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gibsonburg glue seeds

Gibsonburg glue seeds

I dislike scores with 4 out 5 stars because it's like, "Stop being a hater and giveth thee extra star!" So, in attempts to review the Gorilla Glue Strain I will say it's not perfect, yet pretty good. THE YEPS: GG is pretty chill for mood enhancement, artistic creativity, gaming, and enhanced focusing (but not in clarifying way, more so in a fixated way. soOoOOooo if you're praying and looking for god, I don't think this is the strain). In addition to all the euphoria and vibing, expect to have a great night's sleep with little to no next day jet lag. THE NOPES: When. vaped or smoked GG stinks like dollar store cleaning products with a taste to match. A less stinky and better-tasting alternative would be Billy Kimber. However, if you are making edibles (cannaoil or cannabutter), then taste doesn't really matter, making this strain $$$LEGIT$$$ for a good evening regimen. Go light on the Gorilla Glue, too much will have you chained to the couch like FML!

For me this is just the right combination of sativa and indica. I tend to be on the manic side, with racing thoughts –"monkey brain" (no offense to monkeys). So for me it brings me to a numb, comfortable state where I can meditate or just take in the physical world around me and appreciate it in all its glory. OCD type internal brain chatter just floats off somewhere else. Occasionally a bliss results: thank you Mother Cannabis! Not a fresh out of bed strain, but late afternoon with a nap is delightful. As an aside. this strain was easy to grow, even here in zone 5 northeastern U.S., and worth the effort to get your own organic, local, "farm to brain". Just take it easy until you see the results in your own body and mind, and it can become your relaxing buddy. Have fun exploring this strain!

Classic strain. Excellent for post work or workout relaxation. Not at a party strain or social strain. Good skunky and earthy flavors (flower or concentrate) and it always delivers. This is one strain I prefer in a cartridge over any other type of concentrate but prefer in flower overall. It's a good one to microdose with but not for daytime use. Just the right amount will give you a good relaxing buzz after crushing 10-15 miles on the trail or maybe you went beast mode at the gym and need something to bring you down a notch. ***Caution*** Too much will leave you 'glued' into one area and may leave one with the feeling of being too medicated. Not something I would recommend for novice smokers but this is an excellent strain for seasoned users.

This was a really cool high. It was really probably the best high I've ever had. I'm currently having it, so I apologize for any bad syntax. It didn't particularly make me happy, but it calmed me down like Xanax and made my head feel like it was full of helium. It totally numbed my body, in a good way. I'm privy to panic attacks, so I'm always cautious with a new strain, and rate strains according to my high anxiety. This is a good one for people with anxiety, imo. I'm just watching King of the Hill, and everything is ok. I'll probably head to bed soon. My eyesight has gone kinda cloudy (again, not in a bad way) and I'm starting to accept the inherent sleepiness this strain is causing. But it's also a tremendous strain for listening to music.

I'm fairly new to smoking, I used to in my teen years, but have not for sometime. I dove head first back into the glorious world. I took a liking right away to some of the strains that have a high THC content. I also suffer from chronic pain with fibro and refuse narcotics. Who doesn't like being pain free, and feeling like you bed's become a boat, only you cannot move or at least that is the feeling with some. This particular strain is by far my go to fave to cover the pain and make me immobile for a while. I've also had the best sleep using Gorilla Glue. I do not know if I would suggest this strain for a starter, unless you want to freak out thinking your going to die lol. See a buddy crash that way. A++++++++ in my lovely bowel or pipe.

I am a medical marijuana patient & this is one of my many favorite pain & hapy mood elevation medicine ,Nice smooth but FIRM grip ,melts you into your couch,bed whatever.Lasts a good 4-5 hours for me.I've beem smoking for a longtime & novmatter how high my tolerance is.Gorilla Glue (don't care about stupid #'s ,they all have the same effect.).it always hits me o so nice & the pain melts away & I feel healthly for a good longtime,even after the major effects wear off,GORILLA Glue will still linger on making you feel as if the world is just honky dunky & you have no cares in the world.AAAA+++ LOVE THE GORILLA & MIXES WELL WITH 99% OF OTHER STRAINS.

Gorilla Glue is a classic strain by now yes a classic that’s how fast new strains come out lol. If you like indica effects or need pain relief or to treat insomnia it will be a good strain for you. It has gassy diesel and earthy flavor. The buzz is strong, it makes you feel super relaxed but cloudy headed in the mind and then sleepy. It produces a pretty strong body buzz as well. I’m more of a sativa or hybrid guy so the couch lock and cloudy relaxed mind was bit too much for me but some people love it. Taste wise I give GG 3.5 out of 5 and effect wise 3.5 out of 5 (but if you love strong indica effects it will be a 5 out of 5 for you)

This strain really works. I can not find a flaw in it and believe me I have tried. It effects you like a strong indica with a little up lift on the upside like a sativa. The only thing I feel you need to know this shit is strong. I am a daily user because I have Fibroneuralgia and seizures, so I need the flower to be strong, but I do not want to go to sleep right away. This strain is a total winner. It presents itself as a 1-3 hit wonder, That is a low amount for a regular like myself. The effects last for hours, unlike most Cannabis strains I was impressed with how long it lasted. Superglue is a 5 star , top shelf cannabis.

