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gold leaf weed seeds

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Gold Leaf Strain

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Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gold Leaf strain has a rose and skunk taste which is perfect for those that love the taste of skunk. If you’re interested in growing your own or simply smoking them, this might be an excellent strain to start with Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

The aroma of this strain isn’t like most marijuana strains. However, it’s not a bad thing. This strain has a very earthy and spicy scent which makes it perfect for those who love to be surrounded by the smell of their favorite weed. If you want something that will make your house smell like you’ve been cooking all day, then this might be perfect for you in that way.

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds have very high CBD and equally high THC levels. Imagine what a CBD content of 17% and a THC content of 21% could do for you. That’s pretty high. This marijuana strain is perfect for those looking to get into smoking but isn’t exactly sure if they can handle the high THC levels that most strains have.

This strain is an Indica dominant strain (60% Indica and 40% Sativa). Indica strains are known for their quick sedative effects, which makes them perfect to smoke at night. As long as you’re ready for bed after smoking, then this might be the ideal choice for you.

Effects Of Our Gold Leaf Strain

If you’re starting out growing your marijuana, this is one of the strains you don’t want to start with. As aforementioned, it has high THC levels, which can take beginners by surprise. Within just a few minutes of smoking it, the effects can be incredible and will have you feeling relaxed almost right away.

The rapid onset of this strain is perfect if you’re looking for something to smoke at night. It hits you almost immediately and makes it easy for you to feel the effects without having to wait around too long. This is because it has better bioavailability than most other strains out there.

This is an excellent strain for angering anxiety. If you suffer from unexplained bouts of fear and paranoia, then this is the perfect choice for you. You’ll find yourself able to get through your day without any problems whatsoever. This is also one of the best strains of depression on the market today.

Gold Leaf Is Great For Pain Relief

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds help with pain relief. This strain is perfect for doing so when it comes to helping with chronic pains. On top of being quite calming, it has been known to ease any pain you might be going through. If you’re looking for a nice long-lasting feeling of relaxation, this strain is perfect for doing just that.

If you are someone who has lost their appetite due to stress or illness, it’s time to pick up these cannabis seeds. It is perfect for helping you regain that appetite back and help you live a somewhat everyday life again.

This is more of an upbeat strain than anything else. If you’re feeling down for whatever reason, try smoking some of this pot to get your mood lifted. You’ll find yourself in a better state of mind and more generally able to go about your daily activities without any problems or qualms.

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, then Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds might be the best for you. This strain’s calming and relaxing effects will be sure to put your mind and body at ease so that you can fall into a deep, restful sleep.

How Does Gold Leaf Strain Grow?

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds are among the easiest to grow. It’s perfect for beginners and experts alike because all you need is some solid equipment to get this plant started right. As long as you have the appropriate environment, this strain will be perfect for growing in no time.

These seeds yield plants that are nice and compact, so it’s perfect for growing in any space you might have indoors. This means if you’re renting a place with little to no real estate, then don’t worry because this plant won’t grow too big and will stay at 83 inches high.

This strain can grow very well both indoors and outdoors and is very similar to a Sativa strain. It can handle colder weather and still be able to produce incredibly high yields.

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds offer high 16-23 oz/m2 indoors and an even better 28 oz/plant outdoor yield. With a growing season of 8 to 9 weeks flowering, this plant can produce a high yield. I am sure you will enjoy the finished product. Once harvested and dried, you can expect approximately 14 -12 oz of dried bud per meter squared indoors or 28 oz for one plant outdoors.

History of Gold Leaf Strain

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds have been created by merging multiple feminized seeds to make the final product that you have here today. As a result, some other traits can be found within these buds, such as increased density, increased resin production, and even size. For those who like trying out new strains, this is the one for you.

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8 reviews for Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Gold Leaf Strain

Sean Brown – December 8, 2021

Gold Leaf is a brilliant strain, truly a magnificent indica with all the little bells and whistles you can expect from a beautiful feminized seed. Very easy to get started and grow indoors. Can’t explain why I love it so much, maybe it’s the colors or the relaxing indica vibe? Either way it’s pretty rad and exciting!

Marti Joel – December 10, 2021

Gold Leaf is a niiiiice strain…it’s soooo relaxing and has the most potent smell….reminds me of the lakehouse in Michigan getting stoned with uncle Harry and taking the canoe out on the lake….such a great buy from this site and for the price? It’s a steal! Got myself 700 grams of premium pot…perfect for smoking at night and in even in AM if it’s the weekend. Just be prepared for a chill afternoon and the munchies!

