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Buy Cannabis Seeds Here you can buy cannabis seeds from Devils Harvest today Within these pages are some of the freshest, most exciting varieties available anywhere in the world. Our unique Worldofseeds is a international marijuana seeds bank and distributor. We offer the best cannabis seeds online around the world with a great price. Breeders have begun specializing in the cultivation of cannabis seeds. Find out more about how breeders pay special attention to the pollination, harvest time, and drying process for the seeds to improve the likelihood of a successful harvest.

Buy Cannabis Seeds

Here you can buy cannabis seeds from Devils Harvest today

Within these pages are some of the freshest, most exciting varieties available anywhere in the world. Our unique cannabis strains are currently taking Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops by storm, scooping numerous high-profile awards in the process. Whether it’s Casey Jones for a heavy knockout effect, Shoreline for something completely new or the super tasty Strawberry Sour Diesel ; buy cannabis seeds here or risk being the only one in your neighbourhood without a “devilish” secret at home. Please note we cannot ship seeds to the U.S.A.

Golden Haze Feminized

OG Reekn, Hybrid – Feminized

Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized

Rollex OG Feminized

Fallen Angel Feminized

Kuchi – Feminized

Here at The Devil’s Harvest Seeds, we want you to make the best informed decision possible. We want you to buy cannabis seeds based solely on your needs, not ours. We offer a wide selection of high quality cannabis seeds with different properties to ensure there’s something for every type of grower. With strong genetic make-ups, our weed strains are as diverse as they are robust. Use our tables and descriptions to choose the plant best suited to your needs. On the individual strain pages you will find all the information needed to help you make this decision. Just click the ‘Additional Information’ tab below the pictures to learn everything about the strain including Indica / Sativa balance, grow times, THC percentages and much more. Making the correct choice based on your recreational or medicinal cannabis requirements and skill level as a grower will help your plants to reach their full potential. You can buy cannabis seeds from us which are regular or feminized depending on your preference.

From beginners to experts

The stability of our genetics means that even an inexperienced grower can buy cannabis seeds here and get an award-winning result. That being said, some of our strains are better suited to novice growers. See individual strain descriptions to help you to buy cannabis seeds which are best suited to your skill level.


When new growers buy cannabis seeds, they often wonder what the most effective method of storing them is. There are a number of key factors to take into account. For storage of up to 1 year, it should be sufficient to keep the seeds sealed in an air-tight container at a cool and steady temperature. For a longer period, we recommend taking additional precautionary measures. For periods of up to 2 years, we recommend keeping cannabis seeds in a refrigerator so as to prevent too much oscillation in temperature. We do not recommend keeping the seeds for more than 2 years. Although they should be fine, we feel that too many external factors have the potential to affect the seeds beyond that period. For more useful information on this and many other topics, please refer to our F.A.Q’s section .

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Size of cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds can vary widely in appearance. They are normally light brown in colour and similar in size to the head of a match. Whilst the renowned “tiger stripe” print is reputed to produce the most vigorous plants, this view is misled and has no bearing on the final product. The tenacity or stability of the plant cannot be judged by examining a seed. It is also impossible to tell the difference between a regular and a feminized seed by appearance alone.

Indoor vs Outdoor

There is a lot of debate around whether higher quality cannabis is produced from an indoor or outdoor growing environment. Whilst there is a strong argument for both methods, high quality cannabis is ultimately grown by maintaining a steady, optimal growing environment and ensuring that your plants remain healthy throughout the entire process.

Growing indoors has many benefits compared to outdoors. Firstly you can create a controlled environment which isn’t affected by the changing seasons. This leaves you free to cultivate at the time of year which best suits you. If growing outdoors, buy cannabis seeds with your geographical location in mind as this can also be a major factor. Some strains are better suited to certain climates.


Our Early Harvest varieties are fast flowering varieties, femnized and photodependent and are the result of the crossing of an autoflowering F4 with photodependent varieties of our catalog with what we manage to shorten their flowering and strengthen their vegetative growth stage, which turns them into varieties ultra-fast. These plants can be ready for harvest, from seed, in about 8 weeks in total, which makes them ideal for crops in wet, rainy areas and very harsh winters, as their speed allows you to anticipate the attacks of the majority of fungi.

Legislation on hemp seeds differ from country to country. Please become informed about the regulations. We do not accept any responsibility for the product or future use of our seeds.
If you accept this notice, you represent that you are 18 years and hemp seeds are legal in your country.

World of Seeds® is aware of the laws of each country where it sends its products, and does not send cannabis seeds in countries where trade or possession is prohibited.

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The Importance of Collecting and Harvesting Cannabis Seeds

T here was a time in our not-too-recent history when a sack of weed almost always included seeds. However, as cannabis cultivation evolved, so did the demand for sensimilla, or high-quality, seedless cannabis. Breeders not only began developing their own customized strains, they also started specializing in the cultivation of very special cannabis seeds. These seeds are used in both the breeding process and the wide-spread distribution of the carefully created strain itself.

