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greenhouse weed seeds

Cannabis seeds Greenhouse

The Green House seeds company is one of the seeds companies that has its home-base in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, and it claims to be one of the largest and most successful cannabis companies in the world. The company was founded by Arjan Roskam in 1995 and is famous for the many cannabis cups it has already gathered.

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Exodus Cheese Greenhouse
AMS Greenhouse
Diamond Girl Greenhouse
Bomb Auto Greenhouse
Big Bang Auto Greenhouse
Cheese Greenhouse
Exodus Cheese Auto Greenhouse
Bubba Kush Greenhouse
Arjan's Haze #3 Greenhouse
Arjan Ultra Haze #1 Greenhouse
Arjan Ultra Haze #2 Greenhouse
Arjan's Strawberry Haze Greenhouse
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Learn more about the seedbank Greenhouse

Order Greenhouse cannabis seeds at Seedmarket

The Green House seeds company is one of the seeds companies that has its home-base in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, and it claims to be one of the largest and most successful cannabis companies in the world. The company was founded by Arjan Roskam in 1995 and is famous for the many cannabis cups it has already gathered. The Green House genetics is the result of years of intensive testing, growing and crossing types of cannabis and all of the Green House varieties have both medicinal and recreational properties and their own unique terpenes profile with pronounced aromas and tastes.

Different types of cannabis seeds

The Green House team has always strived to produce weed seeds of the highest quality and to ensure that cannabis growers have the best genetics at their disposal, aligned to their location, cultivation methods and personal knowledge so they will be successful in growing cannabis of the best quality available. The Green House assortment includes feminised and autoflowering seeds in hybrid, Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant varieties and also some types that are rich in CBD. The extensive range of cannabis seeds of the Green House seeds company contains weed seed suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, but also to grow in a greenhouse, on a terrace or in more northern locations.

Famous Greenhouse cannabis species

The Green House seeds company is the creator of some of the most established and most charismatic cannabis varieties in the world. A well-known line of Green House genetics is the so-called white family to which, for example, the White Rhino, the Great White Shark and El Niño belong. Other popular Green House species are the well-known Super Silver Haze, the Neville’s Haze and the Arjan’s Haze which perform well outdoors as well as indoors under artificial light or the multiple cup winner the Super Lemon Haze.

The well-known White Rhino variety produces short plants which are rich in resin. It has a sweet taste and a strong narcotic effect that makes this type very popular amongst MS-patients and people who are experiencing chronic pains.

The types included in the assortment of Green House are weed seeds that perform exceptionally well outdoors and varieties that perform really well indoors. Of the varieties that are most suitable to grow outdoors, the Himalaya Gold is the most striking with its strong production of resin, thick flower buds and rich harvests. This Sativa-dominant variety with a sweet aroma has already built a strong reputation at that time on the Iberian Peninsula amongst the many outdoor growers who started working with this type due to the genetic resistance of the plant to cold nights and diseases and infestations. This plant originates from the Himalayan mountain area and this variety has proven to be a versatile plant that quickly adjusts to new circumstances.

Arjan’s Haze #1

Another champion variety that thrives outdoors is the Arjan’s Haze # 1 which guarantees large yields and produces cannabis with a unique Sativa high. This plant also performs well indoors but the plant is able to fully develop itself outdoors as a result of which super-harvests can be brought in. Natural sunlight moreover encourages the plant to produce a wider range of cannabinoids in the flower buds which induce a truly psychedelic effect. In addition, this variety can be cultivated in most central and southern European countries due to its flowering period of 11 weeks.

Participation in cannabis cups

The Green House seeds company is also known for its many participations in cannabis festivals and cannabis cups where it has regularly won several awards and cups in different categories. No less than 40 High Times cannabis cups, 17 Highlife cups and several other international awards are adorning the trophy cabinet of Green House. Choose for Green House cannabis seeds and grow your own cup winner yourself.

Why mini greenhouse kits are perfect for germinating cannabis seeds

It’s that time of year again, and as the temperatures start to rise, we’re all getting excited about gardening, but it’s still a bit too early for cannabis plants to be planted outdoors, so it’s the perfect time to get a head start on things, by working on germination and sprouting healthy seedlings that will be robust and strong once the weather allows for a transfer into the great outdoors.

