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The comedian loves to celebrate life in very unique environments. But mainly naked on a snow mountain.

What experts say you need to know about ‘diet weed’

Nicknamed “diet weed” by those who use it, Delta-8 THC looks and smells like the real thing, except without side effects like paranoia. Here's why it has experts concerned.

Willie Nelson, 87, shares his secret to a long life: 'You have to take care of yourself'

The country music icon stays staying active with a jog or sit-ups keeps him healthy.

Marijuana sales reach record highs in 2020 — how the pandemic drove Americans to get stoned

Marijuana sales soared in 2020, from $10 billion the year before to nearly $18 billion. Experts say the pandemic played a major role. "I think people turned to cannabis to help relieve stress," says author of Weed the People Bruce Barcott.

Beware of marijuana edibles in your kids' Halloween stash, police warn: 'Not everything is as it seems'

The Indiana State Police issued the warning on Facebook earlier this week, alongside photos of “medicated” Skittles and Starburst Gummies, which contain THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

How marijuana legalization advocates across the U.S. are fighting to end the war on cannabis

Power players in the cannabis industry are actively working toward dismantling oppressive systems meant to incarcerate people of color prohibit them from finding success in what is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Marijuana use during pregnancy may be linked to increased risk of autism

A new study from researchers in Canada has found a higher likelihood of autism in babies born to mothers who used marijuana. Experts weigh in on what we know thus far.

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Black people are 9 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession in these states, ACLU says

Racial disparities in marijuana arrests remain mostly unchanged — and in some states, have gotten worse, an ACLU report shows.

Smoking marijuana may increase risk of coronavirus complications — here’s what experts recommend instead

Marijuana advocacy groups and the American Lung Association are warning about a link between marijuana smoking and a higher risk of serious infection from COVID-19.

Pot stores see sales climb amid COVID-19 outbreak: 'You can’t take these things away from people in times of stress'

“I think if you want people to stay indoors and not go out and not interact with a lot of people? Pot's a pretty good thing to have,” a Seattle-based dispensary owner said.

Smoking weed may be dangerous for your heart, study finds

The systematic review explored 36 case studies on cardiovascular health and found that many of the drugs used to treat heart conditions have the potential to interact with marijuana.

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Legalizing marijuana may lead people to have more sex, says study — but there’s a downside

A new study finds a link between states with legalized marijuana and people being more sexually active. But there's a downside, too.

Germination of Fresh Horse Purslane ( Trianthema portulacastrum ) Seeds in Response to Different Environmental Factors

Horse purslane, a C 4 species, is a branched, prostrate, and annual weed of upland field crops throughout the tropics. Experiments were conducted to determine the influence of various environmental factors on seed germination and seedling emergence of two populations of horse purslane. Seeds were collected from rice fields of the International Rice Research Institute (the IR population) and from sorghum fields of the University of the Philippines (the UP population); the two sites were 5 km apart in Los Baños, Philippines. Germination response of both populations was greater at 30/20 C and35/25 C day/night temperatures than they were at 25/15 C alternating day/night temperatures. Germination of both populations was greater in the light/dark regime than in darkness. In dark, depending on the temperature, seed germination of the UP population ranged from 37 to 62%, whereas seed germination of the IR population was < 20%. Exposure to 5 min at 117 and 119 C for the IR and UP populations, respectively, reduced germination to 50% of maximum germination. Osmotic potential of −0.26 MPa inhibited germination to 50% of the maximum for the UP population, whereas the corresponding value for the IR population was −0.37 MPa. Seeds placed on or near the soil surface had maximum emergence, and emergence declined with increase in seed burial depth. Seedling emergence of the UP and IR populations was 74% and 13%, respectively, for seeds placed on the soil surface. For both populations, no seedlings emerged from a soil burial depth of 6 cm or more. Germination and emergence responses to light and seed burial depth differed between the two populations of horse purslane. Residues on the soil surface of up to 6 Mg ha −1 did not influence seedling emergence of either populations. Knowledge gained in this study could contribute to developing components of integrated weed management strategies for horse purslane.

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