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gooey mendo haze seeds

Old Mendo Haze

One of the great things about cannabis is that it’s incredibly diverse in its effects. The Old Mendo Haze cannabis strain reputedly creates the exact opposite effects that your stereotypical strain produces. Instead of feeling hungry, lethargic, or sleepy, Old Mendo Haze effects have been reported to create a strong cerebral buzz. This means that reviewers have used it to feel energetic, productive, and creative.

This sativa-dominant strain rarely gets reviews discussing pain-relief, so it isn’t the best for feeling any physical relief. However, users have said that their mind takes a break from stress and anxiety as more creativity floats to the surface of their thoughts.

The Old Mendo Haze strain produces buds that look like miniature blue spruce pine trees. Shades of blue tinge the edges of its flowers with trichomes that lighten its tones. Orange and tan pistils can be found winding their way through its cured buds.

Old Mendo Haze THC levels usually fall just above 20%. Its scent and flavor have been compared to a fruity citrus cocktail, having hints of lime, pineapple, and even vodka.

Gooey mendo haze seeds

Currently, we are not able to assist you in obtaining these valuable and rare strains just yet. As soon as we complete the required legal steps and after the laws shift, we will be able to offer you amazing plants, each a work of art unto itself with stunning colors, amazing smells and dependable first rate effects.

All with an eye towards the refined taste

of seasoned Cannabis users

All are Gooeybreeder developed ( but for Old Mendo Haze , see below) and some are very old, like Mom Gooey, or NCG as she is sometimes known. In 2020 she’s 38 years old. One hit and you’d see why.

Some are designer strains made for breeders to use in trait isolation situations where the breeder needed a trait like colors to more quickly advance his line towards that targeted trait. These tend to be very smokeable purples with a fine selection of tastes not normally seen in dark purple plants as the flavor of the coloring compounds naturely formed can make the taste musky and earthy. Not these.

As a farmer of large scale right down to the home gardener who just wants that small patch in back to produce solid results with exotic, wonderful traits he or she can be more than proud to share and enjoy, these plants will more than fill that bill and give you that edge your looking for.

With a long track record and amazing customer loyality, you can’t make a wiser choice in using Exoiticuts as your source for finer cannabis.

Gooey Mendo Haze

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