Raisa San – December 15, 2021

Gold Leaf will really get your engines running!! I have been a fan of this strain for a long time, usually buying from the dispensary, but my therapist said I should start trying to take care of things for myself, so I thought it might be fun to just start growing my own weed, and I was right. This stuff came out extra special, very tight and sticky green flowers, smells as fresh as can be!

Kyra Kun – December 22, 2021

It’s like smoking your morning smoothie. It’s got all the best flavor…makes the best for when you wanna chill out at night and watch Netflix. Hella chilled out stuff….and Gold Leaf it’s pretty easy to grow if you’ve grown weed before. I am new to this and found it somewhat challenging but I enjoyed it either way. You will too!

Jessica Barley – January 6, 2022

I wanted to smoke some Gold Leaf for my birthday, so I ordered these seeds 5 months in advance, got to growing, and finally got to enjoy my birthday bowl last week! It was definitely worth the effort, and the wait, cause nothing beats homegrown weed. I am so excited to be smoking this weed every day now, it’s sooooo chill. Don’t bother trying to get any work done lol!

Justin Tin – January 27, 2022

It’s a treat for evening smoking that is a good challenge for medium experienced gardeners. It’s not too difficult really it just takes some extra TLC especially when it comes to cultivation and pruning, but I always like working in the garden, so this Gold Leaf to me is a lot of fun. When harvest time comes around you feel a whole lot better than you would if you had just bought it from the store haha

Zarah Grot – February 2, 2022

I am an Gold Leaf lover for sure, got myself a nice yield from these plants. Beautiful growing, better than I expected even, and a super useful strain for stress and anxiety. I love the taste and smell, and definitely is fresher when you grow your own weed. I am very excited for the prospect of getting my indoor space set up…will definitely make a difference I think in my yields and how my flower shapes up. Either way great buy!

Vivian Core – February 11, 2022

A surprisingly well balanced high that will give you a nice energy boost in the afternoon. Has been a great lunch break weed for me, cause I usually need a little pick me up in the afternoons. I appreciate the smell and taste of this Gold Leaf weed, it’s very sour but also nice a sweet. It’s a great weed to have around the house. Would buy again!

Gold leaf weed seeds

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Gold Leaf Indica cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. It is one of the best-selling Indica strains in the United States.

Our seeds are fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide for best results!

Origins of Gold Leaf Indica Cannabis Seeds

Gold Leaf is an Indica-dominant strain. This particular strain is well known for being one of the easiest to grow outdoors, with one of the highest yield rates. The name of this strain comes from its large, golden leaves, making it a real beauty.

Growing Gold Leaf Indica Cannabis Strains

Gold Leaf is a plant that does not require expert hands to grow and its fast growth rate is perfect for larger harvests. This plant’s beauty can reach 2 meters in height and its arm extensions require support during cultivation. Gold Leaf is a quality strain that will provide higher yields in outdoor cultivation. Gold Leaf can start flowering over a 4-8 week period. When grown indoors, this strain can easily yield up to 23oz per plant, which is considered impressive by anyone’s standards. Outdoors, the time to harvest is in early October, yielding a potential 28oz per plant. These high yield levels are why this strain is loved by so many growers.

Gold Leaf Indica Weed Flavors and Effects

Gold Leaf’s smoke is thick and rich and once it’s lit, a pungent, skunky, piney scent will fill the whole room. Although the fragrance is pretty strong, its hint of sweetness makes it enjoyable. The taste is an entirely different affair, featuring a mix of earth and rich diesel. As soon as you take a hit of Gold Leaf, you’ll notice a nice brain buzz along with lively spirits and a boost in creativity. Even if you are having a bad day, you will feel euphoric and eager to take on artistic pursuits. In a matter of minutes, a relaxing sensation will run through every part of your body and physical tension will melt into thin air. Gold Leaf, in addition to being an authentic beauty when growing, also provides enjoyable aromas, flavors, and euphoric cerebral effects that expand your mind. This strain is also used in the medicinal world for people who suffer from eating or sleeping disorders.

Final Thoughts

So, you have chosen to grow some Gold Leaf Indica marijuana seeds of your own? Gold Leaf’s smoke is thick and rich and once it’s lit, a pungent, skunky, piney scent will fill the whole room. Now you just need to know where to buy weed seeds online Gold Leaf Indica. The answer to that quandary is simple. Blimburn Seeds is the most trusted online resource for the highest-quality weed seeds you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our talented pool of seed genetic specialists work day in and day out to bring you the best possible cannabis seeds in nearly every strain known to man. We back all of our seeds with our industry-leading germination guarantee. Our friendly customer care team is just a quick call away or you can visit our online cannabis seed bank by clicking any of the links above. At Blimburn Seeds Bank Store, we are as passionate about home-grown cannabis as you are. We look forward to helping novice growers get started and join experienced cultivators in achieving better crops with better strains!