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The Role of Seeds in the Breeding Process

The process of breeding the perfect strain requires a controlled production of seeds. Breeders must force their favorite plants to produce pollen and then use it to pollinate other favorite strains, thus creating “cross-breeds” of their two selected parents. Note that this process is not haphazard like the seeds one might find in a poorly-controlled outside marijuana grow – cannabis seed cultivation is a precise process that requires controlled, sanitary environments that are thoroughly sealed to prevent outside dander from getting in.

The plants can “veg” here, or continue their vegetative growth phase if trying to increase their size before seed production begins, but it’s not necessary. Once the plants are large enough, they are put into a flowering light cycle of 12 hours light and 12 hours of complete darkness.

Within a few weeks, the male will produce pollen sacks which will soon burst and get carried off into the air to pollinate the females. The females will now produce seeds which may continue to be used in the breeding process or harvested and sold to the public.

For the purpose of seed production, only around 20 females are recommended per male. However, a single male can realistically pollinate hundreds of females, hence the importance of a tightly sealed environment during the seed production process.

Natural Cannabis Seed Production

Cannabis is an amazingly resilient plant and doesn’t require male pollination to produce seeds. Evolution has bestowed upon the cannabis plant an amazing ability to self-pollinate when there are no males around to do it for her. Whether stressed or old (for example, a female cannabis plant that is not harvested before her prime), if a female senses an environment that is not conducive to long-term growth, she will produce seeds in hopes that her legacy will continue.

This is how feminized cannabis seeds are produced. Breeders will carefully stress a healthy female plant to “trick” her into thinking her life or safety is in danger.

One common method is to stress the female by applying solutions like colloidal silver or silver nitrate generously onto the leaves when she first enters the flower light cycle. Within 3-4 weeks, male sex organs will appear on the nodes of the female plant. Please note, applying these stress-inducing solutions to plants renders them unsmokable. The particulate cannot be washed off thoroughly because it settles deep into the surface of the plant. This method is for seed production only.

Another method is to simply let a healthy female age. If she grows past maturation, she will produce male “banana” pollen sacks without any male chromosomes. Though she may look like a hermaphroditic plant at this point (one containing the chromosomes of both male and female), the pollen she produces will contain only XX chromosomes and therefore cannot pass the Y (male) chromosome down to its heirs. Pollen collected in this way is then used to pollinate another female which will then produce female-only seeds.

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How to Collect Cannabis Seeds

Though many grow ops aim to do away with seeds to grow fine sensimilla instead, sometimes breeders want seeds. Whether to grow their own crops or to sell to a demanding public, cannabis seed cultivators have their goals set on producing healthy, happy seeds in lieu of big, beautiful buds.

Seed crops are harvested when the seeds are plump and dark, often with a tiger stripe appearance (around six to eight weeks into flowering).

After harvesting, the bud is dried and the seeds are collected. Small-scale seed collection is done by simply crumbling the cannabis flower and collecting the seeds that fall out (this video by Johnnys Green Extractions offers a clever way to separate seeds from flower using an old vinyl record cover).

Commercial seed collection usually involves special machines that crush dried flower then pass the trim and seeds into separate bins. After seeds are collected, they’re stored in opaque, air-tight containers to prevent them from rotting or sprouting prematurely.


Though cannabis flower is usually cultivated to be seedless, sometimes the seeds are the whole point. Breeders pay special attention to the pollination, harvest time, and drying process when growing cannabis specifically for the seeds to improve the likelihood of a successful harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Feminized Seeds Made?

Feminized seeds are made by inducing a female plant to produce seeds without being pollinated by a male. These resulting seeds will not contain a male Y chromosome, only retaining the two X chromosomes from the female plant, and thus all of the resulting seeds will be female. This process can be done by stressing the plant, altering it with chemicals, or allowing it to grow past its harvesting time.

How Many Plants Can a Male Cannabis Plant Pollinate?

For professional production, it is recommended to pollinate about 20 female plants per male plant, but this is done to ensure tight oversight and quality control. In the wild, a single male plant can pollinate hundreds of female cannabis plants.

Can You Smoke Cannabis That Has Been Treated with Colloidal Silver?

No, colloidal silver is only used on plants raised for seeding purposes, it makes the plants that it is sprayed on unsmokable.

How are Strains Crossbred?

Cannabis breeders create crossbreeds by using the pollen of one strain to pollenate seeds with another strain. The resulting seeds will have genetics from both parents. These new plants are selected by their desirable traits and then stabilized through further breeding, typically using the genetics of their parent strains.

Have you ever harvested cannabis seeds? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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