought of as mother nature's antifungal and antiseptic, keeping both UTIs and yeast infections at bay. Available: California (Note: not condom safe)

Manna Vella CBD “Lube” by Manna Molecular

Vella by Manna Molecular is a total game-changer in that, unlike the previous two intimacy serums, it is 100% condom safe. Perfect for the more adventurous (or even single on the mingle) Valentine in all of us. Available: Nationwide

Foria Intimacy CBD Suppository

Reimagine the giggle-inducing medium of the suppository with Foria's CBD Intimacy Blend. Each suppository is made from cocoa butter and 50 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD to enhance arousal or ease tension and discomfort. They're especially good for rectal use, too. Available: Nationwide

Yummi Karma Love Potion

Yummi Karma's Love Potion is exactly what it sounds like, a CBD/THC tincture that's sure to entice. One of the most popular of the female-owned brand, Yummi Karma's new line of “drops” contains 210 milligrams of THC, 90 milligrams of CBD, (with 7 milligrams of THC and 3 milligrams of CBD per dropper, coconut oil, passion flower, guarana, ginseng, and turmeric. Available: California

CBD 3-in-1 Massage Candle

What could possibly make the combination of candlelight and massage oil more romantic? Weed, of course, and this 3-in-1 CBD Massage Candle does just that. Each candle contains 60mg of CBD that melts into a topical oil when lit. Available: Nationwide

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