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gelato mimosa seeds

No Till Kings

This strain is sure to leave you in a nice head space, while smelling and tasting like a true classic cookies strain we all know and love. Exclusively cultivated in our living soil, this hybrid strain comes from an unknown cookies mother crossed with a Starfighter F2 father. Seeds bred by Exotic Genetix and pheno selected in house by No Till Kings.

Gelato 41

Indica dominant hybrid

25.7% THC 26.8% Total Cannabinoids

The original Gelato 41 cut that was a collab between Sherbinski, Cookies family, and another breeder. Exclusively cultivated in our living soil, like all our flower, for optimum taste, smell, and effect. This Gelato is here to stay.


Sativa dominant hybrid

27.3% THC 28% Total Cannabinoids

This Mimosa smells like straight citrus, while also having some beautiful color to it! Seriously, the smell and taste of this strain is something you have to try to believe. Exclusively cultivated in our living soil, this hybrid strain is crossed between a mother Clementine and father Purple Punch F2. Seeds bred by Symbiotic Genetics and pheno selected in house by No Till Kings.


In search of richly flavored cannabis, Royal Queen Seeds breeders crossed Mimosa Auto with the resinous Orangeade Auto. The result is Mimosa Automatic, a strain that exhibits genetics of 65% sativa, 30% indica and 5% ruderalis, a blend that doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Effects and Aromas of Mimosa Automatic:

Mimosa Automatic is a modern autoflowering strain with potency and flower quality that play on par with photoperiod cannabis strains: 21% THC fuels an enormously potent high that will put a big smile on your face. Mimosa Automatic can be paired with all kinds of activities, which makes it great for a daytime smoke. Its aromatic profile, you guessed it, is decidedly citric, with delicious notes of orange, lime and lemon, and with a sprinkle of diesel. The perfection of taste that will please cannabis connoisseurs!

Grow Mimosa Automatic:

In the grow room, Mimosa Automatic reaches a good height of 60-150cm (outdoor 80-160cm), which means that it can fit even in confined spaces. Mimosa Automatic delivers its goodness to you quickly: in just 10 weeks after germination, once its 7-8 weeks of flowering is complete, it rewards those who grow it up to 400g / m�, and outdoors it gives up to 130g per plant .

If you want to grow a tasty, quick and easy autoflower that also offers good first-class flower yields, you should definitely try Royal Queen Seeds’ Mimosa Automatic!