Now, some people like to utilize old school methods that are easy to do with things that you have lying around the house, but if you want an elevated experience, then you might want to invest in a few mini greenhouse kits. It might seem like an extra step in an already extensive procedure, but the benefits that come from this one small difference are more than worth it, and we’re here to tell you why that is.

What are mini greenhouse kits?

If you read the title of this article and you’re envisioning a fancy little grow tent setup, complete with everything that you need, then you might need to re-adjust your expectations, because what we’re referencing here are those small plastic greenhouses that are often sold in garden centers for starting vegetables and flowers. Do you know the ones with the see-through lid that keeps everything locked in and safe? Well, those are the ones that we highly recommend you look into, for the following reasons.

1. No limits

If you browse the mini greenhouse kits that are available in your local stores, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate anywhere from 10 to more than 100 cannabis seeds. They are also adjustable, with pull-apart plastic trays that can be separated, so if you only want to start a handful of cannabis plants, you don’t have to stare at a bunch of empty pots. This makes them absolutely perfect for the small-scale cultivator as well as larger producers because you can get them in literally any size that you could ever possibly want.

2. Save space

One of the best things about starting your cannabis seeds in mini greenhouse kits is how little room it takes up. With only a few square centimeters of space to spare for each one, it can house hundreds of plants in as little as 2-3 square feet, which is nearly impossible with any other germination method that’s out there. You can save yourself the space and the trouble of the old paper towel or water ideas, by picking up one of these mini greenhouse kits.

3. The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect holds a great deal of potential for germination because it helps the cultivator to provide the ideal environment for cannabis seeds to open up and thrive. A mini greenhouse does this because it holds in moisture which aids in softening the hardened shell, it keeps in the heat which stimulates the growth that is necessary for a bright, little seedling to make its way through to the surface of the soil in stride, and it keeps everything enclosed so that once they do sprout, your seedlings aren’t susceptible to a cold chill or pests.

4. Reduce the number of times you have to transplant seedlings

One of the worst parts of germination is transplanting, because any amount of mishandling can leave your fresh little seedlings less than impressed with intervention. It can really stress them out, especially at such a fragile stage, so if you have to pull apart roots that are either tied up in knots or tangled in fibers of paper towels, chances are pretty good that you’re going to cause some long term damage. Mini greenhouse kits can help you to avoid that, as each cannabis seed stays nestled safely tucked away in a pod that can hold them right up until you’re ready to move them outdoors, or into larger pots.

5. All of the benefits at an affordable price

The absolute best part about starting your cannabis seeds in a mini greenhouse is that it can be done on virtually any kind of budget, and it allows for personalization throughout the entire process. You could order directly from a cannabis-focused company that provides everything from the soil to the fertilizer, or you can head on over to your local hardware store and grab an empty kit that only comes with the basics like name tags and pots. It’s entirely up to you, which means that the cost of this project can run anywhere from $10-$50, a fair and reasonable rate that can fit into almost any budget and preference.

Is germination in greenhouse kits any more effective than other methods?

Greenhouse kits mimic the very same environmental factors that some of the leading cannabis producers around the world use to increase their success with germination, so as long as you aren’t drowning the seeds with too much water, or using acidic soil, this method should definitely produce better results than most other common ways used to start seeds. Aside from a higher success rate of seeds that sprout, you will also get stronger and faster-growing seedlings, and that is why so many growers are now using greenhouse kits for germination.

Is it too early to start germinating cannabis seeds?

The truth is that the ideal time for any stage of the growing process is entirely up to you and the circumstances that you must work within.

List of products by Seedbank GreenHouse Seeds

Valued Dutch seedbank that has been working on its genetics since 1985. Winners of more than 30 high-quality High Times, winners of the High Life Cup and winners of the Spanish Cup !!

You can get more information on the bank of the King of Cannabis Learn more.


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


3 to 10 seeds packs


3 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs


1 to 10 seeds packs

Greenhouse Seeds Seed Bank

The Greenhouse Seeds seed bank is one of the most reputed institutions in the cannabis seeds market. Not only for its wide catalogue of auto-flowering and feminized seeds, but also for its creator, the proclaimed “King of Cannabis” Arjan Roskam, who has turned his institution into an entire seed empire in Amsterdam. In this way, his company has been in constant development and currently has a line of grow shops and even an apartment rental service in the heart of Amsterdam.

