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gypsy kush seeds

Gypsy Kush Cannabis Seeds

Finally, a range dedicated to our adopted land, Andalusia. The Pharaoh take your taste all the flavor and strength of the South. And is that the Pharaoh was created based on selected original seed varieties developed and donated by growers in Andalusia. Most have been developed in organic farming. The “mix” is a secret, because varieties from crosses “family” rather than commercial varieties.

Is a very stable and if cultivate various seeds at a time, see clones which appear to each other. This is a plant that is a major producer of flowers compact and abundant crops.

It is necessary to control vegetative growth from the beginning, because it is fast and has a tendency to stretch. You can control this by the distance to the light (if less than 40 cm) and low doses of EC during vegetative growth. While the plant makes up for a massive production of flowers, covered by dense resin along the stem to form long, compact buds, such as bottles of wine. You will need to shore up the lower branches and central buds if you want to depart from the weight of the flowers. But apart from this care, know that the Pharaoh is a strong and resilient plant. Easy to grow, the Pharaoh is a plant resistant to all types of pests and crop systems, optimizing their potential if you keep the CD in bloom below 2.2.

It has the classic structure of spruce shaped plan. Outdoors, the lower branches grow very big and produce lots of flowers, forming compact resinous buds.

The effect is particularly relaxing, but also produces brief moments of euphoria, led to moments of “hysterical laughter”. Their levels of psychoactivity is quite high and may induce psychedelic effects. The levels of THC and CBD are quite high.

It is a major producer of resin and extracting it with ice-o-lator produces a hash that is of outstanding quality.

The flavor of the Pharaoh is a mixture of coffee with hints of fresh pine. The aftertaste is even similar to OG Kush. Unsabor This is “old school” will bring back many memories. But Pharaoh and really goes beyond the taste is so original and characteristic, you have to try it if you want to decode it.

Gypsy kush seeds

Gypsy Kush is a characteristically stable variety, and if you grow a few seeds at the same time, you will see that they look like clones among them. One of its genetics is the famous Rosetta Stone, a big producer of compact flowers and abundant harvests.

You must know that Gypsy Kush is a strong and tough plant. Easy to grow, it endures all sorts of plagues and cultivation systems, optimizing its potential if you keep the EC under 2.2 during the flowering period. It has a classic structure with a fir shape. Outdoors, lower branches reach a considerable size and produce a great amount of flowers, developing compact and resinous buds. The effect is mostly relaxing, although it also causes short euphoric moments, resulting in instants of ‘hysterical laughter’. Gypsy Kush psychoactive levels THC are pretty high too and can lead to psychedelic effects.