It’s a great fucking strain, your body feels like your being massaged by a vibrating chair, all pains are not gone but they feel a lot better, you feel happier and more uphoric, it’s known to help depression and stress which is very true. It does make you feel glued down to everything almost like your on a sticky mouse trap. If you do other sorts of drugs like ecstasy I suggest taking some md and then smoking gorilla glue, it is the best feeling you will feel, the body high is amazing as your getting the md body high with the gg body high and your head feels so relaxed, I do recommend this if you do that sorta thing.

I had never heard of Gorilla Glue before Sunday. It has been over six months since I had some weed. I shared a joint with a friend Sunday. It was not a pleasent experience. I suffered a stroke eight years-ago and I was afraid I was having another one. The taste was fine but the effects were horrible. I don't frighten easily but I have to admit, I was scared. I wasn't sure if this was a temporary high or a permenatly thing. I laid down. I couldn't eat breakfast. After about 24 hours, I started to feel better. My friends tell me I better stop smoking everything somebody offers to me. No more Gorilla Glue Weed for me.

Gibsonburg Glue – Standard Wellness

Gibsonburg Glue aka GG #4 is practically a household strain these days, having won in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this strain is a real crowd pleaser! I picked up a half ounce from Verdant with the base price at $150. This is probably one of Standard Wellness’ top staple strains and definitely one of my favorites.

Initial Thoughts

I was immediately disappointed to see my half shoved into such a small container. While I appreciate them creating the least amount of waste, I prefer my buds to have a tiny bit of room to breathe. As you can see in the pictures, while absolutely covered in trichome stalks, there is very few trichome heads to be found. It seems like the buds were beaten up pretty badly. I was happy with the mix of buds though! There was a decent variety of sizes with only a third, at most, being smaller than popcorn. As far as the container issue, I would be satisfied with a bigger bottle or a slight price drop.


I am super impressed with the total and complete trichome coverage! As I said a moment ago, most/all of the trichome heads have been knocked off which is unfortunate but not out of the ordinary when buying bulk (not an excuse just an observation). I found this batch to be a little leafier than usual but the leaves are all formed against the bud and would most likely have caused more harm than good trying to remove them. The buds all have a uniform slightly bland army green with little other color expressing itself. The pistils are orange but still manage to blur into the background of the olive shaded buds.


Standard Wellness’ version is far different than what I remember from trying Cresco’s version. It has the meaty musk that high levels of caryophyllene seem to induce in some Kush strains. In that mix there are clear hints at the genetics with sour and chem notes. It all adds up to a somewhat flowery but mostly gassy/skunky medley that I absolutely love. As a big fan of Sticky Buns which is MAC x GG #4, I can definitely see where Sticky Buns gets some of it’s delicious flavors!


The first hit at 356f gives me an earthy blast. As the flower starts to warm up that transitions to a flavor very similar to the chlorine taste that you get from Layer Cake but not quite as distinct. It’s got sour and chem flavors galore for the midrange. Towards the end with a heat boost to 383f followed by a finish up at 410f the flavor is an earthy, nutty gas that’s quite nice. This strain is really right up my alley when it comes to smell and flavor.


The glue in the name is in reference to it’s effects ‘gluing you to the couch’. I find GG #4 to be not quite as hardcore as that history might suggest. For me, the first session brings on a light feeling of euphoria in my head with mild body relaxation. I’m still able to think clearly and be productive but now in a real chill manner lol. It’s after another couple sessions that it’s name starts to ring true. All previous effects are enhanced and drowsiness is added as well. I’m a big fan of these mid-range hybrids that provide a decent amount of relief without a major trade off in productivity while at the same time having the option to go ‘all in’ to get a good night’s rest. While I personally will use stronger indicas in the evening, this is a great daytime/afternoon strain for relaxation and pain relief.

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of Standard Wellness. The quality, the selection, the price. All on point imo. Like every cultivator there are things they can improve on but I think they are on the right track so far. This strain is definitely one of their bests and it should be good for most patients looking for a mix of pain relief with or without drowsiness.

Tips for growing Original Glue cannabis

Strain overview: Created by cannabis breeder GG Strains, Original Glue is one of the most potent strains on the market today. Coming from Chem’s Sister, Sour Dub, and Chocolate Diesel, this hybrid strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups. With a THC content that regularly hits the 25-30% range, Original Glue’s earthy buds will glow with more trichomes than you’ve likely ever seen. It is a highly coveted strain that has been circulated only as a clone for now, with seeds soon coming from GG Strains directly.

Grow techniques: Original Glue will do wonders with a SCROG (screen of green) style grow as the plants will be fast to fill your garden space, especially if grown hydroponically. Giving all the buds equal chance for full sunlight will guarantee the entire plant reaches its peak potential while supporting its beautiful colas. Because Original Glue came from a hermaphroditic plant, so be aware that pollen sacs can develop from this strain.

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Moderate to high

Grow difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Moderate climates between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep humidity down while flowering to help against mold. Colder temperatures will also increase trichome production towards the end of flowering.

Indoor/outdoor: Original Glue can be grown both indoors and outdoors successfully. Trichomes are naturally water repellent, so this crystallized strain always has a raincoat on while flowering.

Feeding: Try using potassium silicate-rich foods that will help strengthen the plant as these buds develop.