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gmo zkittlez seeds


Happy Valley Premium Flower is grown locally at our Gloucester, MA facility and meticulously cared for by our expert Cultivation Technicians. At Happy Valley, we never use chemical based pesticides or fungicides when growing our cannabis plants. We use plant derived Integrated Pest Management (IPM) products and only naturally derived nutrients which means they are free of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). We take great pride in the work we do here at Happy Valley and are proud to provide our customers with safe GMO free, chemical free premium cannabis.

Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset, a cross between Ghost Train Haze and Mandarin Sunset, is a strong sativa cultivar that is known to deliver a long.

CrescendO Temple

CrescendO Temple is an Indica dominant cultivar that is known for delivering a very strong, intense high that is euphoric and long-lasting.

Dog Patch

Dog Patch is an Indica dominant cultivar with a skunky, earthy and fuel terpene profile. This cultivar is known to deliver a strong.

A potent hybrid cultivar, GG4 is known for delivering a deep, euphoric and relaxing effect.

GMO Zkittlez

GMO Zkittlez is an Indica dominant hybrid cultivar that is known to deliver heavy, intense cerebral effects with a flavor profile that.

Grape Diamonds

Grape Diamonds is a well balanced hybrid cultivar that delivers a long lasting, strong cerebral effect and offers flavors of grape soda and.

Jasmine Silver Haze

Jasmine Silver Haze is a unique and rare Cultivar only available through Happy Valley. This cultivar is perfect for sativa lovers looking.

Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher is a sativa-dominant cultivar known to deliver a clear cerebral high, and a taste of sweet jolly rancher with hints of gas.

Lemon OG Haze

Lemon OG Haze, a cross between Super Lemon Haze and OG Kush, is known for it’s uplifting cerebral effects and lemon taste with hints of gas.

Lime OG

Lime OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar that delivers a clear cerebral experience with a relaxing, full-body effect.

Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies is a hybrid cultivar that gives a well-balanced experience. This cultivar is rich in terpenes and offers smells of heavy.

Peanut Butter Breath

A hybrid cross between Do Si Dos and Mendo Breath, PBB is known for it’s nutty terpene profile and sedating high.

Pie Face Mac

Pie Face MAC is an Indica leaning cultivar that has a strong, calming effect accompanied by a clear cerebral state.

Star 91

Star 91 is an indica dominant cross that can have a powerful physical effect with a pungent mashup of grease and fuel with that notorious.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a strong sativa cultivar, known for it’s taste of sweet lemons and hints of citrus while delivering a clear cerebral.


A cross between Big Sur Holy Weed and Afghani that delivers a relaxing and sedating effect.

Thank You Jerry

A cross between Snow Dawg and Gorilla Dawg most commonly used for daytime relief of stress and tension.

White Wedding

White wedding is a hybrid cultivar that is coated in trichomes and rich, complex terpenes that coat the senses. Notes of Sour Gasoline.

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Gmo zkittlez seeds

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