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girl scout cookies weed price seeds

Girl scout cookies weed price seeds

With colossal potency levels of over 22% THC and incredible flavors It’s no wonder Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular varieties of marijuana available on the planet today. OG Kush and Poison Durban combine to create this dominant Indica plant which obligatorily has compact resinous buds structure of tinted purple leaves. Whether grown indoor or outdoor fits so easily that even the novice grower will achieve great results. And you will not have to wait long either indoors it will be finished after 70 days of flowering while outdoors you will reap this powerful headstash in early October. And leni, what an abundant harvest she will bring 500 gr m2 interior and exterior 700 gr per plant. With a spicy, fruity flavor the Girl Scout Cookies effect is well-balanced, starting with a high enthusiast who will evolve into a vaporous drowsiness of pure relaxation and well-being. Pain and depression will quickly dissolve away and those suffering from nausea and eating disorders will also discover the benefits of GSC. Not only is this strain one of the hottest at all times, but also, as the name implies, She is also one of the sweetest. Heal and store safely take into account chic @ s . Everyone wants to stick their hands in the jar Girl Scout Cookies .

Genetics:OG Kush x Durban Poison
Cultivation:Indoor & Outdoor
Characteristics:Tight internodal spacing, easy to grow with heavy yields
Indoor Yield:450 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield:700 gr/m2
Flowering Time:65 – 70 Days
Outdoor Harvest Month:October
THC %:22%
Indoor Height:90 – 140cm
Outdoor Height:120 – 180cm
Type:80% Indica
Type:20% Sativa
Type (Non Percentage):Mostly Indica
Taste:Sweet, spicy, earthy notes
Effect:Happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, creative
Effects:Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifting

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds – Feminized

Berner, being the professor of brand strategy, had launched Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana seeds in the general public by putting his product in the hands of no less than Wiz Khalifa. Since that time, Girl Scout cookies seeds have become a staple strain of Cannabis to grow across the United States & especially in California. They are the result of a cross between OG Kush & Durban Poison strains.

The Phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

While some differences in appearance may occur, by growing Girls Scout Cookies Feminized seeds, you will have plants that are famous for their beauty with their distinctive bright green and rotating buds, grouped with deep purple leaves and neon orange pistils.

Both outdoor and greenhouse plants can easily reach 200 – 250 cm by the time of the October harvest. In indoor settings, this strain can be made to flower at about 30 – 40 cm height to reach a final length of 100 cm. The branches of the plants tend to grow upwards rather than outwards, which allows you to keep multiple plants together in the grow room.

The Yield of Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

This plant has average yields, although, under truly favorable circumstances, you can get a yield at the upper limit. When you grow Girl Scout Cookies seeds indoors, you will get a yield of 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft 2 (450 – 500 g/m 2 ). For outdoor growth, you need to have ideal conditions for this plant to get a yield of 17 – 20 ounces (500 – 550 gr).

Flowering Time

Girl Scout Cookies seeds are not known to be easy to grow, but they are not a very tough breed either. In terms of difficulty, the Girl Scout cookies feminized seeds are somewhere in the middle. With proper knowledge and research, it is entirely possible to grow a range of herbs for Girl Scouts.

The flowering time of plants that you will grow from Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds is about 70 days that is an average length compared to other strains. Tracing back to its Afghan origin, Girl Scout Cookies plants often take on purple hues towards the end of their flowering period.

Taste & Aroma of Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most notable things about Girl Scout cookies is their bright green buds that are distinctive & have a light fragrant smell. From earthy tones that touch you and bring you back to the world to its subtle sweet aroma that takes you high into the clouds, Girl Scout Cookies strain is of pure bliss and magic, the perfect balance for any class of cannabis consumer. The sweet and earthy aroma of this breed is subtle until the flower clusters disintegrate and release their terpenes.

Recreational Effects of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies will take you to the top floor of happiness, where total body relaxation will meet you. GSC will shift your mind into a wave of euphoria and will take over your body with minimal effort. The use of this super-powerful weed that you will get from plants by growing Girl Scout Cookies seeds will leave you wondering about space and time while still comfortably hugging you in your seat. The sofa lock is real, as is light food, so make sure you have a box of Real Girl Scout Cookies weed on hand.

During peak hours, you will experience waves of dizziness that may leave you in mild fits of laughter, although this fades and turns into introspection from time to time. It’s an interactive climax that will make you feel creative, but you probably won’t have any motivation to do anything.

Medical Effects of Girl Scout Cookies

The use of Girl Scout Cookies may not be able to provide many therapeutic effects for medical cannabis patients with its CBD content. But its high THC levels make up for it, providing potent medicinal properties to patients who have tried this potent medical marijuana. Many users have reported positive effects such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and nausea reduction.

Plants that grow from Girl Scout Cookies seeds will have buds that have incredible influence benefiting the medical community in several ways. That is an excellent stress reliever for chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tension, and spasms. Its highly soothing properties will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

The high-quality weed that you will get from the plants by growing Girl Scout cookies feminized seeds has been tested multiple times in the lab. The results have shown that the Girl Scout Cookies has 16 – 21% THC. That makes this strain at the upper end for a casual smoking strain. That high THC makes this strain a beneficial solution for medical cannabis patients around the world who face some of the toughest challenges in treating their medical problems & looking towards medical marijuana for the treatment.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds do not grow into plants that have very high CBD but still, they manage to remain highly popular at US dispensaries due to their OG Kush origin & slightly higher CBD of more than 1 %.