History and work culture of Greenhouse Seeds

Greenhouse was founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, at the height of the legal cannabis cultivation boom. Its creator, Arjan Roskam, had made some trips to Southeast Asia, where he would come into contact with the wide world of marijuana seeds. In Thailand, he met a man who claimed to be able to cure withdrawal symptoms from marijuana-based hard drugs, and was this fact that sparked Arjan Roskam’s first professional interest in the world of seed cultivation.

Upon his return from his travels in regions such as Nepal, Arjan decided to apply some of the knowledge he had acquired about the way in which cannabis seeds work and to start doing his field work on strains such as Haze. At the time, seed strains from Ecuador were exotic and not yet fully stabilized in Europe, so many Sativa seed lovers had to cross the ocean to try Mexican, Thai and other such heirloom Sativas.

This was where the “King of Cannabis” gained notoriety. Roskam returned to travel through Southeast Asia with a single objective: to obtain Sativa seeds to satisfy the demands of the Dutch dispensaries. However, these were not met with the expected response and the first generation of Greenhouse Haze did not particularly take off. However, it is common knowledge that the road to innovation and entrepreneurship is not an easy one, nor does success happen overnight.

Seeing that Dutch dispensaries despised his Haze varieties, Roskam decided to open his first coffee shop in 1992. Here, Greenhouse Seeds could make its improved Sativa strains prepared in Roskam’s cellar available to consumers. Success was not far away, and the first prizes began to appear at cannabis fairs such as the High Times Cannabis Cup.

One of the maxims of this seed bank is to obtain new varieties of seeds from all over the world. In this way, the trips that Arjan Roskam and his inseparable partner, the late Franco Loja, became well-known both within the global cannabis community for their Strain Hunters program. In this space, both traveled around the world in search of the most exotic and exclusive seeds to obtain their own wonderful varieties at their headquarters in Amsterdam.

Today, Greenhouse Seeds is one of the most successful seed banks in the world. It has a catalog of more than 20 feminized and automatic varieties, the product of the many trips carried out by its founder. Currently, Greenhouse also has a line of nutrients, a wide network of coffee shops, and one of the most sought-after merchandising lines in the world of cannabis seeds.

Best Greenhouse strains

Next, we will present you with the most outstanding characteristics of some of Greenhouse’s most popular cannabis seed varieties. The quality of the seeds of this house is guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience of selecting only the best specimens. To speak of Greenhouse is to speak of quality of conservation. As such, all of their products have all the guarantees of quality and are preserved in such a way that they arrive in the hands of the consumer with all of their properties fully intact.

First up is their White Widow variety, a classic for the enthusiasts of resistant and productive seeds. It is a strong Indica variety, which does not require much care, making it particularly coveted by collectors around the world. It is the product of a cross between South Indian and Brazilian varieties, which are responsible for the seeds’ characteristic resistance and adaptability.

The Super Silver Haze variety is one of the most coveted Greenhouse strains worldwide. It is one of the most Indica Sativa seeds of all and is the result of a cross between the Skunk and Northern Lights strains. This variety has managed to win the High Times Cannabis Cup on three consecutive occasions, in 1997, 1998 and 1999, making it one of the champion varieties, having received further prizes throughout history.

The feminized marijuana seeds Franco’s Lemon Cheese are a tribute to Franco Loja, the insatiable breeder who collaborated hand in hand with Arjan Roskam. This variety was a favorite for the breeder, who unfortunately died of malaria in 2017 upon his return from a trip to Africa where he was performing CBD extractions. Franco’s tribute strain is tasty, productive, and beautiful – Everything Loja would look for in a seed.

For all these reasons, the Greenhouse seed bank leads one of the most competitive markets that exist, that of Cannabis seeds. This is due to the great work that this bank performs traveling around the world and collecting seeds, in addition to the good genetic work carried out in obtaining their new varieties. In Natural Experience you can find all the automatic and photo-dependent seeds produced by the Greenhouse seed bank.